Tricky Training

Howdy there Pals!!

I haven’t been here on my bloggie for qwite a bit, but I’m about to make a new start. And it’s all abowt tricks today. Yep, that’s what you heard – tricks. And it’s all the fault of a Moose.

A Moose

No, not THAT kind of Moose. This be a moose moose what hangs owt with Fi & Abby ofur at  Another Tequila Sunrise

I blames this kind of Moose – which is a Labradog Moose. Qwite a different species. But see how his name be on his bed?? Well, he definitely is a Moose. 😉

A Different Moose. 😉

This is one of my nooo Twitter pals, and he has been finking about getting a special award for doing tricks. So he gave a challenge to any pals who wanted to join him wif learning tricks. Woo can learn more ofur at his bloggie Southern Most Moose 

As da hu-mum has been trying to get back into more walkies & games wif me, she got to thinking that learning sume nooo stuff would be good for my brain too.

So the ofur week we had a couple of sessions on remembering the fings what I shud be able to do. I was pretty good at remembering. This is da list of what fings I can do at da moment:

Dat normal fings:

Sit – I pritty good & fast at this. We haf to check if I still do it wif just a hand signal. And I haf to learn better about getting back up to sit if I lying down.

Down – I pritty good at this too. In fact sometimes I super speedy thunk down so hard I might make a hole in the ground!! BOL!! I finks I remember da hand signal fur this one.

Wait – (this the werd I do fur ‘stay’) I pritty good at this up to a point because I haf to do it efury morning & night to get my noms. I waits fur about 5 seconds if da mum abowt 10 metres away. Dat be too far fur me to be away from her. Da mum finks we werk on dat a bit.

Heel – well, I doesns’t know that werd!!! I just does it naturally when I be off leash. And not at all when I be on leash. Da mum can’t figure dat one. So maybe we werk on dat one some. When da mum figures owt how. 

I also gits inside when I am told, and gits up, and off & all dat stuff. I moves when Mum asks it appears, but da hu-mans never taught me any of dat. I just figured it owt.

As fur tricky tricks, at dis moment I only does a few.

I does ‘shake’ fur pawshake with my right paw, and ‘other paw’ fur a pawshake with my left paw. But I has to do them in order.

I does ‘roll over’ – I rolls half way ofur. I doesn’t go roly-poly right ofur. I can do this one wif a hand signal too.

I brings da mum da newspaper every night. When da dad comes home wif it he gifs it to me & I carry it quite nicely.

I can even usually pick up random things off the floor & under the table when da mum can’t reach them. She points to it & says ‘give’ and I picks da fing up & brings it to her. I does get a bit muddled if there be more than one fing, but her is planning on teaching me da names of sume fings now.

So all in all, I is a pritty smart dog. But da mum & I fink old dogs can learn nooo tricks. So we are going to find owt. I not so sure if a old hooman can learn new trick tho’. !!!!  (Just kiddin’ hu-mum. I luvs you really. )

In case woo be wanting to see a pickture or two ob me, well, here they is.


See me Sit!!

I lies Down



8 Comments to “Tricky Training”

  1. First off, it is good you clarified what kind of Moose I am because most cannot tell the difference with my long legs and long Snooter!
    Onto your mad skilz! Awesome! Momma uses wait for stay too but I know both- not perfect but pretty good! I’m impressed with your other paw trick two. I pick the easiest paw and give that one!
    I don’t know what a news paper is but momma is totally impressed you will bring it to mum! She says it is paper and would probably not be very readable after I was done with it!
    I am smart about getting stuff what momma points to… She never taught me either, I just figured it out like you! Our humans are so lucky they got smart doggies!
    So, as for your ‘Heel’ thingy. I have not figured that out and momma is super jealous that you are so good at it! I told her, you are a heeler tho so of course you can heel! I am not a heeler! Momma has known a few doggies who were angels off leash but on leash they forgot how to act! Pretty funny!
    I am so excited to see what noo tricks you learn pal!

  2. Ruger! I missed you, buddy! So glad you has stopped by my bloggie but I could not get back at you coz you was slacking on your bloggie, BOL. Dang, you is smart knowing all that stuff. But then us dogs is furry smart and the hoomans sometimes do not gib us enuff credit. The udder day while hiking I went the wrong way and mom sayed, “No Shawnee, this way” and pointed her finger. I immediately went to where mom was pointing her finger and was back on track. A man saw this and sayed “Wow! She understands everything you tell her to do and she listens!” Well, duh, of course! The trick is to sometimes pawtend you is not unnerstanding when it benefits you to do so, BOL. And this be why peeples think we is not so smart. We fool them all the time.

  3. Very good. You learn fast
    Benny & Lily

  4. Thank you for introducing us to Moose sweet Ruger…by the way we have missed you. You are so smart and we can see you already know lots of tricks. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. Where have you been Ruger? It feels like we haven’t seen you for a very long time.

  6. Oh wow Ruger, you be a real smart doggy ! I am really impressed with you, buddy. Keep it up – old dogs can do anything !! And anyway – you isn’t old at all ! Arroooooooo !

  7. You certainly are clever and know many words. Trick learning is way fun, isn’t it? But I agree that the whole “heel” thing is kind of confusing sometimes.


  8. Oh I’m pleased to see your person has been slacking with your blog even more than mine has 🙂 I didn’t think that was possible.

    I am an old dog. I am not going to learn tricks. although if they involved toast I might.

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