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February 8, 2013

Walkies Challenge Update

Hello der my pals.

Well sume ob woo will know dat da mum & I started off dis year with doing a walkies challenge to walk 30 minutes fur 30 days ob January.

We haf sume good noos & sume not so good noos to repawt about dat challenge. It haf been a fery good learning fur us bof.

First ob all we hafs to say dat we did not do efury single day ob da Challenge. So, sume paws might fink dat we failed. But we pawfurs to look at da good fings what we haf achieved and da fings what we haf learned dat will help us to be better at walkies & being healfy in da futures.  So fur us we is counting it as a success.

Dis is sume writings abowt owr experiences and owr learnings.

Da Good fings

  1. Da first fing what we was sooper doper happy abowt was dat da hudad & my Izzy did decide dat they wud come wif us most efury time. Dat was fery good because we doesn’t always get to do fings as a family wif da four ob us. Well, I guess strickly if it was da WHOLE family dat stinky cat wud come too. But he haf no interest in walkies.  So we goes wif da four ob us 😉  IMG_6189
  2.  We was sooper pleased abowt going walkies in owr forest again. We is fery lucky to haf sume ob owr luvly Noo Zealand bush (forest) right by us. But we haf not been able to do walkies der bekcause ob da bad poisons fur da mean ole possums.  But now we did get a few walkies in der which was fery nice. We haf remembered how luvly it does be in owr bush & how we all feels better when we does haf some time owt der. It does be good fur owr mentals whefur we haf two leggies or four leggies.IMG_3854
  3.  We haf gone from walkies once in a while on random days, to walkies on a more regular basis. So dat be an excellent fing. We haf found dat we is not good at doing da same walkies fur da same time each day. Which does not really be suprizing bekcause my hoomans is not known fur hafing a regular life wif fings da same each day & each week.  But we is ok wif doing short walkies sume days & long walkies sume days & no walkies when it just not be right wif da weafur. We haf realised dat is da fing fur us and we shud not be ofur bofured abowt ‘routine.Be-yourself-be-yourself-27231879-499-333
  4. We haf been ob encouragement to a pal on da Twitter. @clingycat’s mum haf been getting in to doing walkies too. She haf some ob da same fings like us wif weafur trubles & missing da odd day here & der.  But we haf all decided not to beat owrselves up if we does miss sume days. Da most impawtant fing is dat we is ALL doing much much better wif owr walkies than efur before.

    Dis be Jazz & Captain Worm-Sparrow woo are da Clingycat house hold felines.

    Dis be Jazz & Captain Worm-Sparrow woo are da Clingycat house hold felines.

  5. We haf learnt da I is good fur walkies off da leash – when der is no hoomans arownd. In fact I walks much nicer off da walking string and I is good at coming back. In fact wreally I doesn’t like to get too far aways from da hoomans anyways. And da hudad is getting much better at trusting me to stay near him & to not go running off, so we haf bof benefitted from regular walkies.



Da Not-So-Good fings

1) At da moment der be anofur little problem wif owr bush. It does be called hook grass. Dat be like a kind ob grass wif nasty sharp little seeds what hooks demselves onto furs and such like. Sume ob wooo do haf burrs & stickers and fings like dat. We does haf hook grass. Usually dey be a bit innoying, but da hoomans does get them all off us pritty well. However, dis year, da Council workermans haf slashed dem all down just when dey all dry & prickly. Dey be laying all ofur da path & we does be getting dem stuck right on owr feets. We bof doesn’t like it one bit. We hops along & tries do shake dem off & nom dem off but it not werk. Da hoomans not want us to get one sticked right in owr paws, so we leave da bush fur a bit until dey all gone aways.

2) We haf discovered dat right now when it does be so hot here dat we is better wif walkies maybe efury ofur day.  We gets qwite completely exhaustipated wif a 30 minute walkies & some zoomies. And da mum just does not like da heats, not one bit. It not really cool down until it well dark which does be qwite qwite late.  I did haf a trouble one night where I did get ofur heated altogefur. I did frow up when we got home & I wasn’t maiself at all.  I did not efen want to haf a drink. So da hoomans qwick smart putted me in a cool baf & splashed me down wif waters and keeped me der fur a bit until I stopped wif da crazeee panting and looked like I was more comfortable& haf some little drinks ob water.  So now I is not allowed to do zoomies if it does be warm. Which does be booooooring.  But den, I guess I is an old fella now & maybe I can’t do da fings what I did when I was a young fella. Or maybe it does just be one ob da most hottest summer what we haf had for 10 years.

