Midnight Snack

I have been a Very Good Dog today keeping my poor Dad company. EVEN though he stole my midnight snack last night.
 My humans have lots of camping stuff & emergency stuff.  A lot.  Mostly even a clever dog like me never has a chance to get near any of the F.O.O.D.  But the hu-Mum was busy tossing stuff around the other day before we went walkies looking for her woolly hat.  She never did find her hat and she didn’t pack the stuff up again properly either.

I noticed – of course – I am a Very Clever Dog after all. But I just left it – until a more opportune moment.  Then in the middle of the night, I snuck down the hallway, and claimed myself a little midnight snack. The humans were soundly sleeping. I thought I was safe.  I carefully unwrapped the bar. I thought I made hardly any sound at all, but the plastic stuff is pretty rustlely and that Dad must have ears like a bat.  I could have sworn he was snoring, but before I could do more than have one slobbery lick of my One Square Meal he came roaring down the hallway, growled at me and stole my snack ………. darn. I was SOoooo close.


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