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January 31, 2012


Hi there Puppers & Peeps
Finally, the Hu-Dad got the call from the computer fix-it store to say that my laptop was back.
So now I just got to put the secretary to werk catching wooo all up on the news that have happened ofer the last couple of months. So be expecting a couple of posts this week and next week. And boy is there some big news. Here is some pictures to give wooo some hints:

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July 16, 2011

Beach Walkies

Well, it’s a good thing that the hu-Mum DID remember that doggies like to go for walkies, because it was a lovely sunny day.

We went to the new bit of the new cycle track and Mumma let me go off leash for a bit. Mumma made me do more climbing ofer the rocks & fings. I really don’t like it too much because I made the squeaking noise again, but Mumma says it’s REALLY NOT THAT HARD, and it’s good for my brain. 


Then I jumped up on some pipes and  posed so my Mumma could take some handsome dog picktures. I was going to go frough the pipes too, but another doggie came along, so Mumma made me go back on my leash.

 We went to see the sheeps too.  Mumma says my heading dog instinckts must be coming out, cause I crouched down real low as soon as I saw them & sneacked up on them real quiet like, then I layed right down & stared at them real hard.  

We played  some Frisbee too.  I got some pretty good air today.  I fink Mumma was trying to make that wavey sea stuffs get me. My Frisbee went fery close to it some times. That Mumma is pretty bad at Frisbee frowing, but I try real hard to catch it anyways.


We saw some snows too, but not as much as hu-Dad did on his trip. This is about as close as the snows get to us. Hu-Dad does remember that it snowed right in town one time when he was pretty small, but mostly it doesn’t get near us.

Hu-Dad likes playing in the snows fery much, so it is luck for him that he seen some on his travels.  He sended Mumma a pickture he took. We fink he was maybe hafing a snow ball fight with the ofher hu-man what he went wif!!!

Then when we got back to the van I had a nom nom.  In the pickture I am trying to get the nom nom out of my Mumma’s fingers. My Auntie R what lives far far away with my cousin Angus sent them. She sent some for the stinky cat too, but I might just eat his ones for him I fink.  I am the boss of the nom noms this weekend so I can eat them if I want.