I Lub My Mumma

My mumma hafed been away for a few days. She hafe been visiting Coco’s hu-mans. So I have not been able to tell her to write my bloggie for me. But here is a pickture of me what my hu-Dad sent to her. I was trying to send her a big kiss to say that I lubs her, but that hu-Dad hafe not taked the pickture at the right time. Anyways, the pickture of me made my Mumma laf.

My Mumma is home now, which is a fery good fing, becauze of the big snows. She hafe promised that tomorrow we can write some words on my blog about all my furiends ofer at Coco’s hu-mans’ house. And she might efen write some words on her own bloggie. I nearly fell ofer BOL when she sayed that. She does not write much stuffs on there now-a-days. She says she be too busy writing the fings what I tell her for my blog……. but I don’t fink that is a fery good excuse.


4 Comments to “I Lub My Mumma”

  1. Mom is leaving us for a week – we are already missing her. We are glad yours is home, and that your Dad sent her a silly picture of you! Our Dad does that too!


  2. We tried to biggify your piccie to see you licking your lips, I mean sending your mumma a kiss but it didnt work. Never mind, it is a good pic anyway.


  3. We are glad your Mumma is back home sweet Ruger. That is a cute picture. We always enjoy your bloggies. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Snows? You got snows? We is roasting ofur here! Anywho, so glad your mumma be back home with you where she belongs. Now you can smooch her in pawson.

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