My hu-Mum was fery busy today with meetings and houseworks.  She even cleaned my artwork off the French door glass.  She said that she did not think that nose prints, slobber & mud would get me an exhibition in the New York Museum of Modern Art.  Personally I fought that it might, because I took a long time getting them to look just right – and some of Neve’s nose prints were in there too, so we would both be famous.  

Anyway, she had so many fings to do that we did not get to go walkies. Instead, I got to try out my new Frisbee in the dark tonight.

My hu-Dad frew it for me in the back yard, so I did not get to run fery far, not like at the beach. I could see where it went so I still had fun. Mumma tried to take some photos of me & my Frisbee in the dark.  Here is one that turned out kinda fun.  You can tell I am going fery fast!


3 Comments to “Glo-in-the-Dark!”

  1. Chancy and I think there should be a museum just for doggie artwork. Chancy spends a lot of time on his master pieces too, but since there is no place to show them I take them all away. 😦 That is a way cool picture of you playing with your Frisbee in the dark. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. I think MOMA should be proud to display your art!!
    – Charlie

  3. yeah it glows!!! Mom and I were wondering what the glow would look like!!!

    Mom and all of us have been fostering 4 5 1/2 week old puppies-so mom hasnt had any time to blog for me or let me visit my friends!!! I hope to blog this week!


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