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October 31, 2011


Well, we don’t really have that Halloweenie day here in New Zealand. Oh sure, a few kids buy a plastic mask or a wig at the local chain store and call it a ‘costume’.  (Mamma says that the only reason we have ANY Halloweenie fings here at all is ’cause the shops is trying to make more green papers.) Then them kids try and gets their neighbours to gifes them lollies & nom noms. But  nobody has punkins or proper costumes.

I persuaded the hu-mans to go fur a walk in the dark time though, and Mumma did see a place to take a spooooky pickture of me. So here is my Halloweenie pickture : 

Mumma & I says that we hope all our pals what do hafe Halloweenie celebrations be safe & healthy. Don’t eat any bad fings what you fink are nom noms, and don’t eat any monsters or witches or such like, beckause they probably really be a little kid and their humans might get real upset wif you. Plus, they probably taste bad.

October 29, 2011

Fish & Chips

Last night the hu-mans fought they would get some fish & chips and go to the beach to eat them.

I don’t fink my pals what live in the YoooNighted States will know what that kind of nom noms is, so I sayed to the hu-Mum she better put a pickture for wooo to see. But that hu-Mum did not fink about taking a pickture last night – so here be a pickture & some informations. Click here!  My pals what live in the YoooNighted Kingdom will know what fish & chips is – but we haf them with tomato sauce on, not vinegar.

They be a good kind of noms for sharing, well, that be if wooo haf the kind of two-leggers what share fings with their pups. Mine be a bit stingy in that department sometimes – even fough I be sitting right there in front of them being the fery goodest pup what I know how to be.

But at least they taked me to the beach wif them and they remembered to pack my beach Frisbee. So I hafed a little game on the beach wif the hu-Dad  – afta the hu-mans eated all the nom noms all by their selfes.  It was a bit windy so my Frisbee turned into a boomerang Frisbee, what maked it fery tricky fur catching. That meany ole’ hu-Mum sayed that I should be good at boomerang Frisbee, being as I is an Australian dog & all. So she mostly just lafed at me.

Then Mumma & I stayed in the van for a bit & watched the sky turn pretty colours while hu-Dad taked some picktures

"What we be looking at Mumma?"

Here be sum of the picktures what the hu-Dad taked. I finks they looks fery pretty myselfs.

October 25, 2011

My Fery Big Vacation: Part One

Well, it’s been a long time since I went on my big vacation with the hu-mans.  It was away back in September.  The hu-mans had been planning wif my Marie-Mum for ages for us to go visit  – in fact efer since my Angel sister Neve got to go visit when she was fery fery sick. But eferytime they planned if out, sumfing messed up the plans.

Finally when we got to go stay at Marie-Mum’s house it was not efen when we planned again and it was still for a sad time. But we still did have some good times wif Marie-Mum &  Kim and all the gabzillion billion pups & ofer animals at Marie-Mum & Kim’s house. So this is gonna be a fery long post, because there be lots of fings to tell about.  Mumma & I mite just put the pups & kittehs in this post & make anofer post fur the other picktures, oferwise you all be drinking your house right out of kaffee once you sit down to read this!!!

We went to Marie-Mum’s town because my Mumma’s lovely auntie was fery fery sick just like Angel Neve. One time them two did meet up & hafe a discussion about their cemo-ferapy medicines, because my Angel Neve & Mumma’s Auntie be having the same medicines!!!!!  Hu-Dad is curious about this kind of fing, so he finked it was fery interesting.

Mumma & I knows that her lovely auntie be hafing a fery happy time now wif all her pups & kittehs what were waiting for her at Rainbow Bridge. And she maybe met Miss Claudette what my Mumma nefer really got a chance to know, but she been a fery good friend for all our DWB pals & their people, and her woofies what were waiting fur her at the Bridge too. This be a pickture of my Angel Neve, so that Miss Claudette knows who she’s gonna say hiya to for me at Rainbow Bridge when she be passing though.

So for now I is going to show you some happy pictures of all us critters, bekcause Mumma’s auntie & Miss Claudette bof luvs their critters alot.