3) Dat Izzy & me does bof be TERRIBUL at walking nice on da leash. We does be bof wanting to be in front & all kinds ob bad manners. So der be sume werk fur da hoomans & us to do der, but we all knows were we is all now. So dat does be kind ob useful.


So ofur all, we is fery happy wif owr walkies Challenge experience & we is carrying on wif anofur walkies challenge now. It does be da Idita-Walk – if woo clicks woo can find owt more. We haf started counting da minutes already, be we needs to register. @Clinycat’s mumma is doing it too & ob course owr geocaching pal Gizmo! So it not too late to join us yet. Efen if woo not want to register on da website, woo can count your walkies minutes fur February & March and see if woo get to 1049 minutes. Or just try to beat us wif da minutes woo get!! BOL

January 9, 2013

A Noo Year Walkies Challenge

Well hey der my pals. Welcome to 2013.

I hope woo haf all had a fun and safe holiday season wif lots ob noms involved.  The noms at my house were a bit scanty fur my liking, but I was saved by kind pals wooo send me sume presents. But more abowt dat in anofur post.

Today I wants to talk abowt my New Years Challenge. Da mum & I cud bof do wif getting a bit fitter. So her has started on a healfy eating plan and we haf bof started on da 30/30 walkies challenge.

We found owt abowt this fanks to our Twitter pals Garth and Gizmo.  Chester and Gretel da weenie dogs at YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner came up wif da idea & we fink its a good one.

We started it on da 3rd of January here in Noo Zealand.  We is not fishes. Which is what we wud haf to be to start on da first day of da year because owr region was busy hafing torrential rains and funders & lightnings  and flooding.  We not dat crazy abowt getting healfy to go owt when it not really safe. 😉

Da 2nd ob February will be owr finishing day. We is gonna miss one day because ob a wedding. And der sume days of vackashion dat I’m gonna haf to trust da mum do do her walkies by herself because i will be at dawg prison camp. L  I fink her can do it.

Hopefully afta dat we be in such da habit ob it dat we just carries on. Well, dat be da idea anyways. And da Iditarod walkies challenge be coming up too. We nefur had much lucks wif dat one before because efurytime we tried it sume bad fings happened & we had to stop. Meybe dis is da year! Paws crossed.

Anyways da ofur impawtant noooos is dat it is safe fur me & da Izzy to go walkies in owr forest again. In Noo Zealand we doesns’t really say forest – well unless we just talking abowt pine tree forests fur timber. Owr native forests does be known as ‘bush.’ Dat is what owr Australia pals say too.



I fought abowt playing in dat mud. ;)

I fought abowt playing in dat mud. 😉

Der did be poisonous stuffs in it fur da killing ob pesky possums. But  da stuffs wud deaded us doggies too. Efen qwicker than a possum. 😦 So we didn’t want to go der. But da poison sign is all gone now.

So here is sume picktures. Some is from owr bush and sume from anofur part ob da bush near owr house too. I does luv hafing  zooomies in da bush so if wooo blinks wooo might miss me in a picktures. 😉

I is a tree climbing dog.

I is a tree climbing dog.

Dat is my Izzy, my hudad and most handsume me.

Dat is my Izzy, my hudad and most handsume me.

Dis is anofur different walkies in anofur place where der is only a bit ob da bush left. I likes da boardwalks. I like to walk right beside da hoomans so der near falls off. 😉


We goes across da railway line …..

....  and by da lagoon

…. and by da lagoon

No walking string fur me. Unlike dat Izzy.

No walking string fur me. Unlike dat Izzy.

Yes, we is posers. ;)

Yes, we is posers. 😉

October 31, 2011


Well, we don’t really have that Halloweenie day here in New Zealand. Oh sure, a few kids buy a plastic mask or a wig at the local chain store and call it a ‘costume’.  (Mamma says that the only reason we have ANY Halloweenie fings here at all is ’cause the shops is trying to make more green papers.) Then them kids try and gets their neighbours to gifes them lollies & nom noms. But  nobody has punkins or proper costumes.

