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January 28, 2013

Secret Santapaws

Dis does be anofur Christmas story abowt a fery nice fing what happened dis year.
Owr luvly Twitter friend Jessie da cat @JessieJaney and sume ob her pals did make an idea abowt hafing a Secret Santa swap wif ofur pals. Dis was fur ANZAC anipals – dat is paws what live in Australia & Noo Zealand. Der was dawgs & kittins & Billy who does be a guinea pig!

Jessie did collect a littl’ infurmashions abowt all da pals wooo wanted to participate – like how many paws lived at each house & what kind ob anipal dey all were. And ob course, owr most secret addresses fur mailing ob parcels. Den her did do a random draw ob which pal was going to send to which. We is sworn to nefur tell woooo owr sekrit pal was. Ob course der did be sume discovering ob such top sekrit infurmashions, but I ain’t going to tell any on my bloggie. 😉

We did send da hoomans on many expidishions to da pet stores in da city to find most exactly da fings we wanted to send to owr sekrit pal. Da hoomans did haf success in da end, and along da way dey did buy ofur noms & toys & such likes just in case dey cudn’t find da exact ones we requested. So dat was most advantageous bekcause den we did haf sume extra noms & toys what needed homes.  I finks my tummy will be a fine home fur sume ob dem extra nommy noms.  I is pritty sure der will be room in der.

We sended owr parcel off in good time & we breafed a big sigh when we knowed it got der safe.  Den we crossed owr paws & waited fur owr parcel to come from anofur different pal. Dat parcel did cause a few wurries. I fink maybe Jessie chewed her claws down a little, but in da end it arrived to us before da Big Day.

IMG_9131 IMG_9132
Da Big Day fur opening owr Secret Santa pressies was da 23rd December. So dis year it was kinda like we had Christmas twice! Here woo can see we is opening da parcels wif a bit ob helps from da Mum.  Dat sticky stuffs on parcels does be not so easy fur dogs.

And I sure woo can see me getting my snooter straight in to dat bag ob chewy fings.

We also got owr fery own uooonique Christmas cards – ones dat woo can NOM!! We was pritty happy abowt dat & we hafs to try dem owt right away.  Izzy near nommed hers all up because her secretly took it away to da big bed & da hoomans didn’t see her!!

IMG_9145 IMG_9149

Efen dat stinky cat got sume fings in da parcel. He got treat noms. And sume nip. We haf nefur gifen him nip before so he was pritty excited abowt dat. We may haf to buy him one ob Penne da Parrot’s special fishies what his warden makes so we can put dat nip in it. (Seeing as I stoled his first fishie what warden made him.  )


I is glad to say da hoomans did torture dat cat wif da antlers too. He no more happy abowt da idea than us. Meybe he does haf sume sense afta all.


If da mum gets sume werk dis year & we hafs sume spare dollars we sure join in da Secret Santa next year. Dat if Jessie recovers from dis year!!

So a big truble triple fanks to Jessie fur her organising skills and to all da pals what participated & maked it such fun.

October 25, 2011

My Fery Big Vacation: Part One

Well, it’s been a long time since I went on my big vacation with the hu-mans.  It was away back in September.  The hu-mans had been planning wif my Marie-Mum for ages for us to go visit  – in fact efer since my Angel sister Neve got to go visit when she was fery fery sick. But eferytime they planned if out, sumfing messed up the plans.

Finally when we got to go stay at Marie-Mum’s house it was not efen when we planned again and it was still for a sad time. But we still did have some good times wif Marie-Mum &  Kim and all the gabzillion billion pups & ofer animals at Marie-Mum & Kim’s house. So this is gonna be a fery long post, because there be lots of fings to tell about.  Mumma & I mite just put the pups & kittehs in this post & make anofer post fur the other picktures, oferwise you all be drinking your house right out of kaffee once you sit down to read this!!!

We went to Marie-Mum’s town because my Mumma’s lovely auntie was fery fery sick just like Angel Neve. One time them two did meet up & hafe a discussion about their cemo-ferapy medicines, because my Angel Neve & Mumma’s Auntie be having the same medicines!!!!!  Hu-Dad is curious about this kind of fing, so he finked it was fery interesting.

Mumma & I knows that her lovely auntie be hafing a fery happy time now wif all her pups & kittehs what were waiting for her at Rainbow Bridge. And she maybe met Miss Claudette what my Mumma nefer really got a chance to know, but she been a fery good friend for all our DWB pals & their people, and her woofies what were waiting fur her at the Bridge too. This be a pickture of my Angel Neve, so that Miss Claudette knows who she’s gonna say hiya to for me at Rainbow Bridge when she be passing though.

So for now I is going to show you some happy pictures of all us critters, bekcause Mumma’s auntie & Miss Claudette bof luvs their critters alot.

