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February 2, 2012

MyFery Big Vacation: Part Two

Well, this be a long time to git written but it be the second part of my story about my vacation to Maree-Mum & Kim’s house way back in the springtime in September.

"I'm a travelling dawg!"

While we were there I did lots of fery impawtant fings. I had to snoopervise  the hu-Mum & Maree-Mum feeding the lambs. I fought it would be a good idea for me to taste their food too. You know, just in case it was bad for them or sumfing.

"I fink that one had enuf Mumma - I could finish that bottle off for you."

"That lamb noms does taste good Mumma."

We went for a trip to the beach wif sum of my rellies. There was my big sister Maumau, my aunt Teddy, and of course my nephew Dude. We did lots of running and chasing fings.  My big sis reminded me & the hu-Dad of our Neve so I fought she was all right.

"I fink that be Dude gitting his paws all wet."

"This be my big sister Maumau. She does hafes a tail, but it just tucked in."

After that the hu-Mum & Dad & Kim went geocache hunting and Maree-Mum looked out for all us dogs ‘cause sum ofer dogs was coming along the beach. Hu-Dad finded the cache in the end. But he had some help of course.


"Dude & me is helping."

"We is good helpers."

Anofer day we went to the river. I wasn’t so keen on that cold water at first, but after a bit I got the idea. We splashed around a bit and that mean ole hu-Dad tried to frow stones in the water for me to get. But I ain’t that silly. Afta the swims eferdog had to git dried of course. That be a pretty big job wif so many of us.  Then  Mumma I did sum more snoopervising while the offers looked for a geocache. But that one wasn’t there. It’s all fixed now, so maybe we will hafe to look for it anofer time.

"Us heelers be pretty good at swimming."

"This me Maree-Mum wif eferyfurry wanting dried at the same time."

"I is watching the humans looking for the geo-fingy."

While we was at the river I must hafe got a prickle in my paw. I was not fery happy about that at all, but Maree-Mum had some special stuffs to put on my paw to git the prickle out.

It worked pretty well. Once all the humans got the stuffs and the bandage on my paw.

"Here I is feeling pawly."

Mumma says I made a fery big fuss about letting Maree-Mum look at my paw and put the bandage on it. All the humans fought I was behaving like a baby, but I was really just trying to look afta my sore paw myself. You nefer does know what  the humans is going to do if you hafe a sore part. Sumtimes they take you to the V E T and bad fings happen, so you have to watch out. ( Ed. Honestly – you would have thought we were going to chop his paw off given the pawformance getting that bandage on was!!!  It took all four of us humans to achieve.)

Anyways, that be some more about my adventures at Maree-Mum & Kim’s house. In the end I hafed a good time, and I sure got some good noms. Maree-Mum makes the best ever noms for dogs!!

"This is the hu-Mum's favourite pickture what the hu-Dad did take."

October 29, 2011

Fish & Chips

Last night the hu-mans fought they would get some fish & chips and go to the beach to eat them.

I don’t fink my pals what live in the YoooNighted States will know what that kind of nom noms is, so I sayed to the hu-Mum she better put a pickture for wooo to see. But that hu-Mum did not fink about taking a pickture last night – so here be a pickture & some informations. Click here!  My pals what live in the YoooNighted Kingdom will know what fish & chips is – but we haf them with tomato sauce on, not vinegar.

They be a good kind of noms for sharing, well, that be if wooo haf the kind of two-leggers what share fings with their pups. Mine be a bit stingy in that department sometimes – even fough I be sitting right there in front of them being the fery goodest pup what I know how to be.

But at least they taked me to the beach wif them and they remembered to pack my beach Frisbee. So I hafed a little game on the beach wif the hu-Dad  – afta the hu-mans eated all the nom noms all by their selfes.  It was a bit windy so my Frisbee turned into a boomerang Frisbee, what maked it fery tricky fur catching. That meany ole’ hu-Mum sayed that I should be good at boomerang Frisbee, being as I is an Australian dog & all. So she mostly just lafed at me.

Then Mumma & I stayed in the van for a bit & watched the sky turn pretty colours while hu-Dad taked some picktures

"What we be looking at Mumma?"

Here be sum of the picktures what the hu-Dad taked. I finks they looks fery pretty myselfs.

August 21, 2011

DPS Needed

The humans hafe been hiding some of their geocache fings.  On Furdsday they would not take me because the hu-mans fink that some parts of the new trail for the evil two-wheelers is not good for doggies. Hu-Dad finks there be too many peoples what go on that part of the trail.

