Another Angel :(

My hu-Mum just telled me that our friend Coco went to Rainbow Bridge yesterday. I telled you all about Coco a while ago, and it turned out that she did have that fery bad disease.  My Mumma is a little sad because Coco was a fery fery lovely doggie & she was fery fery special for her hu-mans. My hu-Mum was talking to Coco’s hu-mum on the telephone (they live far away from us) and she finks Coco’s hu-Mum & hu-Dad are fery upset. Even Coco’s hu-Dad who is a pretty tough guy. She was not a fery old doggie at all, not even as old as my Angel Neve. Coco’s spaniel sister Jerry is not happy either. Coco & Jerry’s mumma says that Jerry keeps walking around in circles like she is looking for somefing.

We hope that Neve is introducing Coco to Katie & all the DWB doggies who have gone to that Rainbow Bridge this year. I should ask my Mumma if this means we can eat more cheeseburgers, ’cause Coco is bound to be eating cheeseburgers at that big Rainbow Bridge pawty.

I would put some more pitures of Coco, but they are all on my hu-Mum’s laptop which is at  the computer vet, so we hafe to make do wif my hu-Dad’s old computer today.

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4 Responses to “Another Angel :(”

  1. Thanks for your kind words ❤ Coco was a fantastic doggie. She ate some cheese on Saturday so am sure cheeseburgers would go down nicely! We very grateful she isn't suffering anymore. Am sure Neve is showing her everything she needs to know xx

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Coco. Always so sad to see them go. Breaks the heart.

  3. Oh, we are sorry to hear about Coco. Thoughts and prayers for all. Hugs and nose kisses


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