First of all we did hafe a fery fery fery long drive in the van to get to Marie-Mum & Kim’s house.  Mumma says she did not take any picktures of that bekcause she was too busy gitting deafed by somedog barking. I don’t know what she be meaning about that though, bekcause I was in the van too and I don’t remember there being any dog in there wif us what could hafe been barking. I fink that hu-Mum be hearing fings sometimes.  And anyway if there did be somedog in there woo was barking it would only be at fings like cattles & sheeps what needs barking at to git them in the right place. Or any evil fing with two wheels like a bike or a motor bike, because everydog has to bark at them  just bekcause they is evil.  Or any humans what be walking down the street, bekcause you nefer know if they might be wanting to meet that dog and he hafes to let them know that he is passing by. So I can be understanding if there WAS a dog in there what was barking. I would have barked too if I did see those kind of fings – it’s only reasonable.

So then it got to being darktimes & Mumma says that it got mysteriously quiet in the van. I have to say I can’t confirm or deny what she says bekcause I was too busy sleeping, so I did not hear.  But Mumma swears that it was all quiet & peaceful like, so I’m guessing we just hafe to belief her.  It was fery dark times when we arrived and eferyone was sleeping  at Marie-Mum’s house so we just sneeked in real quiet.

After  that, well, it be morning times before I knew it. And I got to meeting all my new pals. Excepting I wasn’t too pally wif them,  bekcause I’m kinda used to there just being me & one stinky cat & two humans. I wasn’t quite sure about all these eleventy gabzillion other animals.  Mumma says  I did not make the most of the opportunities to play with all the other pups, but I did hafe to tell her I aint got no times fur this ‘socialising’ thing when there be  eleventy gabzillion other critters tryin’ to steal my pats & scritches from her & the hu-Dad.  I tried my best, but those darn hu-mans gifed away lots of pats & scritches what rightfully should hafe been coming to me.
Mumma  especially gifed away lots of scritches and belly rubs to this pup what be called Maddi. I fink that Mumma did luv that Maddi dog alot. But I sure be hoping that Mumma still luvs me the mostest.  That Maddi hafed a fery hard life before she comed to live wif Marie- Mum & Kim forever & ever, so Mumma says she be needing lots of extra scritches to make up for all the bad fings.  I guess I can let my Mumma give away some of my scritches to that Maddi dog.

The hu-Dad was making friends wif this real tall pup what is called Blaik. He be an Irish Wolfhound and Marie-Mum says he still hafes more growing  to do.  Marie-Mum finked that Blaik liked to be friends wif hu-Dad  because they bof be boys. Blaik still be a pup, so he doesn’t stand still fur two seconds fur Mumma to git a pickture of him. This be the best pickture what Mumma has. That Blaik & me be sleeping on the couch together. I did get a little bit use to him just before we hafed to come home, so maybe we would hafe got to be pals after a bit.

That pup in the next pickture be Mr Cane Toad. Obvious he ISN’T acktually a cane toad. That just be his nickname, and mostly he gets called Cane, bekcause his real name be too long for Marie-Mum & Kim to be hollarin’ out the door eferyday.  He really be a Bulldog. He does make pretty funny noises, so I wasn’t too sure about him at all. And he did steal my blankie – that blue blankie what he is lying on is MY blankie . So I stealed his bed. It was quite a comfy bed actually –  especially once Mumma tossed all the toys out & I could really snuggle in.

I also hafes to introduce you to a fery old friend of mine. He was around when me & my Angel Neve was teeny weeny tiny little pups just borned. His name be Muskit. I was not sure if he remembered me, bekcause Marie-Mum sayed that he is an old fella now & he furgets fings sometimes. Once in awhile he even furgets that he can come back inside afta he has been outside to leave his pee-mails, and Marie-Mum or Kim hafes to look fur him & call him.

There be kittehs at Marie-Mum & Kim’s house too. There are three kittehs, but Mumma only got picktures of two of them. That tabbyish one be called Smudgie and Mumma did want to steal him away & bring him to our house. I bet Marie-Mum & Kim would not be fery happy wif that. Pawsonally I would not be fery happy wif that eifer. One stinky cat at our house is quite enough, fanks all the same Mumma. That ginger kitty be called Mr Squirtles.  He be a pretty handsome kitteh – even for a kitteh, but he’s not so friendly as Smudgie.


And finally her e is a fery nice pickture of Blaikie & that Smudgie kitteh.  This be one of the hu-Mum’s favourite picktures that she taked at Marie-Mum’s house. I hafe to say, I would not be putting my snooter that close to any kitties my self, but that Blaik seems to like his kittehs.



