Washing Tiger

Mumma & me fink my new stuffie is pretty good because I like to play with him a lot. He does make the squeaky noise if I bite him in the tummy just right and I have got that all figured out now. So after a bit Mumma takes Tiger away and puts him up high or in the cupboard because she says the squeaking noise is fery annoying. Me, I like the squeaking noise and I would like Tiger to keep making it allllll day. But my Mumma is quite bossy some days & tells me what I hafe to do.

Here is a pickture of me & Tiger playing wif my hu-Dad. Well, you can’t really see me & Tiger because we is going SOOOO fast. But I hardly efer let Tiger fall on the ground. I catched him almost efery time that Dadda frows him.

Mumma  does not let Tiger stay out all day because  of the squeaky noise, but also we hafe a bad story in our family about stuffies. One day when Cousin Diva was de-stuffing her favourite Duck and she got the stuffins & the squeaky fing out, then suddenly she could not breaf good. So Gandma Liz had to take her to the vet super quick. Grandma Liz & the vet finked that maybe some of the stuffins  got into Diva’s breathing tubes and affected her breafing. Cousin Diva had to go back to the vet a couple of times more with breafing troubles. The good fing is that Diva is all better now.

Grandma Liz could not be sure that is was the stuffins that caused the problem, but she could not be sure it WASN’T  the stuffins either. So now Diva does not hafe toys with stuffins, and I am fery extremely lucky to hafe one.  So that is why Mumma says that I can only play with Tiger when her or hu-Dad are around.  Plus Mumma says that if I had stuffies to play with all day all by myself, I would need a new stuffie each day.

And she does not hafe enough green papers for that.  (Actually – she says she does not hafe any green papers at all really, because the money papers here are blue & orange & red & all different colours, and she usually uses her plastic money anyways, but it is easier to say ‘green papers’ so all my US of A pals knows what we mean.!!)

I hafe already played with Tiger so much that he got all soggy. Now I don’t mind him like that because it is just my own slobber – not like when the stinky cat drinks out of MY water bowl & puts cat cooties in it – but Mumma & hu-Dad make the yuck sounds when they hafe to pick Tiger up. So Mumma decided that Tiger needed a baf already.  And not efen a lovely warm baf with me in the tub & then rubs all over with the towel (which is one of my best fings.) But no, she wanted to put him in the washy machine with my blankies & towels.  I tried fery hard to save him, but that mean ole’ Mumma still dropped him right in there.


I was fery pleased when he came out of that washy machine. I had to get him right out of the laundry basket. Now Dadda is going to do some surgeries on Tiger’s broken ear. I did not mean for his ear to come off, but these fings happen sometimes.



5 Comments to “Washing Tiger”

  1. We have a tigger too, but Pippa sorts of sniffs him and looks at him in a puzzled way and then ignores him. Still, me and Adrian like him 😀

  2. Nooooooo! Just when you have the stuffie all slimed up and pawfectly smelly, they has to go and gibs him a baf. I mean, it’s not like Mumma and Dadda is putting Tiger in their moufs or nutting. They isn’t, is they?

  3. Oh, we are so happy you are enjoying your stuffie so much. Mumsy puts my stuffies in the washer machine too and I tries to get them but can’t. I like them bestest when they are all wet and mussy but Mumsy likes them when they are all clean and smell good. We are happy Diva is alright and yes, we need to be careful wiff our stuffies and not get any parts in our throat or tummies. Get that stuffie all soggy again and have fun, fun, fun. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Hmmm. Our stuffies don’t usually last long enough to get washed…. Occasionally a small stuffie ends up in the laundry basket by mistake and gets washed, but otherwise, Mom and Dad have gotten used to the slobber on the few ones that live long enough to get super slobbery!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  5. Poor Tiger! I hope he held his breath. Good to see that you are making great efforts to make him smell like he used to 🙂

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