I have a complaint. The service at my accommodations is fery unsatisfactory these days. One of my blog pals Bassa made some commets about her hotel a few days ago, and I have to say that since I read her blog, I have become aware of some failings in my own hotel.

It is fery extremely cold here for starters. The hu-mans even expect me to go out and leave my pee mails when there is frost on the ground.

And then the hu-Mum had the audacity to ask me to ‘sit’ on that fery freezing  grass, just so as she could take a pickture of it.  Needless to say, I did not oblige. I did lower my butt about 1 centimetre, just to show that I had heard. I mean, I am a most obedient dog after all.

And of course I raced back inside to sit by the warm thing as fast as I could.

The hu-Mum says I should quit whinging about the cold. If I lived with my Marie-Momma and my sister & my nephew & nieces and the other eleventy gazillion animals at their house, she said I might hafe a reason to feel cold then. That’s because they hafe the snows at their house. Or if I lived with Coco & Geri’s humans, like new baby pup Mika and the other four animals, I could grumble. Because they hafe snows at their house.


Geri the Spaniel. Her hu-mum taked her pickture.

Mika be the new puppy at Geri's house. Her mumma taked this boootiful pickture.

The other complaint is that the cold efen gets me inside. That is because my hu-Mum has not been here for a lot of days. She hafes to go to that work place eferyday because sombudy else hafed a family e-mer-jen-see.  So I hafe no-one to snuggle beside, and no-one to feed the warm fing to keep the flames going, and no one to put my blankie ofer me during the daytimes. It is fery unsatisfactory indeed. I am an Australian dog after all, so I really prefer warmer climates.

Mumma just says I hafe to ‘toughen up’ because we are going to visit my Marie-Mumma fery, fery soon.  In fact we should be driving there right this minute. But we aren’t . The hu-mans are sad. I am a bit in two minds myself. I am not sure if I will like the cold.

I do confess though, the pickture of my nephew Dude playing in the snow looks kind of fun.  So maybe I will like it.  I am fery looking forward to playing wif Dude & all my other family, that is for sure.  And Marie-Mumma makes fery delicious nom noms for pups to eat. So I will certainly like that. So I don’t fink I will hafe any complaints about the service at Marie-Mumma’s house.

Fis is my family playing in the snow. My Marie-Mumma taked the pickture.


6 Comments to “Complaint.”

  1. Wow! Where are they that it is snowing already? Brrrr….


  2. Oh goodness, I am grateful it’s still summer in Canada…. Ruger, you would HATE it here in winter! BRRRR!

    Jen and the Black Dog Crew

  3. oh ruger, woo are making me cold just finking about frosty grassballs and snowballs! we have plenty of that most of the year in Massachewsits.. have fun with your family! be sure to get alot of nom noms too!


  4. Oh my dog you poow dawling

    it does look fwosty and cold, and hewe we awe complainig of the hoomid heat..seems nowhewe is pawfect fow us woofies

    I suwe hope that at least the fun of playing in the snow will take youw mind off sitting on that fweezing gwass9you do look awfully handsome though)
    I am sending you wawming smoochie kisses

  5. Well done Ruger, never forget you are a V.I.P. and deserve appropriate service. Standards are slipping these days!

  6. Well Unca Ruges…….I finks you do need to harden up…..wez guys on the East hafta work in all weafa …….muma has a glowy fing too but it is ovacrowdid by woolie fings….baaing up a storm…….that is your full sis outa a differint lita playing wif me in the snow ……she is like soooooo old …..even olda than you……there will be lots and lots of yummo fings when you cum…we’s gunna hav soooo much fun……it will be a huge reunion….Yaaayyyyyyyy
    And Unc fink of all the sad woofies that aren’t as lucke as us…….we are soooo luvd…….see ya soon

    Luv ya Unc !!!!

    Luv Dude xxxooo

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