Dad is Home!

My Dad is sick today. This is a good thing, because that means he gets to stay home with me all day. There could not be anything better than spending a whole day with handsome me, could there?  Mum says that alot of hu-dads get a kind of illness called “Man Flu “ where they can be an awful nuisance to the hu-moms and the dogs  by staying home and taking up all the room on the bed or the couch when  it should be occupied by a dog.

 But she doesn’t think that my hu-Dad gets Man Flu, because he usually grumbles about his work colleagues staying home when they are feeling a little poorly, and tries to go to work when he is sniffing & sneezing and making germs – until she tells him to stay home.  So when he decided to come home from work early yesterday and not to go in to work today, all by himself, my Mum thought he really mustn’t be feeling well.

After he had a long sleep beside me all afternoon and all night and most of the morning he seemed to be a bit better. I think sleeping beside me would make anyone feel better, but especially my own humans.  Mum thinks he does have a very bad cold, but that his body & his brain are all worn out from doing two jobs most of the time recently, and from all the earthquake work he did before that. And mostly his heart is all sad because of not being able to keep my little sister from going to Rainbow Bridge.  She thinks all the badness from this year would make even the toughest hu-dad a bit worn out and sick, so that my hu-Dad just needs to take some time to have a rest.  Hopefully he will stay home tomorrow too. I would be happy because I could look after him all day while Mum has to go to work.

The good thing though was that he came on a little bit of our walkies today.  After a big sleep he took me & my Mum to a place called Kowhai Bush where I can go off-leash. He strolled around a little bit with us before he got tired. Then he went home past the Vet place to get me some new dog food (and some worm pills for the stinky cat – hehehehe), while Mum & I took a long walk home around the flood wall. I like going walkies there because I don’t have to go on my leash so much. But the bad part about the flood wall is that we have to walk past the place called ‘The Pound.’  Sometimes I hear doggies in there barking and they sound pretty sad.  Some humans say that only the bad dogs go there, but my Mum says that in her heart she thinks they are all good dogs deep inside – it’s just that they don’t have humans who knew how to care for them right. It seemed pretty quite when we walked past today, so Mum & I had our fingers & paws crossed that there were no sad doggies in there.

Well that is all the woofs I have for today.  Now here are some pictures.


One Comment to “Dad is Home!”

  1. Hello Wugew
    Alll those things would make any HuDad ill. I’m so glad you awe thewe fow youws to help him feel bettew.
    I know that being next to you will be the bestest medicin fow him
    smoochie kisses

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