Alien Invasion

Sume terribul fings have been happening around here.

A cuple ob weeks ago my dog pen was invaded by da aliens. I did not know what dey was at first, but I did consult da interwebs and discover dey is aliens. I has a Checklist Fur Aliens and dey does meet da criteria.

1) Dey came owt ob da grownd.  

Tick! Dey most trooly did.

Here I is checking da grownd fur suspicious alien diggings.

Here does be sume ob der holes. In case woo not believe me.  ‘Parently dey been down der many many years. Just waiting. Fery suspicious.


2) Dey splits open der skin and changes into anofur shape.  

Tick! Dey fur sure does dis one. Dat what alerted us to dem. We did find lots & lots & lots ob da left over skins on fings in my pen.

Dis be an example.


3) Dey be abowt da ugliest fing what efur woo did see.  

Tick! Seeing as it was dark time when dey came owt (which does be anofur suspicious behaviours) we doesn’t haf da photo ob owr own. But we did recognise dem on da internets.

Owr aliens was just like dis one.

So, I finks woo will all agrees wif my evidences dat we haf been struck by an alien invasion.
In MY dog pen.
Da mum swears dey is sume kind ob fing called cicadas.
But I doesn’t fink her haf consulted my Checklist.

In ofur nooos, we haf had a different kind ob invasion too. Der be no disagreements abowt dis one however. It does be a FLEA. I is horrified. Dat Izzy done taxi services fur a flea and bringed it to OWR house. Sheesh. Woo may fink her is sweet & innocent. But we knows different now.


Der was just da one. Well da one what we saw anyways. But da mum went a little crazeeeeee. In my opawnion.

She still muttering sumefing abowt ‘How come, when we only have two dogs, I had to wash & clean five dog beds, two comfy chairs & eleventy million blankies?’  Well, I doesn’t be dat sure she exactly said eleventy million, but was sume real big number more den I haf paws to count up anyways.
All I knows is I haf to haf yuck smelly treatment on my furs and sleeps on da cold hard kitchen floor fur most a whole day while owr stuffs dried in da sunshines.  So I sure hope dat nefur happens again. *Glares at Izzy*


13 Comments to “Alien Invasion”

  1. Oh yikes! Those are scary bugs!

    …and Mom agrees – she says we only have two pups but she feels like she is cleaning up after 40!


  2. Dang Ruger, those are the creepiest aliens Iz ever seen…Do they put the bitey on you? Wot can you do to make them go away? Momz sez she’s heard about them before but never haz seen one in the ‘skin’…You shud give Izzy a break…not hiz fault dat bad flea jumped on him…he duz try to be a gud dawg after all…

    • We is lucky dem big aliens don’t put da bitie on any paw or any hooman. Dey mostly lives up in da bush (forest.) Dey probly was under da grownd at my house for a few years. 😉

  3. I don’t know what that ugly alien bug thing is Ruger, but if they don’t go away, you might have to call Ghostbusters. I think they can handle that too. That alien creature is big & scary & needs to go away. How dare they invade your space. It’s just rude.

    As for Izzy, I hope she feels guilty about putting Mum through all that craziness. It’s not really her fault, so go easy on her. The worst part is that now it’s going to take some time to get those clean, fresh beds & blankies smelling just right again.

    Love you Ruger, love your posts.

    • Oh you so right Izzy abowt owr beds. dey just isn’t right now. Not enuff smells & not enuff furs on dem. But Izzy & I is werking hard on getting dem right again. 😉 I sure it won’t be too long before dey is all good again.

  4. Those aliens better get outta town!
    Benny & Lily

  5. OMC you do have aliens! I hope you have forgiven Izzy for being their taxi driver! Great blog as always xxx’s

  6. Fanks Jessie. I fink Izzy & I is still pals. We been playing da bitie face games just like uooosual.

  7. Oh bugs. Nasty. Yuck. Sorry about all the frantic cleaning of your beds and blankets. Hope that does the trick.


  8. Ruger iz yoz dafe der pal! Alienz flees – woteva nex? Cum nd liv wiv uz pal! We livs in flee fwee zone nd az neva seen a alienz in dees partz!

  9. Eleventy million blankies is a lot of blankies to wash 🙂

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