Pawty at Miss Asta’s House.

Miss Asta and her hu-mans are hafing a pawty to take their minds off that fery nasty hurricane.

I have been invited, so I put on my Super Dog suit and I’m flying on ofer to join in the funballs in New Yawk City. I gotta leafe right now so the wind doesn’t get too rough for me to land on Asta’s roof. See you all at Asta’s house  fery soon.

Miss Asta – I stole Mumma’s Grain Wafes while she was fery busy wif her studies, so there will be some fur us all. 🙂


6 Responses to “Pawty at Miss Asta’s House.”

  1. Woof!…
    Have a happy trip and a fun pawty….I think Miss Asta is very brave indeed.
    Sending lotsalicks

  2. Woogew
    I’m still on the woof waiting to see you flying in..I hope to see youw cape soon, hope you managed to put those yummies in watewpwoof’s waining hawd

    but evewything is weady fow the pawty!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOO
    smoochie kisses

  3. Go Unca Ruges … hard and keep everyone safe ova there….I know you can doit !!!!

    Luv Dude xxx

  4. Good to meet you at that party Ruger. And even better to hear that all our pup-pals in the US were ok after the Hairy Cane.



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