DPS Needed

The humans hafe been hiding some of their geocache fings.  On Furdsday they would not take me because the hu-mans fink that some parts of the new trail for the evil two-wheelers is not good for doggies. Hu-Dad finks there be too many peoples what go on that part of the trail.

Hu-Mum sayed that I was lucky I did not go, because it was fery fery cold. So cold that she telled hu-Dad  that she hafes to go back to the van before she turns blue.  I nearly BOL when Mumma telled me that, because she would look fery fery funny indeed ifs she was the same colour as me. I am a blue dog for sure.

Frow the Frisbee Dad, just hurry up and frow it


I am zooming fery fast .....


That dot is me. I can fly fery high to catch my Frisbee

The hu-mans went to a different part of the trail today, so they decided I could come wif them.  We had a walkies for an hour. The hu-mans hided one of their geocache fingies, and I hafed a turn playing Frisbee on the beach. Today it was lubly and sunny, so Mumma did not turn blue. Which is a fery good fing, because it would be fery hard for me not to BOL ifs she did turn blue.

Me & Mumma waiting for Dad. He is in the bushes hiding the geocache fingie.

I tried to tell the hu-mans that they don’t need a GPS, because I could just tell them where to put the geocache fingies.  A Dog Positioning System would be fery much better at finding places to hid fings. Us doggies are good at that. I hided my favourite jolly ball at Tylar & Buddy’s house a long time ago & their hu-mans just finded it this week. 

Actually – I fink I should not have hided it SOOooo well, because I hafe not been able to play with it when it was at Tylar & Buddy’s house………

My Jolly Ball is BACK!!!


Editor’s note: There will be a barkday blog with cake & gift photos coming up some time, but Ruger made his camera assistant take so many photos that it will take her some time to get them sorted.


7 Comments to “DPS Needed”

  1. Pippa confuses geocaching with geocatzing and thinks the sole intention is to find catz. You would think he might have called it a Global Pippa System, but no, he decided it was Gato (Spanish for cat) Positioning System. I think Ruger should patent the DPS though 🙂

  2. Oh wait!! I read a bit further back and he called it a Gato Pippa Sensor – still obsessed with finding cats obviously 😀

  3. beautiful pics…enjoyed reading a dog’s thoughts…

  4. Wugew
    I’m so glad you wewe finallly able to welocate youw special ball and although you couldn’t go on that twai, you had a gweat time flying in the aiw wif gwace to catch youw Fwisbee
    I love youw bloo colow..even have a bloo shadow, lucky you
    smoochie kisses

  5. Great pictures! I especially like the black and white one with a red ball – very cool!

  6. OMD! If’n it be so coldie there, wot happened to the rest of you dad’s pants? Did his legs turn into blue heelers?

  7. Glad you got your Jolly ball bac Unc…….A bloke hasta hav his stuf you know……Mum has got tennis balls special like for you when you cum and stay……we don’t hav a frizb …..we hav got plastk lids …they work too !!! Glad you liked your butta cake….it is YUMMO !!!!! Your mum shud keep warm in front of the fire so she is not blue………..thats OUR colour !!!
    Luv your cuz,

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