Hu-Mum sayed that I was lucky I did not go, because it was fery fery cold. So cold that she telled hu-Dad  that she hafes to go back to the van before she turns blue.  I nearly BOL when Mumma telled me that, because she would look fery fery funny indeed ifs she was the same colour as me. I am a blue dog for sure.

Frow the Frisbee Dad, just hurry up and frow it


I am zooming fery fast .....


That dot is me. I can fly fery high to catch my Frisbee

The hu-mans went to a different part of the trail today, so they decided I could come wif them.  We had a walkies for an hour. The hu-mans hided one of their geocache fingies, and I hafed a turn playing Frisbee on the beach. Today it was lubly and sunny, so Mumma did not turn blue. Which is a fery good fing, because it would be fery hard for me not to BOL ifs she did turn blue.

Me & Mumma waiting for Dad. He is in the bushes hiding the geocache fingie.

I tried to tell the hu-mans that they don’t need a GPS, because I could just tell them where to put the geocache fingies.  A Dog Positioning System would be fery much better at finding places to hid fings. Us doggies are good at that. I hided my favourite jolly ball at Tylar & Buddy’s house a long time ago & their hu-mans just finded it this week. 

Actually – I fink I should not have hided it SOOooo well, because I hafe not been able to play with it when it was at Tylar & Buddy’s house………

My Jolly Ball is BACK!!!


Editor’s note: There will be a barkday blog with cake & gift photos coming up some time, but Ruger made his camera assistant take so many photos that it will take her some time to get them sorted.

August 14, 2011


It is another miracle. The hu-mans remember how to frow my Frisbee!!!!

The beach

 They went to the beach to look at one of their geocache fingies because some ofer peoples could not find it. It was not there because the hu-mans putted it too close to the beach and it got washed away by the big waves.  So it was a bad fing for the geocache, but a good fing for me that we goed to the beach to look for it.   And a fery good fing that the hu-mans packed my Frisbee and remembered how to frow it.

I can catch a high flying Frisbee. 🙂


I can run fery fast.


Nearly back to my hu-Dad.

There was no ofer doggies there, so I got to chase my Frisbee lots of times until I was all puffed out. It was a fery nice sunny day when we started to go to the beach, but then it got all cloudy and rainy. But we was having a snooze back in the van by then. So it was the best  day for a most handsome pup like me.


Lying beside my Mumma.


August 7, 2011


I feel fery proud of my hu-mans today. They actually finally remembered how to go for walkies!!!

First we went to visit Grandma Liz & Cousin Diva for lunch. I like going to visit Grandma fery much – she is more generous to us pups than MY stingey hu-mans are. She is fery easily swayed by a pair of shiney brown eyes. But she did try to feed me lettuce. I do like my vegies, but that green leafy stuff doesn’t really count as a proper vegie.  I ate it, just to be polite of course.  I hafe fery good manners you know. Then I spat it out later when she wasn’t looking. 

 Here is a pickture of Cousin Diva protecting her couch from me.


After we hung out for a bit, we went for a short stroll around the lagoon & along the beach.  Here are some ducks on the pond. There were swans too.



I was quite surprised that my hu-mans remembered the way. They did pretty well, apart from when Mumma asked hu-Dad to stop letting me eat fings what I found on the beach. I really fought she was a bit of a spoil-sport. Eat smelly stuffs is one of the fings what us pups do when we go to the beach. Oh well. I guess I didn’t really want the puking bug again.

Here are some picktures of handsome me posing.


July 16, 2011

Beach Walkies

Well, it’s a good thing that the hu-Mum DID remember that doggies like to go for walkies, because it was a lovely sunny day.

We went to the new bit of the new cycle track and Mumma let me go off leash for a bit. Mumma made me do more climbing ofer the rocks & fings. I really don’t like it too much because I made the squeaking noise again, but Mumma says it’s REALLY NOT THAT HARD, and it’s good for my brain. 


Then I jumped up on some pipes and  posed so my Mumma could take some handsome dog picktures. I was going to go frough the pipes too, but another doggie came along, so Mumma made me go back on my leash.

 We went to see the sheeps too.  Mumma says my heading dog instinckts must be coming out, cause I crouched down real low as soon as I saw them & sneacked up on them real quiet like, then I layed right down & stared at them real hard.  