So that be some of the eleventy gabzillion critters what live at Marie-Mum & Kim’s house. There also is a whole bunch more of Wolfies, and a spanielly dog who be called Cassie.  And besides that, there be goats & cattles & sheeps & chickens and sum horses ….. hmmmm ….I fink that be eferyfurry & feathery what I should mention

BUT most impawtantly there is lots more of pups like me!!! And they mostly all be my relatives. We did have some little adventures, but I fink we will save them for anofer day. I fink if wooo hafe already readed this far woo will have used up all the kaffee in the house.! J

July 16, 2011

Where is my hu-Dad?

Hu- Dad is not here. I am the boss for the weekend. Mumma sayed words like, ‘In your dreams,’ and ‘I think not,’ but I don’t know what those word means, so I doesn’t listen to them.  Then she sayed if I am the boss, why is the stinky cat drinking out of my water bowl & leaving his cooties in there, and why is the stinky cat whopping me on the nose with his paw.  So I just ignored her after that.

I do wish Dadda would come home right now, even though I do like being the boss, because that hu-Mum is fery fery awfully bad at looking after the warm firey thing.

Here is a pickture:


Can you see any nice warm flames??? Because I can not.  I fink she does not give it enough food.  Then it goes out. Then I get fery cold.

At least she remembered to give ME food.  I hope she will remember to take me for walkies.

Counting the sleeps until my hu-Dad comes home.

July 7, 2011

Sleeping Practise

Well, that Mumma of mine has been super busy this week. She hafes to go to that work place every day this week. (Usually she only goes there two or three days.) I is not fery impressed at all – especially today because there was the thunders and the bad heavy rains and I was at home all by myself.   

But she was at her works helping look after the little hu-mans so I guess she needed to stay there. She finks that the little humans is about as troublesome as a big ole’ bunch of naughty pups, especially when the weather is bad and they all hafes to stay inside AAALLL day. But luckily sometimes they is just as cute. Myself, I’m not so sure about that – I fink a bunch of pups would be better.

Plus we haven’t been walkies at all. Mumma says it’s because she has somefing called UTI and hafes to leave lots of peemails. So I sayed she could just leave them on the poles & trees like me.  But she says it doesn’t work like that for hu-mans – well, except some boy  and mans hu-mans FINK they can leave peemails  any place, but not girl hu-mans.  So once she explained, well, I fought it was best we didn’t go walkies  far away from the house.

AND we have the real rain now, wif the thunders & lightning – not fery good for doggies going outside. Especially doggies like me that don’t like bad noises.  Mumma likes the real stormy rains better than the practising at being rain kind which we hafe been hafing. But I don’t like it much at all.

So I am practising my sleeping. I am pretty good at it already, but I fink it is always good to practise some more in case I forget how to do it.  The other fing I have been practising is jumping through my Angel sister Neve’s hoop.  She was starting to learn be a therapy doggie, so Mumma buyed the hoop to teach her some new tricks to do to show the little hu-mans. (When hu-Dad is home, we will take some picktures. ) So now it is my hoop – it is really a bit little for me to jump frough, but Mumma finks I will get the idea soon.

So here are some sleeping picktures wif captions:


Watching 'Animal Rescue' with Mumma.



The stinky cat is practically sleeping on me - and Mumma DIDN"T even warn me.



Working on perfecting my sleeping skills.

June 27, 2011

Sleeping Day

We have rainy season again today. And it was cold. Not really fery cold, but cold enough. Mumma needed me and the stinky cat to keep her toasty. And that stupid laptop thing. I don’t fink she really needs that laptop thing. I am much more interesting to look at. And much more useful for keeping her cozy. But she said she had Red Cross works to do.  And that stinky cat & me needed the firey warm thing to keep us warm. Mumma remembered to keep it going today.  Some days she gets so busy doing stuffs on her laptop that she forgets to feed the warm thing.

 But I’m still cold.

June 5, 2011

Riverside Walk

Hu-Mum thought that she would try the walk we did earlier in the week again, because it was a fery lovely walk. We thought it might not be so busy on the weekend & the hu-Dad could come wif us too. There were not so many people about, but there was still a poor doggie running beside a vehicle. This Labradog kept running in front of the truck, which was worrying. I do not fink I would like to go walkies like that. I do not fink I would like it one bit. So I am fery glad that my hu-mans take me for nice walkies with them, instead of making me run fery fery fast by the car. I do not fink that would be safe for me at all.

I was showing my hu-Dad that I am a fery clever balancing dog. I went on the wall. It was just like going on the beam at the dog pen, only better because it is fery long, and I could go fast. Until hu-Mum maked my Dad and me stop because she fought I was going to fall off. But I would not fall off because I am a fery clever balancing dog. I fink my Mumma was worrying about nofing.
Here is a picture of me balancing:

Fery Clever Balancing Dog!


