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May 31, 2011

Eventful Walkies

Hu-Mum and I went walkies a new place again today on a different part of the floodwall. It was a fery nice day for a walkies and the water looked fery pretty and sparkly. There was lots of fings for me to look at and for Mumma to look at.

 But then we saw a fery bad fing.

Some poor doggies were running behind their human’s car. One was a poodley dog and Mumma doesn’t know what the other kind was.  The poodley dog was only a young one. Their human was yelling at us and yelling at them. I did not like it, so Mumma had to hold on to my harness fery hard so that I would stay still. Mumma didn’t like it either. We felt fery sorry for those pups.

There were lots of humans on our walkies. A man and his little baby went past us and the man said to us “I had a blue heeler just like that when I was younger.”  My Mumma gets annoyed about that sometimes. Her and hu-Dad fink that no-one could have a blue heeler just like me, because I am the only-est one in the world just like me.  My hu-Mum says at least he did not try to pat me. I fery don’t like when strange mans come near my Mumma.

Then we went on a bit more and my hu-Mum was trying to take my photo. I was being a fery good dog and sitting nicely and Mumma was crouching on the ground, when suddenly that poodley dog sneaked up again. Mumma finks she must have turned off the eyes in the back of her head, and I must have turned off my sniffering snooter, because that poodley pup sneaked up on us really good.  I got a big surprise when it got near us and tangled Mumma up in my lead & she falled over.  The poodley dog’s human just keeped on driving past and yelled ‘sorry’ out her window at Mumma & me.  I fought she should stop & make sure Mumma was OK, but she did not.

So I put my cold snooter in Mumma’s ear and she made all the  shrieking noises that she normally makes when I do that, so then I knew she was just  fine, only mad. She had some owies, but only little ones. Then we tried to carry on with our walkies, but another silly human with their dog off the leash annoyed us.  That doggy got right in my face and I was not fery happy at all. Mumma was not surprised because I was feeling fery unsettled by this time after seeing that poodley dog twice and seeing Mumma falling over.  (She was feeling fery unsettled herself!)  So we turned around on our walkies and went right back to the van again. Mumma had to hold onto me fery tight because I was not a happy doggy now everytime somefing drived past.

So it was not our bestest walkies ever. But I am still the handsomest doggy ever – so here is a picture:


May 30, 2011

Looking for Mr Goat

Mum & I had to go walking around the streets again today, so we decided to go & look at Mr Goat. Mr Goat lives in Goat Street, as you would expect. Mum says that’s not the real name of the street where he lives, but the street rhymes with goat, so we always call it that!! My hu-Mum finks she is funny sometimes, but I don’t thing she’s fery good at being funny.

We were a bit worried when we got there because we couldn’t see him. He is always in his paddock, but nope, he wasn’t there. So we carried on up the street. When we came back again, hu-Mum had another fink, and decided that he must he somewhere because there was fresh hay in his paddock. So we looked and looked, and finally hu-Mum saw the end of his nose in his house.  She finks he must be getting old now, because she has never seen him lying down in his house before, and these days he is not on a chain anymore (which is a good fing!!!) so maybe he doesn’t try to escape anymore. As far as hu-Mum can remember he’s been in his paddock since before Neve & I were fery fery tiny little pups. She isn’t sure how long goats live for.

Another thing that happened on our walk was that I tried to eat some chewing gum. Hu-Mum didn’t know that chewing gum was fery bad for us doggies before today, so she thinks it is fery lucky that her DWB pals did know, and someone posted a message about it just this morning. So she was about to quickly try to get it out of my mouth, but I spat it out anyway. It tasted fery yucky. Usually fings I find on the ground – like hedgehog poo – taste delicious, but this just tasted bad.  And it was going to stick to my teefies, which would be a very bad fing, because I need my teefies for chasing the stinky cat, so I decided not to eat it.

So anyway, I will not try to eat chewing gum again – I promise, and here are some pictures. Don’t I have handsome ears? My hu-Mum thinks I do.

I am looking for Mr Goat


Look fery carefully & you might see Mr Goat

May 29, 2011

Sunny Day Walkies

The hu-Dad was away today and it was a nice sunny day, so Mum and I decided to go for a long walkies. While we were driving to start our walkies we saw a fery funny thing. It was such a tiny horse. My Mum thought it was very cute – but not as cute as me. 


A fery tiny horse!

 We went around the Kowhai Bush Walk and saw all the birds on the lagoon.  I like going to Kowhai Bush & the flood wall, because I can go off my leash.  But I have to walk right beside Mum on the boardwalks in case she falls off.  Neve used to fall off sometimes because she didn’t watch where she was going. It was fery embarrassing, especially the time when we went walkies there with Grandma H. and Grandpa S. and she fell off right in front of them. But Mum doesn’t fall off because I keep a close eye on her.


