Last Laugh!

Well, I am a More Clever Dog than my humans thought.  I FOUND the last half of the One Square Meal bar – Dad thought he hid it away well, but I have an expert sniffer. And I munched it up all by myself. The only evidence my Mum found was me licking my lips and a few crumbs in my bed with half the wrapper.  Score!!! 

But my hu-mum still loves me lots. She still lets me sleep on her.  She got the germs from hu-dad, so we did lots of sleeping on her day off. Here is the evidence  of that.


2 Comments to “Last Laugh!”

  1. Sometimes its nice to have a day to cuddle!


  2. I say that until she’s got stomach contents, there’s no proof! It’s an entirely circumstantial case.
    – Charlie

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