I did my best poor neglected puppy dog look when hu-Mum left for that work place this morning. She usually does not go there all the days of the week, so I have not had much mumma-time this week.

When Mumma got home – two hours late!!!! – I telled her a big story about what a boring day I hafed.

THEN … my nose got suspicious that she hafed something in her bag for doggies. And I is the only doggie at our house …

So – this is what was in Mumma’s bag.  Well, not me of course. I is already living at our house. That tiger was in da bag.


I never hafed a stuffie before, but I lub it fery fery fery much already.  I did not really want to stop eating him to get my pickture taken.  Mumma chopped of the whiskers and the little string on the top because her & my hu-Dad did not fink they was fery safe.

 The stuffie’s name is ‘Tiger’. I played ‘Hide the Tiger’ with Mumma for a bit. That game is where Mumma puts Tiger under one of my blankies & I have to get him out. It is fery fun,  unless my blankie gets all tangled & I can’t get my toy out. Then I get fery mad with my blankie & Mumma just lafs and lafs at me. I don’t fink that is fery nice – my Mumma should help me. What do you doggies fink??

Then I lay in my bed & chewed Tiger for a bit  – until Mumma stole him & put him in the cupboard.



I fink my Mumma felt bad about poor me being home the whole weeks all by myself so that’s why she buyed me a stuffie. I fink she will still be my friend but I do hope we go for a big walkies on the weekend


3 Comments to “Stuffie!!!!!”

  1. I like Tiger!!!! Does he make noise? And have you tried to de-stuff him? That is my favorite thing to do!!!

    What a nice surprise from your hu-mom!!



  2. Hold your leashes! You means to tell me that the gilty trip you put your mumma on with that neglected puppy look (nice job) made her buy you a stuffie wot she hided on you, laffed at you, then taked it away? Wot kinda gilty trip payoff do that be? I think we need to file a complaint with PETA. ASAPee.

  3. Oh, we likes your new stuffie Ruger…they are the most fun toys around our place and we have lots of ’em. Enjoy! Hugs and nose kisses

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