First of all we did hafe a fery fery fery long drive in the van to get to Marie-Mum & Kim’s house.  Mumma says she did not take any picktures of that bekcause she was too busy gitting deafed by somedog barking. I don’t know what she be meaning about that though, bekcause I was in the van too and I don’t remember there being any dog in there wif us what could hafe been barking. I fink that hu-Mum be hearing fings sometimes.  And anyway if there did be somedog in there woo was barking it would only be at fings like cattles & sheeps what needs barking at to git them in the right place. Or any evil fing with two wheels like a bike or a motor bike, because everydog has to bark at them  just bekcause they is evil.  Or any humans what be walking down the street, bekcause you nefer know if they might be wanting to meet that dog and he hafes to let them know that he is passing by. So I can be understanding if there WAS a dog in there what was barking. I would have barked too if I did see those kind of fings – it’s only reasonable.

So then it got to being darktimes & Mumma says that it got mysteriously quiet in the van. I have to say I can’t confirm or deny what she says bekcause I was too busy sleeping, so I did not hear.  But Mumma swears that it was all quiet & peaceful like, so I’m guessing we just hafe to belief her.  It was fery dark times when we arrived and eferyone was sleeping  at Marie-Mum’s house so we just sneeked in real quiet.

After  that, well, it be morning times before I knew it. And I got to meeting all my new pals. Excepting I wasn’t too pally wif them,  bekcause I’m kinda used to there just being me & one stinky cat & two humans. I wasn’t quite sure about all these eleventy gabzillion other animals.  Mumma says  I did not make the most of the opportunities to play with all the other pups, but I did hafe to tell her I aint got no times fur this ‘socialising’ thing when there be  eleventy gabzillion other critters tryin’ to steal my pats & scritches from her & the hu-Dad.  I tried my best, but those darn hu-mans gifed away lots of pats & scritches what rightfully should hafe been coming to me.
Mumma  especially gifed away lots of scritches and belly rubs to this pup what be called Maddi. I fink that Mumma did luv that Maddi dog alot. But I sure be hoping that Mumma still luvs me the mostest.  That Maddi hafed a fery hard life before she comed to live wif Marie- Mum & Kim forever & ever, so Mumma says she be needing lots of extra scritches to make up for all the bad fings.  I guess I can let my Mumma give away some of my scritches to that Maddi dog.

The hu-Dad was making friends wif this real tall pup what is called Blaik. He be an Irish Wolfhound and Marie-Mum says he still hafes more growing  to do.  Marie-Mum finked that Blaik liked to be friends wif hu-Dad  because they bof be boys. Blaik still be a pup, so he doesn’t stand still fur two seconds fur Mumma to git a pickture of him. This be the best pickture what Mumma has. That Blaik & me be sleeping on the couch together. I did get a little bit use to him just before we hafed to come home, so maybe we would hafe got to be pals after a bit.

That pup in the next pickture be Mr Cane Toad. Obvious he ISN’T acktually a cane toad. That just be his nickname, and mostly he gets called Cane, bekcause his real name be too long for Marie-Mum & Kim to be hollarin’ out the door eferyday.  He really be a Bulldog. He does make pretty funny noises, so I wasn’t too sure about him at all. And he did steal my blankie – that blue blankie what he is lying on is MY blankie . So I stealed his bed. It was quite a comfy bed actually –  especially once Mumma tossed all the toys out & I could really snuggle in.

I also hafes to introduce you to a fery old friend of mine. He was around when me & my Angel Neve was teeny weeny tiny little pups just borned. His name be Muskit. I was not sure if he remembered me, bekcause Marie-Mum sayed that he is an old fella now & he furgets fings sometimes. Once in awhile he even furgets that he can come back inside afta he has been outside to leave his pee-mails, and Marie-Mum or Kim hafes to look fur him & call him.

There be kittehs at Marie-Mum & Kim’s house too. There are three kittehs, but Mumma only got picktures of two of them. That tabbyish one be called Smudgie and Mumma did want to steal him away & bring him to our house. I bet Marie-Mum & Kim would not be fery happy wif that. Pawsonally I would not be fery happy wif that eifer. One stinky cat at our house is quite enough, fanks all the same Mumma. That ginger kitty be called Mr Squirtles.  He be a pretty handsome kitteh – even for a kitteh, but he’s not so friendly as Smudgie.


