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February 24, 2012

I’ve been Awarded!

Here I am again a catchin’ up on fings from a long time back.

Back back in Novemeber I getted an Award from Chancy the Gardener. Him bes a little friendly dawg what loves his stuffies & his humans & his kittehs.   Him did just move to WordPress so we lost him for a bit. But we finded him again now.  This be the award what Chancy gifed us:


The Liebster Blog Award is intended to recognize worthy, lesser known blogs (with less than 200 followers) and to help expose their work. What a great idea!

I is fery fery grateful to Chancy for gifing me an award. It be my first & only award what I hafe.


Here be the fings what I have to do.

 The rules for the Liebster Award are:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.

2. Reveal your top five picks {with less than 200 readers} and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.

4. Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favourite up-and-coming bloggers and keep it going!


Well, truffully I don’t know how many pups or hu-man beans read all my pal’s blogs. But here are my friends what I would like to pass this award on to.

Winsome Winston

Winston is a wirey terrier dog that lives at two houses in the US of A. Him has two kittehs called Chloe & Cecil – what hafe their own bloggie too. (It be here: Two Burmese Living the Dream  ifn wooo want to read a kitteh blog.) Him also has some ‘wheelie’ pals what are fery cute. But them doesn’t hafe a blog.  Him is a lovely friendly dog what likes to party & dress up sometimes (well, his mom likes him to!!! BOL!!)


How Sam Sees It 

Sam is a fery handsome Golden Dog what lives in Arizona in the USofA. Him writes a blog wif his brufer Monty and his humans. Them also like to ride horses – well, at least his hu-Mum does. They is pretty interested in supporting Golden dog rescue too. Hims brufer Monty is weird because him doesn’t like vegetables.


PippaDog Blog

Pippa Dog lives fery far away in Spain & Gibraltar. Him is a dawg of uncertain parentage, maybe some German Shepherd dawg & sum ofer fings. Him works hard to keep his dogtar Dr Pedro in a job, because there be all kinds of nasties what live in his country. There be interesting places for walkies in his part of the world, efen though it be a small country that him mostly lives in. And yes, him do be a boy dog.


Trubblesome Trio

The Trubblesome Trio be my pals Ronnii, Ujio & Izzy (not my Izzy, but anofer one.)  That Uji & Izzy be fery fery special dawgs what have not much furs – ‘cept some foofs on their noggins. Well, Ronnii be a special gurl too, but her hafe much more furs. They all been hafing a hard life for various reasons but their Mommii lubs them fery much. Even when they steals her hotwater bottle.


 Shawnee the Shepherd

Well, Shawnee be a most adventuresome dog efer. My hu-Mum fought that we did hafe adventures, but that Shawnee & her hu-mum  goes  the most interesting places for the longest hikes EFER!! And them takes pawsome picktures of all the seeniks and stuffs what them does see. Her has two sisters and one be Miss Sydney who bes a blue dawg like me.


So please go by & visit my friends if woooo have not visited them before.

And once again, a big fank woooo to Chancy pup and be especially sure you go by & visit him.

Chancy the Gardener

And finally a pickture of  my Izzy and handsome me.


February 2, 2012

MyFery Big Vacation: Part Two

Well, this be a long time to git written but it be the second part of my story about my vacation to Maree-Mum & Kim’s house way back in the springtime in September.

"I'm a travelling dawg!"

While we were there I did lots of fery impawtant fings. I had to snoopervise  the hu-Mum & Maree-Mum feeding the lambs. I fought it would be a good idea for me to taste their food too. You know, just in case it was bad for them or sumfing.

"I fink that one had enuf Mumma - I could finish that bottle off for you."

"That lamb noms does taste good Mumma."

We went for a trip to the beach wif sum of my rellies. There was my big sister Maumau, my aunt Teddy, and of course my nephew Dude. We did lots of running and chasing fings.  My big sis reminded me & the hu-Dad of our Neve so I fought she was all right.

"I fink that be Dude gitting his paws all wet."

"This be my big sister Maumau. She does hafes a tail, but it just tucked in."

After that the hu-Mum & Dad & Kim went geocache hunting and Maree-Mum looked out for all us dogs ‘cause sum ofer dogs was coming along the beach. Hu-Dad finded the cache in the end. But he had some help of course.


