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July 24, 2011

I Lub My Mumma

My mumma hafed been away for a few days. She hafe been visiting Coco’s hu-mans. So I have not been able to tell her to write my bloggie for me. But here is a pickture of me what my hu-Dad sent to her. I was trying to send her a big kiss to say that I lubs her, but that hu-Dad hafe not taked the pickture at the right time. Anyways, the pickture of me made my Mumma laf.

My Mumma is home now, which is a fery good fing, becauze of the big snows. She hafe promised that tomorrow we can write some words on my blog about all my furiends ofer at Coco’s hu-mans’ house. And she might efen write some words on her own bloggie. I nearly fell ofer BOL when she sayed that. She does not write much stuffs on there now-a-days. She says she be too busy writing the fings what I tell her for my blog……. but I don’t fink that is a fery good excuse.

July 18, 2011

An Afternoon at the Lake

Mumma was going out to the lake on Sunday to hafe lunch wif some friends. Because my hu-Dad is not home, she fought it would be nice if I comed too. I could not go to the cafe wif Mumma, because there are lots of stooped rules here about doggies at food places. So I just waited fur Mumma in the van. She comed outside a few times to make sure I was going ok. It was not too warm for me because it is that cold season here.

This is the view from where Mumma had the lunch wif her friends. She hafed steak, kidney, mushroom & bacon pie. I finked she could hafe ordered one for me too because it sounds fery tasty.

After Mumma had her lunch & sayed goodbye to her friends we drove right down to the lakeside to go for our walkies. The walk which we did is the Rakaitane Track which goes beside the river.

The track goes frough the forest – ofer here in Nuw Zealand we say ‘bush’ instead of ‘forest.’ Here be some informations about the river (you can read some of the words if you biggify the pickture) and a nofer pickture of some reflections on the river.

The lake be called Lake Brunner, after some old famous explorer hu-man. Mumma taked a pickture of the informations what tells about him too, but it didn’t turn out fery good. The little town be called ‘Moana.’ That is the Maori word what means ‘big water.’
It be a fery nice place & my hu-mans like to go there on some weekends to hafe lunch & go for walkies & look at the seenicks. It does look fery pretty. I likes to go there too, because it hafe lots of different sniffs for me to sniff. I don’t like the wriggling bridge too much though.

When I was a little doggie my humans practically had to carry me because I just crawled along on my belly. But now I can walk ofer it all by myself. But when Mumma tried to make me go ahead so she could take a pickture I sayed, ‘No way Jose, I will just stick beside you fanks fery much Mumma.’

Then that mean ole’ hu-Mum maked me walk on some ofer wriggly fing what I could see the waters frough as well. I did not like that one the first time either, but when we went back I was fery brave & stopped to look over the side.

The see-frough fing was on the jetty. Mumma sayed we hafe to go out there to take some picktures of the snows and of course of handsome me.

Mumma tried to take a pickture of us bof. I fought that if she was going to be in a pickture wif me, she needed a good wash first. She probably might hafe some lunch still on her face & that would look bad in the pickture wif handsome me. So I gifed her face a good wash.

After that hu-Mum finished taking her picktures then we went to the ice-cream shop. Mumma & I stopped on the way home to eat our ice-creams for Norwood’s barkday. It was a fery good fing for the Nordude to have a icecream pawtee for his special day. I fery enjoyed helping him celebrate and I loved having a nice afternoon wif my Mumma. I had a fery good sleep when we got home too. </

July 17, 2011

Birthday Ice-Cream

It’s not my birthday. But it is my friend Norwood’s birthday. Norwood said we could all eat ice-cream fur his birthday.   I fink this is a fery good idea. So I maked sure that my hu-Mumma buyed me some ice-cream on our way back from the lake today.  I let Mumma buy herself an ice-cream too. 

Here is some picktures of me eating my ice-cream.  I knew straight away it was going to be somefing yummy for me, because it was in a little container like my yoghurt.  I nom nom nomed it all up and I did not efen freeze my brain. But Mumma sayed my nose feeled fery cold!!

"Get the lid off please Mumma."


"This cold stuff tastes delicious!!!"



"Hold that stuff still Mumma!"


"Nom nom nom nom!"

July 16, 2011

Beach Walkies

Well, it’s a good thing that the hu-Mum DID remember that doggies like to go for walkies, because it was a lovely sunny day.

We went to the new bit of the new cycle track and Mumma let me go off leash for a bit. Mumma made me do more climbing ofer the rocks & fings. I really don’t like it too much because I made the squeaking noise again, but Mumma says it’s REALLY NOT THAT HARD, and it’s good for my brain. 


Then I jumped up on some pipes and  posed so my Mumma could take some handsome dog picktures. I was going to go frough the pipes too, but another doggie came along, so Mumma made me go back on my leash.

 We went to see the sheeps too.  Mumma says my heading dog instinckts must be coming out, cause I crouched down real low as soon as I saw them & sneacked up on them real quiet like, then I layed right down & stared at them real hard.  

We played  some Frisbee too.  I got some pretty good air today.  I fink Mumma was trying to make that wavey sea stuffs get me. My Frisbee went fery close to it some times. That Mumma is pretty bad at Frisbee frowing, but I try real hard to catch it anyways.