And finally her e is a fery nice pickture of Blaikie & that Smudgie kitteh.  This be one of the hu-Mum’s favourite picktures that she taked at Marie-Mum’s house. I hafe to say, I would not be putting my snooter that close to any kitties my self, but that Blaik seems to like his kittehs.



So that be some of the eleventy gabzillion critters what live at Marie-Mum & Kim’s house. There also is a whole bunch more of Wolfies, and a spanielly dog who be called Cassie.  And besides that, there be goats & cattles & sheeps & chickens and sum horses ….. hmmmm ….I fink that be eferyfurry & feathery what I should mention

BUT most impawtantly there is lots more of pups like me!!! And they mostly all be my relatives. We did have some little adventures, but I fink we will save them for anofer day. I fink if wooo hafe already readed this far woo will have used up all the kaffee in the house.! J

October 19, 2011

My Snow Pickture

Here is my one and only pickture of me in the snow for the year. It is from one month ago.

Well, truf-ffully, this is my one & only snow pickture of me when I is a growed up dog.  The only other time I seen snow was when I was a teeeny weeeny pup on the trip from my Maree-Mum’s house to live at my forever house with my hu-Mum & hu-Dad. They tried to make me & my Angel Neve have our pee-mail stops on that funny white snow stuffs when we was little pups. But me & my Neve sayed, ‘No way Jose, our mom teached us that we are only allowed to do our pee-mails on the grass. Besides, this white stuffs is fery fery cold.’

So the hu-mans hafed to find some green grass for us. What was not that easy beckause it was fery fery snowy that year, and the snows was all piled up on the sides of the roads. The  hu-mans BOL about it now, but at the time they did not fink it was fery funny at all.  I fink they did not want pee-mails in the van, and we was fery little pups, but we still maked aloooot of pee-mail.

I was planning on hafing my secretary posting this pickture of me before that Fiona & Abby the hippobottomus started showing off their snowy picktures for the year. But we is already too late for that. Fi & Abby hafe had snows at their house already. 
I guess that is what wooo get when wooo don’t provide enuf chocolate or peamut butter for the hired help. Fanks  for that suggestion Miss Asta. I sure do need some help wif my secreterial training programme.

And as for my pawly paw, well that be a post fur anofer day.

October 17, 2011

Hunting for Geocaches

The Hu-Mans took me to hunt fur some of their geocache fingies on the weekend.

The hu-Mum & I fought that we would get to go fur a walk to find one. We could not git close enough to the one that we wanted to walk to.  Mumma was not up fur a fery long walk. The hu-Dad is pretty good at driving the van ofer bumpy stuffs but efen hu-dad can not drive it if bits of the road is missing.  So we drived on some more bumpy roads to sum ofer geocache fingies and I helped the hu-mans find them. I always says that they doesn’t need that GPS machine, because I have got a fery good snooter.

Here is a couple of picktures of me.

" Hey Dad, we finded the cache!!"

"That was a fun ride Mumma!!"


And there is some more picktures on hu-Mum’s own bloggie where she writed about the trip.  Mumma’s Bloggie is here

If you want to know some more about this geocaching fing – here is the website!! It is lots of fun for two-leggers & doggies what like to do fings in the outdoors. And there are lots of them hiding in most towns & cities too. 🙂  Go and look on the website and see if there is some where wooo live!!!

October 13, 2011

Happy Barkday to Meeeee

Well, finally Mumma sorted out my barkday picktures. Of course there were lots of them because I am such a handsome & charming dog.

First of all – I had to supervise the hu-Mum making & decorating my cake. It is peanut butter & carrot – two of my favourite things. With cottage cheese on top. And little cookies from my Auntie R. And more carrots. The hu-Mum says I have to tell you I don’t usually put my paws on the bench. But I could not complete my supervisory tasks properly, or have my pickture taken,  with my paws on the ground.