We played  some Frisbee too.  I got some pretty good air today.  I fink Mumma was trying to make that wavey sea stuffs get me. My Frisbee went fery close to it some times. That Mumma is pretty bad at Frisbee frowing, but I try real hard to catch it anyways.


We saw some snows too, but not as much as hu-Dad did on his trip. This is about as close as the snows get to us. Hu-Dad does remember that it snowed right in town one time when he was pretty small, but mostly it doesn’t get near us.

Hu-Dad likes playing in the snows fery much, so it is luck for him that he seen some on his travels.  He sended Mumma a pickture he took. We fink he was maybe hafing a snow ball fight with the ofher hu-man what he went wif!!!

Then when we got back to the van I had a nom nom.  In the pickture I am trying to get the nom nom out of my Mumma’s fingers. My Auntie R what lives far far away with my cousin Angus sent them. She sent some for the stinky cat too, but I might just eat his ones for him I fink.  I am the boss of the nom noms this weekend so I can eat them if I want.

July 3, 2011

Lagoon Walk

This is from my walkies from Friday, what was two sleeps ago. My secretary has been fery slack this week. I fink I might have to take Tulahmonstah’s advice to make da secretary work faster.

I am counting  the sleeps now though because in 26 sleeps I will see my Maree Mum, and my nefew Dude & my little nieces and my BIG litter sister Jellie and all my other relatives & friends.  And my Mumma & Dad will be talking to my Maree Mum about getting me a new little sister.

Anyways, on Friday  the  hu-mans wanted to go & visit Grandma Liz & cousin Diva, so we went over to their side of town for our walkies. They have got some pretty places there for walkies, and it was nearly sunset, so it is a fery nice  time for going near the beach.


There is some fery pretty little ponds, and  a good track for zoomies – once the jogging lady went past.  I did fery fast zoomies. Mumma got way behind when she was taking picktures so I had to go zoomies to find her, then hu-Dad runned ahead and hidded. So I did zoomies back & forth, until I got all puffed out.

Then we went climbing over some rocks & dirts & broken concretes. First I was making the squeaking noise because I did not like it, then Mumma said I should pretend to be a brave search & rescue doggie, plus it was fery good for my brain to figure out how to go up & down on all the rough fings. So then I didn’t mind so much. But I stuck real close to my hu-Dad & did not go back to see what my Mumma was doing this time.  Mumma says we might go there again because it is good for me to try new fings.

Then we went stomp stomp stomping frough some tall grass. So tall it was over my head, and the hu-mans laughed at me when I was going jump jump jump to get over it. The walkies today was fery fery hard work.  After that we went right to the end of the world where the big sea is. Mumma says it is not really the end of the world, but that if I swimmed a fery fery fery fery long way, I would get to Ping & Benson Land.

FINALLY after all those hard works, we went to Diva’s house. I had just enough energy left to have a few little zoomies with Diva, then I falled asleep by my Mumma until we went home.  It was a fery busy day.

June 28, 2011


Mumma says that sometimes karma comes back & bites you on the butt. I’m not ex-a –ca-lly sure what she means, but she said it has somefing to do with the fery extremely bad ‘chomping incident’ from a coupla weeks ago. 

Anyhows I almost got chomped today by two crazy off-leash doggies on my walkies with Mumma. Mumma says lucky fing that they weren’t vicious crazy, just  ”I-am-a-nutty-collie-dog craaaaazzzy”, otherwise I would really truely have teefie marks on me and Mumma might too. And anyways – they didn’t bit me on the butt, they tried to get my neck & my leggies. And I don’t fink their names was Karma, so I totally don’t know what she means.  Hu-mans can say some fery strange fings sometimes.

SO, other than the crazy doggies and the fery evil two-wheels that comed speeding past I had a fery cold (it might actually be winter now!) and quite boring walkies.  After all those fings the hu-mum would not let me off my lead at anytime whatsoever, so I did not get to see much interesting stuffs, and every time I was reading a good peemail Mumma made me hurry up.  Of course, when HU-MUM wanted to stop for photos, well, that was just fine.

"No Mumma, DON'T put the pickture of me with my eyes shut on the interwebs."

This is the cycle track me & the hu-mans go walkies on. It will look nicer when fings grow more.

"I am a pawsomely handsome dog, aren't I?"

If you look by my ears, and above the sea there are mountains wif snows on them.

There is some kind of old wrecked fing down by the beach, Mumma doesn't know what it used to be.

