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September 11, 2011

My Artworks

The humans left me at home again this morning when they went to church. I took the opportunity while I had the house to myself to work on a new project. Sometimes being alone wif time to fink is good for my creativity.

I was fery inspired by my trip to Noo Yawk to visit the lovely Miss Asta. (She needed sum big brafe pups like me to keep her company during a fery bad storm.) Asta’s Mommi is a fery fery good artist.  She makes most beautiful paintings.  If woo hafe not looked at them before woo should look now. Here are some more paintings that Asta’s Mommi made of some fery special pups & kittehs.

My own works are usually temporary installations using found materials. I find that this is the best medium for getting the hu-mans to interact wif my artworks too. But I do get a little bit annoyed sometimes that they just pick the pieces up & put them back in the rubbish bin.

Today I was fery interested in working wif the colour blue. It is after all the best colour in the whole world – especially for dogs. I have not had much chance to explore the properties of blue in my art before, but the hu-Dad buyed Mumma a new box of tissues last night, and I was happy I could borrow some for today’s project.

Somehow Sunday is a fery good day for my creativity. This next picture shows a project which I did a few months ago. It was one weekend when my hu-Dad was away at his Red Cross trainings & Mumma went off to church. Mumma fought perhaps I was showing  my concerns about him going into a wrecked building. She says that art can be fery therapeutic  for expressing emotions.  I must say I did feel much better afta I chomped that box to bits.

Below is one of my personal favourites was this one which I did the ofer week for my Mumma. I did not hafe the chance to use ash for one of my media before, so it was fery fun to explore what I could do wif it. The hu-dad finks I was trying to represent a liquification volcano to remind Mumma about being in the city helping wif the earthquaked peoples. Actually I fink I did a fery good job wif that. But for some reason Mumma got grumpy at the hu-Dad and at me. I feel like she did not appreciate my installation as much as she could hafe.  She sayed the hu-Dad better be sure he does not leafe the bag of ashes by the fire again.

 (Dadda taked this pickture on his phone, so it is not fery clear sorry)

This is one  below is one of my hu-Mum’s favourites. I did this one awhile ago and she was fery impressed by how many different fings I found to use, and how I placed the bits of colour so nicely. I was experimenting wif different textures as woo can see, so it was quite lucky that I found a variety of fings in the wood basket. If there was sum wood in there I could hafe done an efen better job of course. But  I was  still quite pleased wif the project.

Of course, as my artworks are temporary installations they are not for sale. But if wooo would like one of your own please just pay for my flight to your house, and I will make one fur woo fur free. I can select my own materials so long as woo leafe the wood basket or rubbish bin available fur me. And I eat mostly any kind of dog or human nom noms, so I am easy to feed. In fact, if woo hafe any fery big bones at your house I would like to come ofer immediately, because my hu-mans hafe still not got me one. Even though my teefs are all good now.