It is another miracle. The hu-mans remember how to frow my Frisbee!!!!

The beach

 They went to the beach to look at one of their geocache fingies because some ofer peoples could not find it. It was not there because the hu-mans putted it too close to the beach and it got washed away by the big waves.  So it was a bad fing for the geocache, but a good fing for me that we goed to the beach to look for it.   And a fery good fing that the hu-mans packed my Frisbee and remembered how to frow it.

I can catch a high flying Frisbee. 🙂


I can run fery fast.


Nearly back to my hu-Dad.

There was no ofer doggies there, so I got to chase my Frisbee lots of times until I was all puffed out. It was a fery nice sunny day when we started to go to the beach, but then it got all cloudy and rainy. But we was having a snooze back in the van by then. So it was the best  day for a most handsome pup like me.


Lying beside my Mumma.



5 Comments to “Frisbee!”

  1. Very clever! I like catching things too. You are so lucky to be near a beach.

  2. Mom wants to try geocaching! How fun!

    It was awful nice that you got to play frisbee on the beach! The boys are jealous!


  3. You know, us dogs dussn’t furget things like the hoomans duss coz we leave ourselves pee-mail reminders.

  4. We aren’t much for catching things and certainly aren’t big on bringing them back to the humans, but our hu-dad says he totally understands tiring us out so we nap on the way home. We wonder why?

  5. Oh, Ruger we can tell you are a good Frisbee catcher…looks like you had a lot of fun. You sure look sweet in that last picture. Hugs and nose kisses

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