I persuaded the hu-mans to go fur a walk in the dark time though, and Mumma did see a place to take a spooooky pickture of me. So here is my Halloweenie pickture : 

Mumma & I says that we hope all our pals what do hafe Halloweenie celebrations be safe & healthy. Don’t eat any bad fings what you fink are nom noms, and don’t eat any monsters or witches or such like, beckause they probably really be a little kid and their humans might get real upset wif you. Plus, they probably taste bad.

October 17, 2011

Hunting for Geocaches

The Hu-Mans took me to hunt fur some of their geocache fingies on the weekend.

The hu-Mum & I fought that we would get to go fur a walk to find one. We could not git close enough to the one that we wanted to walk to.  Mumma was not up fur a fery long walk. The hu-Dad is pretty good at driving the van ofer bumpy stuffs but efen hu-dad can not drive it if bits of the road is missing.  So we drived on some more bumpy roads to sum ofer geocache fingies and I helped the hu-mans find them. I always says that they doesn’t need that GPS machine, because I have got a fery good snooter.

Here is a couple of picktures of me.

" Hey Dad, we finded the cache!!"

"That was a fun ride Mumma!!"


And there is some more picktures on hu-Mum’s own bloggie where she writed about the trip.  Mumma’s Bloggie is here

If you want to know some more about this geocaching fing – here is the website!! It is lots of fun for two-leggers & doggies what like to do fings in the outdoors. And there are lots of them hiding in most towns & cities too. 🙂  Go and look on the website and see if there is some where wooo live!!!

October 12, 2011

Ducks, but no Dad.

My hu-Dad is fery fery busy at his work today. Lots of the two-leggers in his department have the sicks this week.  And the boss is away. So this morning when another one ringed up to say she is not well, the poor hu-Dad hafes to send Mumma a text to say he will not hafe time to come home to see us fur lunch.

So we finked that we would go for a  walk to see him instead. We don’t usually go for walkies that way fery much because we hafes to cross the big road.  I finks the traffics might come & get Mumma ifs we go that way so I hafes to bark at them. So Mumma finks  it’s not a great idea to go that way mostly.  But wif it being the vacashions and all, we could go frough the high school and across the road at the proper place wifout me nomming on any teenagers. So that was a bit safer for us. (And for the teenagers – though Momma said that teenagers are pretty wierd & some of them smell bad, so I might not want to nom one anyway.)

We went across the little bridge to get to the hu-dad’s work. There be a big bridge for cars & ambulances & those kind of fings, and a little bridge mostly for the two-leggers who work there. I like going over bridges. I like to stop and look at whatever be underneaf. Mostly I sees water & ducks, but this bridge was a bit different.


"What happened to the water Mumma?"

Then we went across the carpark – which was not fery exciting, and down the old driveway – which was better because we seen a weka bird. Mumma fought about taking a pickture, but I fink it seen me and hidded in the bushes before she could get her camera out.

It was just as well we seen some fings what was interesting because we did not efen see my dad. By the time we went for our walkies he was the only single person in at his department so he could not come outside to say hi to us for efen one second.

So we went to look fur some ducks instead. At least the ducks came to say hi to us.

Only the boy ducks today.


Mumma seen some swans too, but they was fery far far away ofer on the other side of the pond so we hafe no picktures of them. Mumma fought there might be some little baby ducks, but we only seen the daddys. Maybe the mommies & the babies were hidding some place.

Then we went back frough the high school again on the way home and Mumma taked some more picktures. I am a fery multi-cultural dog after all.



PS – My secretary needs to be fired. She has about a gabzillion picktures of me what need to go on my blog. And even my barkday pictures. My barkday was a fery fery long time ago. And lots of picktures from visiting Marie-Mum’s house. I fink I hafe to make her work harder. Does anydog hafe some good ideas for making secretaries work harder???  What do you fink are the best kind of treats to get them for when they do good?

August 21, 2011

DPS Needed

The humans hafe been hiding some of their geocache fings.  On Furdsday they would not take me because the hu-mans fink that some parts of the new trail for the evil two-wheelers is not good for doggies. Hu-Dad finks there be too many peoples what go on that part of the trail.

Hu-Mum sayed that I was lucky I did not go, because it was fery fery cold. So cold that she telled hu-Dad  that she hafes to go back to the van before she turns blue.  I nearly BOL when Mumma telled me that, because she would look fery fery funny indeed ifs she was the same colour as me. I am a blue dog for sure.

