Thanks to a guy called Joe Stains, I got to taste a cheeseburger today. A lot of doggies seem to be going on a long journey to some place called Rainbow Bridge these days. Hu-Mum says they must be having one mighty big pawty there.  And in memory of all those doggies – especially the one called Joe Stains, us doggies here in DWB land get to eat cheeseburgers.  I thought I could eat one for Neve too – in memory of her too, seeing as she’s gone away to that big pawty at Rainbow Bridge. But Mum said it sounds like if this Joe Stains doggie had anything to do with organising the pawty, Neve will be helping him eat about a million gazillion cheeseburgers at Rainbow Bridge already!!!! 

Some of my other doggy pals have been eating cheeseburgers too:

Ping & Benson


More cheeseburger eating!

So here are MY pictures:

Is it a foodable??


Smells like a foodable.....


Unwrap it for me Dad.....


It tastes pretty yummy ......


Can I have another bite ???


Let me have it ......

There could be more .....


Just checking..... nope ...... no more.....

I never ate a cheeseburger before, but I sure would like to eat one again. It was scrumptious.



3 Comments to “Cheeseburger!!”

  1. Hey thanks for mentioning me. Misery Mistress never thought to make it into a blog post. Silly woman. Perhaps we will put that and a few other piccies up. Then I can get her to add you to my blogroll, and if you change it, so what she can do a bit more work 🙂


  2. Our boys are going to have to pass on the cheezburger – their stomaches are too delicate. We will be sharing one in spirit thought, and thinking of all our friends who have gone over the bridge.


  3. Hey Rugers,
    What a delicious tribute to our pal, Joe Stains, your sistah Neve and all of our other DWB pals.. maybe we should eat a couple more cheesebugahs, ya know.. in their honor:)


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