Where is my hu-Dad?

Hu- Dad is not here. I am the boss for the weekend. Mumma sayed words like, ‘In your dreams,’ and ‘I think not,’ but I don’t know what those word means, so I doesn’t listen to them.  Then she sayed if I am the boss, why is the stinky cat drinking out of my water bowl & leaving his cooties in there, and why is the stinky cat whopping me on the nose with his paw.  So I just ignored her after that.

I do wish Dadda would come home right now, even though I do like being the boss, because that hu-Mum is fery fery awfully bad at looking after the warm firey thing.

Here is a pickture:


Can you see any nice warm flames??? Because I can not.  I fink she does not give it enough food.  Then it goes out. Then I get fery cold.

At least she remembered to give ME food.  I hope she will remember to take me for walkies.

Counting the sleeps until my hu-Dad comes home.


4 Comments to “Where is my hu-Dad?”

  1. Oh dear! That is too much responsibility for you. I sure hope dad comes home soon to rescue you.


  2. Mom doesn’t think she could keep it going either! We hope hu-Dad hurries home!


  3. Oh, my! We sure hope your hu-Mom gets that warm firey going to keep you nice and toasty till you hu-Dad gets back. I guess it is winter time at your place, it is hot, hot summer at our place and we are sure glad Mumsy knows how to turn on the air conditioner. Have a great weekend and we hope your job of boss is an easy one. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Wugew
    I hope youw hu-Dad comes home soonest..let me know if he doesn’t and I will come and snuggle you to keep you wawm OK?
    smoochie kisses

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