Frow the Frisbee Dad, just hurry up and frow it


I am zooming fery fast .....


That dot is me. I can fly fery high to catch my Frisbee

The hu-mans went to a different part of the trail today, so they decided I could come wif them.  We had a walkies for an hour. The hu-mans hided one of their geocache fingies, and I hafed a turn playing Frisbee on the beach. Today it was lubly and sunny, so Mumma did not turn blue. Which is a fery good fing, because it would be fery hard for me not to BOL ifs she did turn blue.

Me & Mumma waiting for Dad. He is in the bushes hiding the geocache fingie.

I tried to tell the hu-mans that they don’t need a GPS, because I could just tell them where to put the geocache fingies.  A Dog Positioning System would be fery much better at finding places to hid fings. Us doggies are good at that. I hided my favourite jolly ball at Tylar & Buddy’s house a long time ago & their hu-mans just finded it this week. 

Actually – I fink I should not have hided it SOOooo well, because I hafe not been able to play with it when it was at Tylar & Buddy’s house………

My Jolly Ball is BACK!!!


Editor’s note: There will be a barkday blog with cake & gift photos coming up some time, but Ruger made his camera assistant take so many photos that it will take her some time to get them sorted.

August 7, 2011


I feel fery proud of my hu-mans today. They actually finally remembered how to go for walkies!!!

First we went to visit Grandma Liz & Cousin Diva for lunch. I like going to visit Grandma fery much – she is more generous to us pups than MY stingey hu-mans are. She is fery easily swayed by a pair of shiney brown eyes. But she did try to feed me lettuce. I do like my vegies, but that green leafy stuff doesn’t really count as a proper vegie.  I ate it, just to be polite of course.  I hafe fery good manners you know. Then I spat it out later when she wasn’t looking. 

 Here is a pickture of Cousin Diva protecting her couch from me.


After we hung out for a bit, we went for a short stroll around the lagoon & along the beach.  Here are some ducks on the pond. There were swans too.



I was quite surprised that my hu-mans remembered the way. They did pretty well, apart from when Mumma asked hu-Dad to stop letting me eat fings what I found on the beach. I really fought she was a bit of a spoil-sport. Eat smelly stuffs is one of the fings what us pups do when we go to the beach. Oh well. I guess I didn’t really want the puking bug again.

Here are some picktures of handsome me posing.


July 18, 2011

An Afternoon at the Lake

Mumma was going out to the lake on Sunday to hafe lunch wif some friends. Because my hu-Dad is not home, she fought it would be nice if I comed too. I could not go to the cafe wif Mumma, because there are lots of stooped rules here about doggies at food places. So I just waited fur Mumma in the van. She comed outside a few times to make sure I was going ok. It was not too warm for me because it is that cold season here.

This is the view from where Mumma had the lunch wif her friends. She hafed steak, kidney, mushroom & bacon pie. I finked she could hafe ordered one for me too because it sounds fery tasty.

After Mumma had her lunch & sayed goodbye to her friends we drove right down to the lakeside to go for our walkies. The walk which we did is the Rakaitane Track which goes beside the river.

The track goes frough the forest – ofer here in Nuw Zealand we say ‘bush’ instead of ‘forest.’ Here be some informations about the river (you can read some of the words if you biggify the pickture) and a nofer pickture of some reflections on the river.

The lake be called Lake Brunner, after some old famous explorer hu-man. Mumma taked a pickture of the informations what tells about him too, but it didn’t turn out fery good. The little town be called ‘Moana.’ That is the Maori word what means ‘big water.’
It be a fery nice place & my hu-mans like to go there on some weekends to hafe lunch & go for walkies & look at the seenicks. It does look fery pretty. I likes to go there too, because it hafe lots of different sniffs for me to sniff. I don’t like the wriggling bridge too much though.

When I was a little doggie my humans practically had to carry me because I just crawled along on my belly. But now I can walk ofer it all by myself. But when Mumma tried to make me go ahead so she could take a pickture I sayed, ‘No way Jose, I will just stick beside you fanks fery much Mumma.’

Then that mean ole’ hu-Mum maked me walk on some ofer wriggly fing what I could see the waters frough as well. I did not like that one the first time either, but when we went back I was fery brave & stopped to look over the side.

The see-frough fing was on the jetty. Mumma sayed we hafe to go out there to take some picktures of the snows and of course of handsome me.

