Ruger’s Introduction to the Phonetic Alphabet.

To any ob my regular readers dat remain – woo is free to ignawe dis post. It be here to ‘xplain sumefing fur sume Twitter pals. 😉

Dear Twitter  Aviators,

I’ve been having a chat wif @Dear Clyde & we thought that it might help some of our pals to give a little bit of informations about this:

It does be called da ‘Phonetic Alphabet’.’  Dis alphabet be used by all hoomans that talk to each ofur ofer da radio – pilots, military peoples, emergency services like Police, Fire & Ambulance & disaster  response peoples  fur example: Search & Rescue groups, FEMA (or what the disaster emergency peoples are called in your country) & Red Cross.  It’s used by almost all organisations like dis in lots & lots of countries around da werld.

Each letter of the English alphabet has a word that goes wif it like you see above. All da organisations & countries (even countries that don’t speak English) use the same werds so that there is no confusions when they are speaking to each other.  My hoomans know abowt it fur their Red Cross werks.

This alphabet can be used for a number of fings.  What we are going to use it fur fur our Twitter #theaviators is just for funs  ob course, not fur a real use.

We is going to make a nickname for each of us.  I choose RB12 for my nick.   So dis is ‘Romeo Bravo 12.’  I did choose letters that are from my Twitter name Ruger Blue bekcause I fought dat be easy fur anipals to ‘member me, but @DearClyde doesn’t mind if we choose different letters. So dat be up to wooo.   But two anipals can’t haf da same letters & numbers, else we would git confused abowt woooo is woooo.


In real life, one ob da fings dis alphabet be used fur is to make  ‘call signs.’ A ‘call sign’ is a unique simple label fur an aircraft, vehicle, unit, person dat differentiates dem from anyone else using dat radio channel.  This is so peoples quickly know exactly who they are talking to on da radio, instead of using names and descriptions and then everything getting confusing.  Plus for privacy & safety it is better to use a call sign.

One ofur fing dis alphabet is used fur is to spell out werds ofur the radio when a message can be confused or the radio channel isn’t fery clear.

For example, in Red Cross if da Mum needs to help a team to evacuate a family she might need to spell the name of the street ofur the radio. For Kauri Street, sure, she could say “Kauri Street.”  But dat a hard werd to say clearly or da evacuation team might not be local & not know dat street or how to spell it. And sure she could say, ‘K A U R I’ but da letters might get misheard or muddled fur anofur letter specially if da radio be crackly or sumefing like dat.  So she say ‘Kilo Alpha Uniform Romeo India’  which be easier fur the evacuation peoples to hear & write down & find on der map.

So we hopes dis informations helps woo a little bit.

Da Mum & I doesn’t claim dat dis be efury bit ob informations dat wooo need abowt the alphabet, and we doesn’t know efuryfing abowt it. But if woo hafs a question wooo can leave us a comment here or send a Twitter DM we mite be able to answer.  Just ‘member dat we lives in Nooo Zealand way down da bottom ob da werld, so we be asleeps & awakes at different times to wooo, if us doesn’t answer quickly.  😉


7 Comments to “Ruger’s Introduction to the Phonetic Alphabet.”

  1. I wood hafta be Delta Unc…….

  2. Fanks so much, Ruger!!!! Dis is bery clear & will be helpful!

  3. mom talks the names at work
    Benny & Lily

  4. Roger that!


  5. Misery is no good at that alphabet so it is good to see it spelled out so clearly (haha!)

    I think I would be Papa India Papa 04 if I was playing.

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