We saw some snows too, but not as much as hu-Dad did on his trip. This is about as close as the snows get to us. Hu-Dad does remember that it snowed right in town one time when he was pretty small, but mostly it doesn’t get near us.

Hu-Dad likes playing in the snows fery much, so it is luck for him that he seen some on his travels.  He sended Mumma a pickture he took. We fink he was maybe hafing a snow ball fight with the ofher hu-man what he went wif!!!

Then when we got back to the van I had a nom nom.  In the pickture I am trying to get the nom nom out of my Mumma’s fingers. My Auntie R what lives far far away with my cousin Angus sent them. She sent some for the stinky cat too, but I might just eat his ones for him I fink.  I am the boss of the nom noms this weekend so I can eat them if I want.

July 16, 2011

Where is my hu-Dad?

Hu- Dad is not here. I am the boss for the weekend. Mumma sayed words like, ‘In your dreams,’ and ‘I think not,’ but I don’t know what those word means, so I doesn’t listen to them.  Then she sayed if I am the boss, why is the stinky cat drinking out of my water bowl & leaving his cooties in there, and why is the stinky cat whopping me on the nose with his paw.  So I just ignored her after that.

I do wish Dadda would come home right now, even though I do like being the boss, because that hu-Mum is fery fery awfully bad at looking after the warm firey thing.

Here is a pickture:


Can you see any nice warm flames??? Because I can not.  I fink she does not give it enough food.  Then it goes out. Then I get fery cold.

At least she remembered to give ME food.  I hope she will remember to take me for walkies.

Counting the sleeps until my hu-Dad comes home.

July 11, 2011

Washing Tiger

Mumma & me fink my new stuffie is pretty good because I like to play with him a lot. He does make the squeaky noise if I bite him in the tummy just right and I have got that all figured out now. So after a bit Mumma takes Tiger away and puts him up high or in the cupboard because she says the squeaking noise is fery annoying. Me, I like the squeaking noise and I would like Tiger to keep making it allllll day. But my Mumma is quite bossy some days & tells me what I hafe to do.

Here is a pickture of me & Tiger playing wif my hu-Dad. Well, you can’t really see me & Tiger because we is going SOOOO fast. But I hardly efer let Tiger fall on the ground. I catched him almost efery time that Dadda frows him.

Mumma  does not let Tiger stay out all day because  of the squeaky noise, but also we hafe a bad story in our family about stuffies. One day when Cousin Diva was de-stuffing her favourite Duck and she got the stuffins & the squeaky fing out, then suddenly she could not breaf good. So Gandma Liz had to take her to the vet super quick. Grandma Liz & the vet finked that maybe some of the stuffins  got into Diva’s breathing tubes and affected her breafing. Cousin Diva had to go back to the vet a couple of times more with breafing troubles. The good fing is that Diva is all better now.

Grandma Liz could not be sure that is was the stuffins that caused the problem, but she could not be sure it WASN’T  the stuffins either. So now Diva does not hafe toys with stuffins, and I am fery extremely lucky to hafe one.  So that is why Mumma says that I can only play with Tiger when her or hu-Dad are around.  Plus Mumma says that if I had stuffies to play with all day all by myself, I would need a new stuffie each day.

And she does not hafe enough green papers for that.  (Actually – she says she does not hafe any green papers at all really, because the money papers here are blue & orange & red & all different colours, and she usually uses her plastic money anyways, but it is easier to say ‘green papers’ so all my US of A pals knows what we mean.!!)

I hafe already played with Tiger so much that he got all soggy. Now I don’t mind him like that because it is just my own slobber – not like when the stinky cat drinks out of MY water bowl & puts cat cooties in it – but Mumma & hu-Dad make the yuck sounds when they hafe to pick Tiger up. So Mumma decided that Tiger needed a baf already.  And not efen a lovely warm baf with me in the tub & then rubs all over with the towel (which is one of my best fings.) But no, she wanted to put him in the washy machine with my blankies & towels.  I tried fery hard to save him, but that mean ole’ Mumma still dropped him right in there.


I was fery pleased when he came out of that washy machine. I had to get him right out of the laundry basket. Now Dadda is going to do some surgeries on Tiger’s broken ear. I did not mean for his ear to come off, but these fings happen sometimes.


July 8, 2011


I did my best poor neglected puppy dog look when hu-Mum left for that work place this morning. She usually does not go there all the days of the week, so I have not had much mumma-time this week.

When Mumma got home – two hours late!!!! – I telled her a big story about what a boring day I hafed.

THEN … my nose got suspicious that she hafed something in her bag for doggies. And I is the only doggie at our house …

So – this is what was in Mumma’s bag.  Well, not me of course. I is already living at our house. That tiger was in da bag.


I never hafed a stuffie before, but I lub it fery fery fery much already.  I did not really want to stop eating him to get my pickture taken.  Mumma chopped of the whiskers and the little string on the top because her & my hu-Dad did not fink they was fery safe.