Mumma tried to take a pickture of us bof. I fought that if she was going to be in a pickture wif me, she needed a good wash first. She probably might hafe some lunch still on her face & that would look bad in the pickture wif handsome me. So I gifed her face a good wash.

After that hu-Mum finished taking her picktures then we went to the ice-cream shop. Mumma & I stopped on the way home to eat our ice-creams for Norwood’s barkday. It was a fery good fing for the Nordude to have a icecream pawtee for his special day. I fery enjoyed helping him celebrate and I loved having a nice afternoon wif my Mumma. I had a fery good sleep when we got home too. </

July 16, 2011

Beach Walkies

Well, it’s a good thing that the hu-Mum DID remember that doggies like to go for walkies, because it was a lovely sunny day.

We went to the new bit of the new cycle track and Mumma let me go off leash for a bit. Mumma made me do more climbing ofer the rocks & fings. I really don’t like it too much because I made the squeaking noise again, but Mumma says it’s REALLY NOT THAT HARD, and it’s good for my brain. 


Then I jumped up on some pipes and  posed so my Mumma could take some handsome dog picktures. I was going to go frough the pipes too, but another doggie came along, so Mumma made me go back on my leash.

 We went to see the sheeps too.  Mumma says my heading dog instinckts must be coming out, cause I crouched down real low as soon as I saw them & sneacked up on them real quiet like, then I layed right down & stared at them real hard.  

We played  some Frisbee too.  I got some pretty good air today.  I fink Mumma was trying to make that wavey sea stuffs get me. My Frisbee went fery close to it some times. That Mumma is pretty bad at Frisbee frowing, but I try real hard to catch it anyways.


We saw some snows too, but not as much as hu-Dad did on his trip. This is about as close as the snows get to us. Hu-Dad does remember that it snowed right in town one time when he was pretty small, but mostly it doesn’t get near us.

Hu-Dad likes playing in the snows fery much, so it is luck for him that he seen some on his travels.  He sended Mumma a pickture he took. We fink he was maybe hafing a snow ball fight with the ofher hu-man what he went wif!!!

Then when we got back to the van I had a nom nom.  In the pickture I am trying to get the nom nom out of my Mumma’s fingers. My Auntie R what lives far far away with my cousin Angus sent them. She sent some for the stinky cat too, but I might just eat his ones for him I fink.  I am the boss of the nom noms this weekend so I can eat them if I want.

July 3, 2011

Lagoon Walk

This is from my walkies from Friday, what was two sleeps ago. My secretary has been fery slack this week. I fink I might have to take Tulahmonstah’s advice to make da secretary work faster.

I am counting  the sleeps now though because in 26 sleeps I will see my Maree Mum, and my nefew Dude & my little nieces and my BIG litter sister Jellie and all my other relatives & friends.  And my Mumma & Dad will be talking to my Maree Mum about getting me a new little sister.

Anyways, on Friday  the  hu-mans wanted to go & visit Grandma Liz & cousin Diva, so we went over to their side of town for our walkies. They have got some pretty places there for walkies, and it was nearly sunset, so it is a fery nice  time for going near the beach.


There is some fery pretty little ponds, and  a good track for zoomies – once the jogging lady went past.  I did fery fast zoomies. Mumma got way behind when she was taking picktures so I had to go zoomies to find her, then hu-Dad runned ahead and hidded. So I did zoomies back & forth, until I got all puffed out.

Then we went climbing over some rocks & dirts & broken concretes. First I was making the squeaking noise because I did not like it, then Mumma said I should pretend to be a brave search & rescue doggie, plus it was fery good for my brain to figure out how to go up & down on all the rough fings. So then I didn’t mind so much. But I stuck real close to my hu-Dad & did not go back to see what my Mumma was doing this time.  Mumma says we might go there again because it is good for me to try new fings.

Then we went stomp stomp stomping frough some tall grass. So tall it was over my head, and the hu-mans laughed at me when I was going jump jump jump to get over it. The walkies today was fery fery hard work.  After that we went right to the end of the world where the big sea is. Mumma says it is not really the end of the world, but that if I swimmed a fery fery fery fery long way, I would get to Ping & Benson Land.

FINALLY after all those hard works, we went to Diva’s house. I had just enough energy left to have a few little zoomies with Diva, then I falled asleep by my Mumma until we went home.  It was a fery busy day.