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October 29, 2011

Fish & Chips

Last night the hu-mans fought they would get some fish & chips and go to the beach to eat them.

I don’t fink my pals what live in the YoooNighted States will know what that kind of nom noms is, so I sayed to the hu-Mum she better put a pickture for wooo to see. But that hu-Mum did not fink about taking a pickture last night – so here be a pickture & some informations. Click here!  My pals what live in the YoooNighted Kingdom will know what fish & chips is – but we haf them with tomato sauce on, not vinegar.

They be a good kind of noms for sharing, well, that be if wooo haf the kind of two-leggers what share fings with their pups. Mine be a bit stingy in that department sometimes – even fough I be sitting right there in front of them being the fery goodest pup what I know how to be.

But at least they taked me to the beach wif them and they remembered to pack my beach Frisbee. So I hafed a little game on the beach wif the hu-Dad  – afta the hu-mans eated all the nom noms all by their selfes.  It was a bit windy so my Frisbee turned into a boomerang Frisbee, what maked it fery tricky fur catching. That meany ole’ hu-Mum sayed that I should be good at boomerang Frisbee, being as I is an Australian dog & all. So she mostly just lafed at me.

Then Mumma & I stayed in the van for a bit & watched the sky turn pretty colours while hu-Dad taked some picktures

"What we be looking at Mumma?"

Here be sum of the picktures what the hu-Dad taked. I finks they looks fery pretty myselfs.

October 13, 2011

Happy Barkday to Meeeee

Well, finally Mumma sorted out my barkday picktures. Of course there were lots of them because I am such a handsome & charming dog.

First of all – I had to supervise the hu-Mum making & decorating my cake. It is peanut butter & carrot – two of my favourite things. With cottage cheese on top. And little cookies from my Auntie R. And more carrots. The hu-Mum says I have to tell you I don’t usually put my paws on the bench. But I could not complete my supervisory tasks properly, or have my pickture taken,  with my paws on the ground.

And  most impawtantly – a fery big fank wooo to my Maree –Mum, who gibed us the recipe fur the cake.

Of course a fery impawtant part of baking is that wooo hafe to clean up after.  I maked sure the bowl was as clean as Cold Water could get it.

When we was waiting fur the cake to cook befure we decorated it, I hafed presents of course.  I got a new bed and some nom noms & a toy. Mumma says that was by accident fough that I got the new bed. It just happened that when she buyed my biscuits that week, they hafed a gift wif them. Actually I did not like my new bed when I got it because it maked a kind of crinkly noise and it was not fery squishy. But I do like it now that I have snoozed on it alot and maked it all comfy & smelling like me. It is fery good fur daytime snoozing in the sunshine.

"Are those really all for me?"

But I did like my ofer presents fery much. Here are some picktures of me & Mumma unwrapping them.  I did need a little bit of helps from Mumma because I is not so good at that sellotape stuffs.

"I fink I can get this off myself."

"Git that sellotape off there please Mumma."

"I doesn't need any help wif my pig's ear, fanks all the same."

"This fing has nom noms falling out of it Mumma."


Then after everyfink else, the best bit was eating my cake.  I did not gobble it alllll at once. I am a dog not a piggy. I safed some to share wif my friends Tylar & Buddy too. They could not come to my house on my actual Barkday day, but they comed on the weekend wif their mum and we hafed some fun & some cake.


"Can I just nom it now for dog's sake!! Enough wif this pickture taking."


So that was my barkday, what was a fery long time ago.  The only fing what could have maked my barkday better was if my Angel Neve was still here to have our Barkday together. But I fink she would have a good Barkday at Rainbow Bridge.  I hear they have lots of cheeseburgers there.

I hope it will be my barkday again soon.

August 21, 2011

DPS Needed

The humans hafe been hiding some of their geocache fings.  On Furdsday they would not take me because the hu-mans fink that some parts of the new trail for the evil two-wheelers is not good for doggies. Hu-Dad finks there be too many peoples what go on that part of the trail.

Hu-Mum sayed that I was lucky I did not go, because it was fery fery cold. So cold that she telled hu-Dad  that she hafes to go back to the van before she turns blue.  I nearly BOL when Mumma telled me that, because she would look fery fery funny indeed ifs she was the same colour as me. I am a blue dog for sure.

Frow the Frisbee Dad, just hurry up and frow it


I am zooming fery fast .....


