Time for Tricky Trick Learning #2

I did some new fings this week. I did some great games with carrots. I like carrots, maybe even more than kibbles. Acktually, much more than kibbles. A carrot is nice & crunchy & juicy and kibbles is all kind of dry & boring.

So when my mum tied a string to my carrot slice instead ob gifing to to me to crunch I thought she was qwite crazy indeed!!!

‘Why are you doing that to my carrot Mum?’

But I am so clever that getting my carrot back was no truble. Carrot goes under couch.  Waaaayyy under. String  sticks owt. Dawg pulls on string wif mouth & gets carrot owt. But hey. No one told me that rules, so I just use my clever paws & scrap the sting owt until, voila, here is my carrot. Nom nom nom. Crunch crunch crunch.

‘See me using my paw. ‘Scuse Mum’s chubby arm in da way!’

Ok, what’s next mum?

Noms under cups. I’m pretty smart abowt this game too. Mum hides the bit ob carrot under a upside down paper kaffee cup. I knocks da cup over wif my paw, and chomp, nom is all gone.  Now – da trick is, maybe there is two or three cups. Which one has the nom under?  Sniff, sniff, sniff.  Ah, dat one! Whack. Chomp. Nom all gone.

‘Wooo won’t trick me Mum!!’

Well, those are the fun ones. Da mum has also started to teach me to go backwards. Why, I just don’t know. Why would I want to go AWAY from her who has the noms??
Anyway, being as I am pretty clever I started figuring it owt right away. But only once I tried every other trick I know to get her to hand over that nom. I mean, she doesn’t reaaaaallly want me to go BACK does she. Yep, it appears that is want is required.

‘See. Now I am here ….’

Oh well, anything for food.

‘……and now I is back here!’

And I finks I might get an extra nom for lying down. So I tries that as well!!

I is a dog, after all. 😉


6 Comments to “Time for Tricky Trick Learning #2”

  1. You are so clever Ruger!! 🙂 xx

  2. I thought momma was crazy too but then she is always making my food hard to get! You are a very resourceful dude so I’m not surprised you got it right away! I am supposed to be doing the nom under cups thing this week. The cups (small flower pots are on the counter but we have done nothin yet! I see you are laying down when you go back! That is a very creative way of doing it! My pal honey showed how to teach back if you want to try to do it standing but frankly I think you might have invented a new move! Do you know how to crawl forward? I bet you’d learn that in a flash! That’s on the list of tricks but I’m not so agile as you!
    Izzy looks like she is helping mum train you there 😉 cutie!

  3. Those are some fun indoor games – Sam is very fond of carrots too. When we go to agility, I slice them super thin. The instructors have nick named him “Bunny”…


  4. what we do for treats!!
    Benny & Lily

  5. That is a lot of work. Now I have seen TWO doggies have to pull their noms out from under the couch. I hope my momma doesn’t try that with myself or she will find her furnitures rearranged. You know it!


  6. Good Tricks! I love the carrot under the couch game.

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