Bird Watching


Then we went on the flood wall.  I think I should go right down the bank into the lagoon to sniff all the good sniffs that are coming from the mud. My hu-Mum has a different idea – she keeps saying if I slide down there I will never get back up again.


Stay in the middle.

We stopped at the dog pen along the way and I played with my Frisbee for a bit. I played on the obstacles once – I am fery clever at walking along the narrow beam. But Mum did not let me play on there much because everything is getting old & broken. Some things have nails sticking up. My Mum did not want me to get hurt.  We both think it is fery sad that there are not many good things for doggies to do in our town.

On Top of the World

Next we walked the long way around the flood wall to get back to the car. I have been fery quite all night. My Mumma reckons I must be tired.  I say I am just saving up my energy to go on a long walkies tomorrow too.

May 28, 2011

Dark-time Frisbee

My hu-mum says that somedogs have lovely spring time weather now, and it’s even hot & sunny in some parts of the world.  But here in New Zealand, it’s almost winter time, and when my hu-dad comes home from work, it’s almost dark-time. Yesterday the hu-mans decided we would go to the dog-pen anyway.


I guess they don’t know how hard it is to catch your Frisbee when it’s almost dark. I still managed though, because I’m a Pretty Clever Dog. When it got really too dark for Frisbee catching, I chased my JollyBall for a bit.

May 27, 2011

Oh yes….

… matter how many fancy things Mum does with that photo – the stinky cat is still touching me. She said that if I wanted to snooze beside her on the couch, well, I had to lie beside the stinky cat too. She even asked the hu-Dad to take a photo so she had ‘evidence’. Huummmfff. I am less than impressed.

PS Mum says that WordPress has been doing strange things the last few days so I have not been able to do anything on my blog. But the kind WordPress man fixed it right away once she let him know. So I have some photos from other days to catch up on posting soon

May 24, 2011

Spooky Night-time.

My Mum still has the germs from Dad, but she was sick of feeling sick, so she decided to go for a walk anyway. It was actually quite nice & warm outside. I would really like the hu-mans to walk s-l-o-w-ly so that I can read the pee-mails properly. I never get to finish the good jokes. I only get as far as ” three blonde cats & an Irish dog walked into a bar….” then the darn humans tell me to hurry up.
Oh well, at least I get to go walkies with my hu-Dad & hu-Mum. And the stinky cat has to stay at home.

May 22, 2011

Airport Walkies

The hu-mum invented a new walkies loop for us to do today. We couldn’t go very far away because the hu-dad was on call for his work at the hospital.  But Mum & I are very sick of walking on the pavements because Mum gets a sore back & I get tired paws. So my Mum thought of a different place for us to walk that was near Dad’s work & not too much on the asphalt. We even met my friends Tylar & Buddy on our walkies. Mum & Dad wanted to stop and talk talk talk to their humans, but after a while I got to whining because I was done with standing still. So I might have a play-date with Tylar & Buddy on Thursday if their hu-mum gets done with her work on time, because my mum has a day off that day.

Our walkies was near the beach as well as the airport, so here I am posing.

May 22, 2011


On Friday night the humans went visiting. Unfortunately, they didn’t take me. They say I have no manners. I have NO IDEA what they are talking about. They took some photos of my cousins. Mum loves playing with her new phone and making the pictures look pretty, so she wanted me to post them here.

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May 21, 2011

Last Laugh!

Well, I am a More Clever Dog than my humans thought.  I FOUND the last half of the One Square Meal bar – Dad thought he hid it away well, but I have an expert sniffer. And I munched it up all by myself. The only evidence my Mum found was me licking my lips and a few crumbs in my bed with half the wrapper.  Score!!! 

But my hu-mum still loves me lots. She still lets me sleep on her.  She got the germs from hu-dad, so we did lots of sleeping on her day off. Here is the evidence  of that.

May 19, 2011

Midnight Snack

I have been a Very Good Dog today keeping my poor Dad company. EVEN though he stole my midnight snack last night.
 My humans have lots of camping stuff & emergency stuff.  A lot.  Mostly even a clever dog like me never has a chance to get near any of the F.O.O.D.  But the hu-Mum was busy tossing stuff around the other day before we went walkies looking for her woolly hat.  She never did find her hat and she didn’t pack the stuff up again properly either.

I noticed – of course – I am a Very Clever Dog after all. But I just left it – until a more opportune moment.  Then in the middle of the night, I snuck down the hallway, and claimed myself a little midnight snack. The humans were soundly sleeping. I thought I was safe.  I carefully unwrapped the bar. I thought I made hardly any sound at all, but the plastic stuff is pretty rustlely and that Dad must have ears like a bat.  I could have sworn he was snoring, but before I could do more than have one slobbery lick of my One Square Meal he came roaring down the hallway, growled at me and stole my snack ………. darn. I was SOoooo close.