That dot is me. I can fly fery high to catch my Frisbee

The hu-mans went to a different part of the trail today, so they decided I could come wif them.  We had a walkies for an hour. The hu-mans hided one of their geocache fingies, and I hafed a turn playing Frisbee on the beach. Today it was lubly and sunny, so Mumma did not turn blue. Which is a fery good fing, because it would be fery hard for me not to BOL ifs she did turn blue.

Me & Mumma waiting for Dad. He is in the bushes hiding the geocache fingie.

I tried to tell the hu-mans that they don’t need a GPS, because I could just tell them where to put the geocache fingies.  A Dog Positioning System would be fery much better at finding places to hid fings. Us doggies are good at that. I hided my favourite jolly ball at Tylar & Buddy’s house a long time ago & their hu-mans just finded it this week. 

Actually – I fink I should not have hided it SOOooo well, because I hafe not been able to play with it when it was at Tylar & Buddy’s house………

My Jolly Ball is BACK!!!


Editor’s note: There will be a barkday blog with cake & gift photos coming up some time, but Ruger made his camera assistant take so many photos that it will take her some time to get them sorted.

August 14, 2011


It is another miracle. The hu-mans remember how to frow my Frisbee!!!!

The beach

 They went to the beach to look at one of their geocache fingies because some ofer peoples could not find it. It was not there because the hu-mans putted it too close to the beach and it got washed away by the big waves.  So it was a bad fing for the geocache, but a good fing for me that we goed to the beach to look for it.   And a fery good fing that the hu-mans packed my Frisbee and remembered how to frow it.

I can catch a high flying Frisbee. 🙂


I can run fery fast.


Nearly back to my hu-Dad.

There was no ofer doggies there, so I got to chase my Frisbee lots of times until I was all puffed out. It was a fery nice sunny day when we started to go to the beach, but then it got all cloudy and rainy. But we was having a snooze back in the van by then. So it was the best  day for a most handsome pup like me.


Lying beside my Mumma.


July 11, 2011

Washing Tiger

Mumma & me fink my new stuffie is pretty good because I like to play with him a lot. He does make the squeaky noise if I bite him in the tummy just right and I have got that all figured out now. So after a bit Mumma takes Tiger away and puts him up high or in the cupboard because she says the squeaking noise is fery annoying. Me, I like the squeaking noise and I would like Tiger to keep making it allllll day. But my Mumma is quite bossy some days & tells me what I hafe to do.

Here is a pickture of me & Tiger playing wif my hu-Dad. Well, you can’t really see me & Tiger because we is going SOOOO fast. But I hardly efer let Tiger fall on the ground. I catched him almost efery time that Dadda frows him.

Mumma  does not let Tiger stay out all day because  of the squeaky noise, but also we hafe a bad story in our family about stuffies. One day when Cousin Diva was de-stuffing her favourite Duck and she got the stuffins & the squeaky fing out, then suddenly she could not breaf good. So Gandma Liz had to take her to the vet super quick. Grandma Liz & the vet finked that maybe some of the stuffins  got into Diva’s breathing tubes and affected her breafing. Cousin Diva had to go back to the vet a couple of times more with breafing troubles. The good fing is that Diva is all better now.

Grandma Liz could not be sure that is was the stuffins that caused the problem, but she could not be sure it WASN’T  the stuffins either. So now Diva does not hafe toys with stuffins, and I am fery extremely lucky to hafe one.  So that is why Mumma says that I can only play with Tiger when her or hu-Dad are around.  Plus Mumma says that if I had stuffies to play with all day all by myself, I would need a new stuffie each day.

And she does not hafe enough green papers for that.  (Actually – she says she does not hafe any green papers at all really, because the money papers here are blue & orange & red & all different colours, and she usually uses her plastic money anyways, but it is easier to say ‘green papers’ so all my US of A pals knows what we mean.!!)

I hafe already played with Tiger so much that he got all soggy. Now I don’t mind him like that because it is just my own slobber – not like when the stinky cat drinks out of MY water bowl & puts cat cooties in it – but Mumma & hu-Dad make the yuck sounds when they hafe to pick Tiger up. So Mumma decided that Tiger needed a baf already.  And not efen a lovely warm baf with me in the tub & then rubs all over with the towel (which is one of my best fings.) But no, she wanted to put him in the washy machine with my blankies & towels.  I tried fery hard to save him, but that mean ole’ Mumma still dropped him right in there.


I was fery pleased when he came out of that washy machine. I had to get him right out of the laundry basket. Now Dadda is going to do some surgeries on Tiger’s broken ear. I did not mean for his ear to come off, but these fings happen sometimes.