Riverside Walk

Hu-Mum thought that she would try the walk we did earlier in the week again, because it was a fery lovely walk. We thought it might not be so busy on the weekend & the hu-Dad could come wif us too. There were not so many people about, but there was still a poor doggie running beside a vehicle. This Labradog kept running in front of the truck, which was worrying. I do not fink I would like to go walkies like that. I do not fink I would like it one bit. So I am fery glad that my hu-mans take me for nice walkies with them, instead of making me run fery fery fast by the car. I do not fink that would be safe for me at all.

I was showing my hu-Dad that I am a fery clever balancing dog. I went on the wall. It was just like going on the beam at the dog pen, only better because it is fery long, and I could go fast. Until hu-Mum maked my Dad and me stop because she fought I was going to fall off. But I would not fall off because I am a fery clever balancing dog. I fink my Mumma was worrying about nofing.
Here is a picture of me balancing:

Fery Clever Balancing Dog!


Here is another picture of me looking handsome. I finked that boat behind me was called ‘SeaFurry’ – which would be a fery good name.  But Hu-Mum said it was ‘SeaFury.’



A sea-faring dog?



3 Comments to “Riverside Walk”

  1. Hello Ruger. Nice to go on that walk with you, and of course us pups are very good at balancing. I planned to go to sea too but it never happened. Misery likes to look at your pix of where you live and try to remember visiting NZ!!


  2. Does that happen a lot with the dog and truck? Can you call someone out to take a look?

    We hope you still enjoyed your walk!


  3. Nice balancing Ruger and we agree, you are very handsome! Hugs and nose kisses

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