Mumma is in two minds about whether the new cycle track is a good place for us to go walkies. She says I will for sure never ever get to go walkies off-leash along it. The sign at the start does not efen MENTION doggies. Mumma says that is typical for our town. Efen though the hu-mum & hu-dad hafe to pay lots of green papers every year to register me, there is not much good fings for doggies to do in our town.  Mumma says that efen if the sign sayed ‘No Doggies Allowed’ that would show that our council people remembered that there were doggies & their hu-mans in our town.  But nope, it’s just like the other trails in our town. NO signs about OK for doggies or not OK for doggies, or stay on leash, or scoop the poops or anyfing.  Plus our fings to play on at the dog pen are all broken & hafe nails sticking out. And one of our dog pens got the fence taken away altogether, so now doggies can’t play there. Mumma gets to wondering if the only fing her green papers get spent on is putting the fery bad doggies in doggie prison, and paying the green papers for the man who catches them. He is actually a fery nice man who cares about doggies. I have met him myself a few times, and he always talks nice  and helpful to my Mumma when she had to telephone him, so he deserves his green papers. But Mumma does wish there was some better fings for doggies in our town.


"Can I go walkies here or not Mumma?"

June 26, 2011

Bike Trail

Hu-Mumma & I had our paws crossed today that hu-Dad would not get paged for his work because we wanted to go for a big walkies with him. And we got lucky because he got a whole day so far with no calls. So we went for a long walk this afternoon – in that strange bright shiny stuff. Even though it is supposed to be that cold winter season, the hu-mans did not need to put on any extra furs at all. It was fery warm. We were going to go on the new bicycle track, but when we got to the end of it, we found that it wasn’t the end anymore. There was a new new bit on the track!!! It looked a bit rough, but we are used to that, and we fought not too many hu-mans would go on that bit yet, so off we went.

We had a good fun walk. We had a little stop for a Frisbee game on the beach. We took my old red Frisbee because I don’t want my Mumma to maybe lose my special Frisbee. She is not fery good at looking after Frisbees. And I did not let her frow it, because she is pretty bad at that too!! But I still luv her.

Sometimes we could not go along the track and we went scrunching over the rocks & driftwoods. I am going to fire my photo-taking assistant because she did not take any photos of me & my hu-Dad in the driftwoods. She said that she needed her arms for balancing instead of taking photos, but I did not fink that was a fery good excuse at all. She was going fery slow though. I had to keep going back to make sure that she was OK. It is fery hard keeping an eye on all your hu-mans when they don’t stay together. Do you other doggies have that problem on walkies?

We came back along a back road part way. I saw some sheeps and played in the puddles. The puddles were good for stomping in and they tasted OK too – but not as good as home water!  I always have to go straight to my own water bowl when I get home every time after I am out.



My Mumma took some more pictures of me along the way. Hu-Dad & I fink she is  fery craaaaazzzy about taking photos. But…. I am a fery handsome doggie after all.


June 19, 2011

S. U. N.

Today we have this fery strange shiny stuff coming through the French doors. My friend Velcro said that it is called S. U. N. She does not like it too much because she has lots & lots of in in that Cal-i-for-nia place where she lives. I fought it was fery nice stuff myself. My hu-mans fought that they could kind of remember it from lots of days ago.

I thought it would be nice to go outside and play a game in that nice warm sun stuff. So I tried giving them a big hint.  But the hu-mans always have jobs to do, and before you knew it, the sun stuff started to go away.

But we still went out to the beach. The hu-mans had to check on some of their geocache things, and I had my new Frisbee to try out that Velcro & her momma sent me.  It is a fery good Frisbee – hu-Dad can make it go fery far, so I have to run so fast to catch it. My hu-Mum tried frowing it too, but I have to say that she was fery fery bad at it. (Don’t tell her I said that though.)  It is quite tricky to catch your Frisbee when it goes all sideways & upside down ways instead of straight. But I did try fery hard to catch it for her all the same. I didn’t want her to feel bad.  The waves nearly got my Frisbee one time too, so I had to grab it fery quick. I have to say the water in that big pond does not taste fery nice at all.  After that I told my hu-Dad to be sure to frow my Frisbee away from the big waves. But the waves kept sneaking up on me and they still got me some times.  

Then we went for a little walk. I had to carry my Frisbee myself. I do not trust that hu-Mum. She wanted to carry it for me, but no, I said I would rather carry it myself. She might not look after it good.  She already lost one of my Frisbees one other time. (She finks I lost it, but I’m pretty sure she did. )

Then I had to pose for my picture in the sand dunes. I am a fery photogenic doggie after all.