And  most impawtantly – a fery big fank wooo to my Maree –Mum, who gibed us the recipe fur the cake.

Of course a fery impawtant part of baking is that wooo hafe to clean up after.  I maked sure the bowl was as clean as Cold Water could get it.

When we was waiting fur the cake to cook befure we decorated it, I hafed presents of course.  I got a new bed and some nom noms & a toy. Mumma says that was by accident fough that I got the new bed. It just happened that when she buyed my biscuits that week, they hafed a gift wif them. Actually I did not like my new bed when I got it because it maked a kind of crinkly noise and it was not fery squishy. But I do like it now that I have snoozed on it alot and maked it all comfy & smelling like me. It is fery good fur daytime snoozing in the sunshine.

"Are those really all for me?"

But I did like my ofer presents fery much. Here are some picktures of me & Mumma unwrapping them.  I did need a little bit of helps from Mumma because I is not so good at that sellotape stuffs.

"I fink I can get this off myself."

"Git that sellotape off there please Mumma."

"I doesn't need any help wif my pig's ear, fanks all the same."

"This fing has nom noms falling out of it Mumma."


Then after everyfink else, the best bit was eating my cake.  I did not gobble it alllll at once. I am a dog not a piggy. I safed some to share wif my friends Tylar & Buddy too. They could not come to my house on my actual Barkday day, but they comed on the weekend wif their mum and we hafed some fun & some cake.


"Can I just nom it now for dog's sake!! Enough wif this pickture taking."


So that was my barkday, what was a fery long time ago.  The only fing what could have maked my barkday better was if my Angel Neve was still here to have our Barkday together. But I fink she would have a good Barkday at Rainbow Bridge.  I hear they have lots of cheeseburgers there.

I hope it will be my barkday again soon.

October 12, 2011

Ducks, but no Dad.

My hu-Dad is fery fery busy at his work today. Lots of the two-leggers in his department have the sicks this week.  And the boss is away. So this morning when another one ringed up to say she is not well, the poor hu-Dad hafes to send Mumma a text to say he will not hafe time to come home to see us fur lunch.

So we finked that we would go for a  walk to see him instead. We don’t usually go for walkies that way fery much because we hafes to cross the big road.  I finks the traffics might come & get Mumma ifs we go that way so I hafes to bark at them. So Mumma finks  it’s not a great idea to go that way mostly.  But wif it being the vacashions and all, we could go frough the high school and across the road at the proper place wifout me nomming on any teenagers. So that was a bit safer for us. (And for the teenagers – though Momma said that teenagers are pretty wierd & some of them smell bad, so I might not want to nom one anyway.)

We went across the little bridge to get to the hu-dad’s work. There be a big bridge for cars & ambulances & those kind of fings, and a little bridge mostly for the two-leggers who work there. I like going over bridges. I like to stop and look at whatever be underneaf. Mostly I sees water & ducks, but this bridge was a bit different.


"What happened to the water Mumma?"

Then we went across the carpark – which was not fery exciting, and down the old driveway – which was better because we seen a weka bird. Mumma fought about taking a pickture, but I fink it seen me and hidded in the bushes before she could get her camera out.

It was just as well we seen some fings what was interesting because we did not efen see my dad. By the time we went for our walkies he was the only single person in at his department so he could not come outside to say hi to us for efen one second.

So we went to look fur some ducks instead. At least the ducks came to say hi to us.

Only the boy ducks today.


Mumma seen some swans too, but they was fery far far away ofer on the other side of the pond so we hafe no picktures of them. Mumma fought there might be some little baby ducks, but we only seen the daddys. Maybe the mommies & the babies were hidding some place.

Then we went back frough the high school again on the way home and Mumma taked some more picktures. I am a fery multi-cultural dog after all.



PS – My secretary needs to be fired. She has about a gabzillion picktures of me what need to go on my blog. And even my barkday pictures. My barkday was a fery fery long time ago. And lots of picktures from visiting Marie-Mum’s house. I fink I hafe to make her work harder. Does anydog hafe some good ideas for making secretaries work harder???  What do you fink are the best kind of treats to get them for when they do good?