S. U. N.

Today we have this fery strange shiny stuff coming through the French doors. My friend Velcro said that it is called S. U. N. She does not like it too much because she has lots & lots of in in that Cal-i-for-nia place where she lives. I fought it was fery nice stuff myself. My hu-mans fought that they could kind of remember it from lots of days ago.

I thought it would be nice to go outside and play a game in that nice warm sun stuff. So I tried giving them a big hint.  But the hu-mans always have jobs to do, and before you knew it, the sun stuff started to go away.

But we still went out to the beach. The hu-mans had to check on some of their geocache things, and I had my new Frisbee to try out that Velcro & her momma sent me.  It is a fery good Frisbee – hu-Dad can make it go fery far, so I have to run so fast to catch it. My hu-Mum tried frowing it too, but I have to say that she was fery fery bad at it. (Don’t tell her I said that though.)  It is quite tricky to catch your Frisbee when it goes all sideways & upside down ways instead of straight. But I did try fery hard to catch it for her all the same. I didn’t want her to feel bad.  The waves nearly got my Frisbee one time too, so I had to grab it fery quick. I have to say the water in that big pond does not taste fery nice at all.  After that I told my hu-Dad to be sure to frow my Frisbee away from the big waves. But the waves kept sneaking up on me and they still got me some times.  

Then we went for a little walk. I had to carry my Frisbee myself. I do not trust that hu-Mum. She wanted to carry it for me, but no, I said I would rather carry it myself. She might not look after it good.  She already lost one of my Frisbees one other time. (She finks I lost it, but I’m pretty sure she did. )

Then I had to pose for my picture in the sand dunes. I am a fery photogenic doggie after all.


2 Comments to “S. U. N.”

  1. Oh, what a fun time you had with your new Frisbee. You made us laugh when you told how your hu-Mum lost one of your Frisbees that being the case we understands why you wanted to carry your new one all by yourself. If was sweet of her to throw it for you and you were sweet to try and catch it when she did. We agree…you are fery photogenic and that is a great picture of you with your new Frisbee. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Yeah!!!! I’m so furry glad you got to play with your new frisbee and at the ocean!! I dont like those big waves either! Sometimes my tennis ball goes into the water and I make mom get it!!!

    I’m so glad you like your frisbee…tell your mom not to lose it! But if she does, we’ll send you a new one!!!


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