 The stuffie’s name is ‘Tiger’. I played ‘Hide the Tiger’ with Mumma for a bit. That game is where Mumma puts Tiger under one of my blankies & I have to get him out. It is fery fun,  unless my blankie gets all tangled & I can’t get my toy out. Then I get fery mad with my blankie & Mumma just lafs and lafs at me. I don’t fink that is fery nice – my Mumma should help me. What do you doggies fink??

Then I lay in my bed & chewed Tiger for a bit  – until Mumma stole him & put him in the cupboard.



I fink my Mumma felt bad about poor me being home the whole weeks all by myself so that’s why she buyed me a stuffie. I fink she will still be my friend but I do hope we go for a big walkies on the weekend

July 7, 2011

Sleeping Practise

Well, that Mumma of mine has been super busy this week. She hafes to go to that work place every day this week. (Usually she only goes there two or three days.) I is not fery impressed at all – especially today because there was the thunders and the bad heavy rains and I was at home all by myself.   

But she was at her works helping look after the little hu-mans so I guess she needed to stay there. She finks that the little humans is about as troublesome as a big ole’ bunch of naughty pups, especially when the weather is bad and they all hafes to stay inside AAALLL day. But luckily sometimes they is just as cute. Myself, I’m not so sure about that – I fink a bunch of pups would be better.

Plus we haven’t been walkies at all. Mumma says it’s because she has somefing called UTI and hafes to leave lots of peemails. So I sayed she could just leave them on the poles & trees like me.  But she says it doesn’t work like that for hu-mans – well, except some boy  and mans hu-mans FINK they can leave peemails  any place, but not girl hu-mans.  So once she explained, well, I fought it was best we didn’t go walkies  far away from the house.

AND we have the real rain now, wif the thunders & lightning – not fery good for doggies going outside. Especially doggies like me that don’t like bad noises.  Mumma likes the real stormy rains better than the practising at being rain kind which we hafe been hafing. But I don’t like it much at all.

So I am practising my sleeping. I am pretty good at it already, but I fink it is always good to practise some more in case I forget how to do it.  The other fing I have been practising is jumping through my Angel sister Neve’s hoop.  She was starting to learn be a therapy doggie, so Mumma buyed the hoop to teach her some new tricks to do to show the little hu-mans. (When hu-Dad is home, we will take some picktures. ) So now it is my hoop – it is really a bit little for me to jump frough, but Mumma finks I will get the idea soon.

So here are some sleeping picktures wif captions:


Watching 'Animal Rescue' with Mumma.



The stinky cat is practically sleeping on me - and Mumma DIDN"T even warn me.



Working on perfecting my sleeping skills.

July 3, 2011

Lagoon Walk

This is from my walkies from Friday, what was two sleeps ago. My secretary has been fery slack this week. I fink I might have to take Tulahmonstah’s advice to make da secretary work faster.

I am counting  the sleeps now though because in 26 sleeps I will see my Maree Mum, and my nefew Dude & my little nieces and my BIG litter sister Jellie and all my other relatives & friends.  And my Mumma & Dad will be talking to my Maree Mum about getting me a new little sister.

Anyways, on Friday  the  hu-mans wanted to go & visit Grandma Liz & cousin Diva, so we went over to their side of town for our walkies. They have got some pretty places there for walkies, and it was nearly sunset, so it is a fery nice  time for going near the beach.


There is some fery pretty little ponds, and  a good track for zoomies – once the jogging lady went past.  I did fery fast zoomies. Mumma got way behind when she was taking picktures so I had to go zoomies to find her, then hu-Dad runned ahead and hidded. So I did zoomies back & forth, until I got all puffed out.

Then we went climbing over some rocks & dirts & broken concretes. First I was making the squeaking noise because I did not like it, then Mumma said I should pretend to be a brave search & rescue doggie, plus it was fery good for my brain to figure out how to go up & down on all the rough fings. So then I didn’t mind so much. But I stuck real close to my hu-Dad & did not go back to see what my Mumma was doing this time.  Mumma says we might go there again because it is good for me to try new fings.

Then we went stomp stomp stomping frough some tall grass. So tall it was over my head, and the hu-mans laughed at me when I was going jump jump jump to get over it. The walkies today was fery fery hard work.  After that we went right to the end of the world where the big sea is. Mumma says it is not really the end of the world, but that if I swimmed a fery fery fery fery long way, I would get to Ping & Benson Land.

FINALLY after all those hard works, we went to Diva’s house. I had just enough energy left to have a few little zoomies with Diva, then I falled asleep by my Mumma until we went home.  It was a fery busy day.

July 3, 2011

Nom Nom Carrot. :)

My secretary & photo taking assistant  finks she has been too busy doing the ‘yard works’ again today. So she finks that she was not going to help write my bloggie for me.  I telled her she hafe to, but she sayed it is getting fery late at night. So here is some picktures of handsome me eating my nom nom carrot, so you don’t forget how handsome I is before I put my secretary back to work tomorrow day writing some more words for me about my walkies.


Mmmm.... crunchy carrot .....


... nom nom nom nom ....delicious!


Yes – I do have my carrot in my bed. That is the most comfy place to eat nom noms after all. I take my yoghurt there too.