Here is another picture of me looking handsome. I finked that boat behind me was called ‘SeaFurry’ – which would be a fery good name.  But Hu-Mum said it was ‘SeaFury.’



A sea-faring dog?


June 1, 2011

Interviewing Hu-Mum.

Funny things happen sometimes. On our fery long walkies on the weekend, I suggested to my hu-Mum that I should interview her for my blog, because being new to DWB people don’t know too much about us. And when we came home I read Miss Asta’s blog & discovered that this was just the right week for it!!!

So, here is my interview with my Mumma.

R:  Tell everyone who all lives at our house.

HM: Well, you live here, and Kelty the cat. And the humans are me & you hu-Dad. Until a month ago you sweet sister Neve lived with us too, but now she lives at Rainbow Bridge.  Maybe one day we will get a new baby sister to keep you company.

R:  What to do you & hu-Dad do when you are not home looking after me & the stinky cat?

HM: I go to school and teach the little kids two or three days a week. But most days I am home looking after you.  I mostly work at the same school as your Grandma Liz. This year I teach kids that are 5-8 years old in three different classes.  You always know which days I am going to school, even though it’s different days each week, because when I put my green box of books & supplies on the couch, you don’t even bother to get up. Sometimes you don’t even get out from under your blankie!!!  I don’t think you like those days very much.  I guess it must get a bit lonely for you sometimes without Neve to keep you company.

Your hu-Dad goes to work at the hospital and helps doctors & nurse make sure the sick people get their right medicine. But he comes home at lunch time everyday to see you if I am at work.

R: How did you & hu-Dad meet?

HM: Your hu-Dad & I met about 16 years ago, at school. Your Grandma Liz is hu-Dad’s momma, so I met hu-Dad when he helped out at school sometimes.  I came from the east coast – just like you. I came here to work for a few years, but since I met your hu-Dad this part of the country is my forever home – just like you.

 R: Where did you & hu-Dad live when you were little?

Your hu-Dad lived right here in our little town, at Grandma Liz’s house, with Grandma Liz and hu-Dad’s little brother. Even though he lived in town he always had animals at his house.

I lived on a farm out in the country, waaaay over on the other side of New Zealand, with my Mum & Dad and a little brother & sister – and lots of animals!!!

R: Are Neve & I the first fur kids that you had?

You & Neve are the first dogs that hu-Dad & I had since we’ve been together. Once we got our own house we had to wait two years for just the right doggies – which was you & Neve.  Before you, we had a cat that we got together when we were married, and two other cats that were mine.  All those cats have gone to Rainbow Bridge now, and we got Kelty from the SPCA a bit more than a year ago.

I’ve had pets always since I was about 4 years old. Firstly pet lambs called Sue & Sally, and a cat called Bobby & some goldfish. When I was nine I got a Corgi dog called Sandy, so you & Neve were my second doggies.  My family always had heaps of pets – cats, lambs, bantams, a goat. We also had calves, pigs & hens but they weren’t really pets.  Hu-dad’s family always had cats & big dogs and he even had rabbits and a mouse. Tess was the name of the dog he had when he was little. Grandma Liz still had two cats & a dog.  So we have always loved to have furry family members.

R:  What other things do you like to do besides spend time with me?

Both hu-Dad & I do volunteer work with Red Cross, and different things at our church. I also sometimes help out at the local SPCA branch.  We like camping in our van & travelling all around New Zealand. We go geocaching & walking & taking photos when we are travelling (and when we are at home.)  

Hu-Dad likes to spend time helping out schools & community groups with the sound for their shows. He is interested in most kinds of music & theatre. When he has time he likes cooking interesting recipes from all around the world for us to taste.

I like sending Postcrossing postcards all over the world, and chatting on Facebook & Twitter with my friends all over  New Zealand & the world.  I like doing crafty things like scrapbooking sometimes – when I have time! I have lots of albums full of pictures of you & Neve & all the cats.

R: Thanks for your answers to my questions.Now my final question: When will you move the cat food to a shelf where I can reach it??

HM:  Never!!!!!

May 27, 2011

Oh yes….

… matter how many fancy things Mum does with that photo – the stinky cat is still touching me. She said that if I wanted to snooze beside her on the couch, well, I had to lie beside the stinky cat too. She even asked the hu-Dad to take a photo so she had ‘evidence’. Huummmfff. I am less than impressed.

PS Mum says that WordPress has been doing strange things the last few days so I have not been able to do anything on my blog. But the kind WordPress man fixed it right away once she let him know. So I have some photos from other days to catch up on posting soon

May 22, 2011


On Friday night the humans went visiting. Unfortunately, they didn’t take me. They say I have no manners. I have NO IDEA what they are talking about. They took some photos of my cousins. Mum loves playing with her new phone and making the pictures look pretty, so she wanted me to post them here.

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