"Dude & me is helping."

"We is good helpers."

Anofer day we went to the river. I wasn’t so keen on that cold water at first, but after a bit I got the idea. We splashed around a bit and that mean ole hu-Dad tried to frow stones in the water for me to get. But I ain’t that silly. Afta the swims eferdog had to git dried of course. That be a pretty big job wif so many of us.  Then  Mumma I did sum more snoopervising while the offers looked for a geocache. But that one wasn’t there. It’s all fixed now, so maybe we will hafe to look for it anofer time.

"Us heelers be pretty good at swimming."

"This me Maree-Mum wif eferyfurry wanting dried at the same time."

"I is watching the humans looking for the geo-fingy."

While we was at the river I must hafe got a prickle in my paw. I was not fery happy about that at all, but Maree-Mum had some special stuffs to put on my paw to git the prickle out.

It worked pretty well. Once all the humans got the stuffs and the bandage on my paw.

"Here I is feeling pawly."

Mumma says I made a fery big fuss about letting Maree-Mum look at my paw and put the bandage on it. All the humans fought I was behaving like a baby, but I was really just trying to look afta my sore paw myself. You nefer does know what  the humans is going to do if you hafe a sore part. Sumtimes they take you to the V E T and bad fings happen, so you have to watch out. ( Ed. Honestly – you would have thought we were going to chop his paw off given the pawformance getting that bandage on was!!!  It took all four of us humans to achieve.)

Anyways, that be some more about my adventures at Maree-Mum & Kim’s house. In the end I hafed a good time, and I sure got some good noms. Maree-Mum makes the best ever noms for dogs!!

"This is the hu-Mum's favourite pickture what the hu-Dad did take."

February 1, 2012

It’s Official

Hiya everypup. Fanks to the pups wooo already came by & had a look at my bloggie, and even some leafed comments. We much appreciate it. 🙂

This next bit is what Mumma and I did start writing just befores my laptop got brokened. So we fought that we would just leafe it as it was fur wooo all to read. Then after that I can tell you some more about that craaazzy new sister of mine.  We writed it around about the middle of that Santa Paws month, so that be a while ago now. Mumma says I have to be sure to tell you that you be getting current news and ones from last year all mixed up for a bit until we gets caught up on all the news and picktures.

So here be my first impawsons of my new sister:

It’s official

Well, the hu-mans have been talking about getting me a new sister, but you know, I never thought they were SERIOUS about it. I mean, I’m so handsome how could they need another dawg in the house (well, excepting if we could get my Neve back. 😦 )

But whadda wooo know, last Fursday the Mumma camed home wif  anofur pup!!!! That pupper was not a stranger to me ‘ cause I did meet her the ofur weekend at doggie prison camp. I did like her ok at prison camp, but I did nefur guess that she would be coming to live at MY house.

Mumma says that the reason what we hafe her is ’cause it looked as if I liked her when I was visiting wif my friend Leonie what looks after the SPCA puppers and dawg prison camp. Then the hu-dad seen that I was being nice wif her. And he kind of was taken wif her too.

So finally the hu-mum got to see her when they came to get me from prison camp.  Hu-mum fought that she was kind of cute too. Sooooo, Leonie & the humans arranged that she could come and visit MY house.

But did anyone ask me???? No, they did not! As I said – I liked her well enuf. When I was at prison camp.

Do I like her at my house. No I do not. So I is mostly just ignawing her. If I make like she is not here meybe she will just GO AWAY.

Though she did go a little bit nutties last night after Mumma brushed her furs – I hafe to say    she did look better after Mumma tidied her furs, but she does still smell bad, even more stinky than the stinky cat. Efen tho that be pretty unbelievable.

I did try to hafe a little game of zoomies wif her when she was going nutties …….. so she might turn out ok, meybe……. I’ll hafe to see about that…….

Anyways, her be sum picktures of her. And I guess I better tell you what name the humans gives her. She be called Miss Isabella Ruby Goodall for when she be nawty and Izzy for when she bes good.

She be called Ruby when we first getted her.

"This was NOT in my contract ! "

" They does have pretty comfy places to sleep at this house!!"

So fanks for reading, and I be hafing some more news tomorrow. Plus probably some picktures of handsome me. I fink we done enuf on cute picktures for now.