Interviewing Hu-Mum.

Funny things happen sometimes. On our fery long walkies on the weekend, I suggested to my hu-Mum that I should interview her for my blog, because being new to DWB people don’t know too much about us. And when we came home I read Miss Asta’s blog & discovered that this was just the right week for it!!!

So, here is my interview with my Mumma.

R:  Tell everyone who all lives at our house.

HM: Well, you live here, and Kelty the cat. And the humans are me & you hu-Dad. Until a month ago you sweet sister Neve lived with us too, but now she lives at Rainbow Bridge.  Maybe one day we will get a new baby sister to keep you company.

R:  What to do you & hu-Dad do when you are not home looking after me & the stinky cat?

HM: I go to school and teach the little kids two or three days a week. But most days I am home looking after you.  I mostly work at the same school as your Grandma Liz. This year I teach kids that are 5-8 years old in three different classes.  You always know which days I am going to school, even though it’s different days each week, because when I put my green box of books & supplies on the couch, you don’t even bother to get up. Sometimes you don’t even get out from under your blankie!!!  I don’t think you like those days very much.  I guess it must get a bit lonely for you sometimes without Neve to keep you company.

Your hu-Dad goes to work at the hospital and helps doctors & nurse make sure the sick people get their right medicine. But he comes home at lunch time everyday to see you if I am at work.

R: How did you & hu-Dad meet?

HM: Your hu-Dad & I met about 16 years ago, at school. Your Grandma Liz is hu-Dad’s momma, so I met hu-Dad when he helped out at school sometimes.  I came from the east coast – just like you. I came here to work for a few years, but since I met your hu-Dad this part of the country is my forever home – just like you.

 R: Where did you & hu-Dad live when you were little?

Your hu-Dad lived right here in our little town, at Grandma Liz’s house, with Grandma Liz and hu-Dad’s little brother. Even though he lived in town he always had animals at his house.

I lived on a farm out in the country, waaaay over on the other side of New Zealand, with my Mum & Dad and a little brother & sister – and lots of animals!!!

R: Are Neve & I the first fur kids that you had?

You & Neve are the first dogs that hu-Dad & I had since we’ve been together. Once we got our own house we had to wait two years for just the right doggies – which was you & Neve.  Before you, we had a cat that we got together when we were married, and two other cats that were mine.  All those cats have gone to Rainbow Bridge now, and we got Kelty from the SPCA a bit more than a year ago.

I’ve had pets always since I was about 4 years old. Firstly pet lambs called Sue & Sally, and a cat called Bobby & some goldfish. When I was nine I got a Corgi dog called Sandy, so you & Neve were my second doggies.  My family always had heaps of pets – cats, lambs, bantams, a goat. We also had calves, pigs & hens but they weren’t really pets.  Hu-dad’s family always had cats & big dogs and he even had rabbits and a mouse. Tess was the name of the dog he had when he was little. Grandma Liz still had two cats & a dog.  So we have always loved to have furry family members.

R:  What other things do you like to do besides spend time with me?

Both hu-Dad & I do volunteer work with Red Cross, and different things at our church. I also sometimes help out at the local SPCA branch.  We like camping in our van & travelling all around New Zealand. We go geocaching & walking & taking photos when we are travelling (and when we are at home.)  

Hu-Dad likes to spend time helping out schools & community groups with the sound for their shows. He is interested in most kinds of music & theatre. When he has time he likes cooking interesting recipes from all around the world for us to taste.

I like sending Postcrossing postcards all over the world, and chatting on Facebook & Twitter with my friends all over  New Zealand & the world.  I like doing crafty things like scrapbooking sometimes – when I have time! I have lots of albums full of pictures of you & Neve & all the cats.

R: Thanks for your answers to my questions.Now my final question: When will you move the cat food to a shelf where I can reach it??

HM:  Never!!!!!


4 Comments to “Interviewing Hu-Mum.”

  1. HiWugew,
    I’m so glad that you got inspiwed to do this intewview wif youw HuMom
    I love leawning mowe about my fwiendses families.
    I’m glad that you’we not always home alone when youw mom and Hudad have wok to do, but I know you must miss youw bootiful Neve a lot.
    Youw Pawents sound like vewy ovely and fun hoomans who help lots of fouw and two leggeds have bettew lives
    Alll those fuwwkids in theiw lives have pwobaly made them the bestest pawents you can have evew!
    Just too bad about the cat food..I once tasted some and it was deeeelish
    smoochie kisses

  2. w00fs, me loveeeddd your interview…me is happy to know u..

    b safe,

  3. Cool!! Nice to meet you and your hoomans.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  4. Not much chance of Misery posting an interview with her. Too secretive by far. Not that she has anything to say anyway. But your HuParents sound cool 🙂


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