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February 2, 2013

Alien Invasion

Sume terribul fings have been happening around here.

A cuple ob weeks ago my dog pen was invaded by da aliens. I did not know what dey was at first, but I did consult da interwebs and discover dey is aliens. I has a Checklist Fur Aliens and dey does meet da criteria.

1) Dey came owt ob da grownd.  

Tick! Dey most trooly did.

Here I is checking da grownd fur suspicious alien diggings.

Here does be sume ob der holes. In case woo not believe me.  ‘Parently dey been down der many many years. Just waiting. Fery suspicious.


2) Dey splits open der skin and changes into anofur shape.  

Tick! Dey fur sure does dis one. Dat what alerted us to dem. We did find lots & lots & lots ob da left over skins on fings in my pen.

Dis be an example.


3) Dey be abowt da ugliest fing what efur woo did see.  

Tick! Seeing as it was dark time when dey came owt (which does be anofur suspicious behaviours) we doesn’t haf da photo ob owr own. But we did recognise dem on da internets.

Owr aliens was just like dis one.

So, I finks woo will all agrees wif my evidences dat we haf been struck by an alien invasion.
In MY dog pen.
Da mum swears dey is sume kind ob fing called cicadas.
But I doesn’t fink her haf consulted my Checklist.

In ofur nooos, we haf had a different kind ob invasion too. Der be no disagreements abowt dis one however. It does be a FLEA. I is horrified. Dat Izzy done taxi services fur a flea and bringed it to OWR house. Sheesh. Woo may fink her is sweet & innocent. But we knows different now.


Der was just da one. Well da one what we saw anyways. But da mum went a little crazeeeeee. In my opawnion.

She still muttering sumefing abowt ‘How come, when we only have two dogs, I had to wash & clean five dog beds, two comfy chairs & eleventy million blankies?’  Well, I doesn’t be dat sure she exactly said eleventy million, but was sume real big number more den I haf paws to count up anyways.
All I knows is I haf to haf yuck smelly treatment on my furs and sleeps on da cold hard kitchen floor fur most a whole day while owr stuffs dried in da sunshines.  So I sure hope dat nefur happens again. *Glares at Izzy*

November 6, 2011

My Peeing Tree

These days I am mostly an inside dawg. But when it was me & my Angel Neve we were inside and outside dogs. The hu-mans hafe decided that they are gonna tidy up my outside pen and maybe I can be an inside/outside dog again. I’m not entirely sure what I fink of that idea so far. I hafe some fery comfy beds inside nowdays and inside is much closer to the noms.

The first fing what they hafe done is chopped my best peeing tree.  When practically efurry other pup what I know hafes their trees nomed by that mean ole Hurrycane Irene, or broken by the OctoSnow, and I hafes a pawfectly fine tree, the hu-mans chop it for no good reason. Hu-mans is just beyond understanding some times.

Well, they didn’t pawsonally chop it. They paid pawfectly good green papers (what could have been better used to buy dog noms) for sumbody to chop the tree. It WAS a pawfectly  good tree too – well, apart from it looked a bit lopsided from the bits what the hu-Dad chopped off his-self. But the hu-mans finked that its leafes was blocking up their gutters and the roots was getting in their pipes. So they chopped it down.

I did a bit of supervising.

Today was the day fur tidying up the tree stuffin’.  Mumma fought I could supervise, but true-fully I did not like it out there much. Fur some reason I got to whining & squeaking.  Mumma didn’t know if it was because it looked all strange out there with bits of tree stuffin’ lying all around, or if it reminded me of Angel Neve, or if I was still a bit unhappy from the fireworks next door what we heard last night. And I wasn’t telling.  I had a quick look inside my little dog house. But it was all lonely & cold in there without my Neve, so I didn’t stay long at all.  And then I got to trying to steal the bits of tree sticks out of the hu-Dad’s hands when he was trying to get them chopped up.  Seeing as I is not a stick chasing dog at all, Mumma was fery puzzled by that. Maybe I was safing them to build a fort for my new friend Khrya.

So the Dad banished me back to the house.  I was good wif that idea myself, acktually. I scooted right back inside the house as soon as hu-Dad let me out of the dog pen.

Anyways, here are some picktures. I does not look like my normal happy self ‘cause I wasn’t feeling like my normal happy self one bit.

My dog pen wif the hu-Dad werking...

..... the other side of my pen, wif my little house.

I looked in my little dog house.

Mumma maked me pose by some sticks. Meybe this could be a fort fur Miss Khyra.

All that remains of my best peeing tree.

June 12, 2011


Humans are fery strange sometimes. MY humans spend ages yesterday cutting & pulling out a whole lot of plants – well, they called them grass & weeds.  

This picture is the little shoots that hu-Dad found growing. Hu-Mum says we will hafe to wait until springtime to see what they turn into.  She said that she must have seen them growing last spring, but with such a fery strange year as the humans have had lots of stuffs have fallen out of her brain & she’s forgotten what they were.  I don’t fink any stuffings have fallen out of my hu-Mum’s brain. I’m sure I would have noticed.

Then the humans spend a whole lot of time today buying & planting a bunch of other plants – they call them flowers & shrubs.  They all looked like green growing things to me, the same as the ones we used to have yesterday.  Except Mumma says she’ll growl at me big time if I pee on these ones. Hmmmm —  did I tell you that hu-Dad cut down my perfectly good peeing grass yesterday??

Still, if there’s work to be done, I had to supervise of course. I decided that today I needed to get up close & personal to make sure that hu-Mum really was doing somefing.

Mum says that our garden will never look as pretty as Miss Katie’s, and that it’s because her & hu-Dad don’t have ‘green-fingers.’  I know they don’t – ‘cause I had a good look, and their fingers looked a perfectly ordinary colour to me. But I’m not sure what that has got to do with making fings grow.  As I said, hu-mans are fery strange.

Here is the fings that I helped the humans to plant. We hope that they will grow & look fery pretty. Then hu-Mum will make me sit beside then to have my photo taken….. sigh….

The fery good thing though is that the store where Mum & Dad got the plants also has pet fings. So Mumma got me a new toy. It is a fery fun toy & I like it alot.  I already put lots of teefie marks in it.