Secret Santapaws

Dis does be anofur Christmas story abowt a fery nice fing what happened dis year.
Owr luvly Twitter friend Jessie da cat @JessieJaney and sume ob her pals did make an idea abowt hafing a Secret Santa swap wif ofur pals. Dis was fur ANZAC anipals – dat is paws what live in Australia & Noo Zealand. Der was dawgs & kittins & Billy who does be a guinea pig!

Jessie did collect a littl’ infurmashions abowt all da pals wooo wanted to participate – like how many paws lived at each house & what kind ob anipal dey all were. And ob course, owr most secret addresses fur mailing ob parcels. Den her did do a random draw ob which pal was going to send to which. We is sworn to nefur tell woooo owr sekrit pal was. Ob course der did be sume discovering ob such top sekrit infurmashions, but I ain’t going to tell any on my bloggie. 😉

We did send da hoomans on many expidishions to da pet stores in da city to find most exactly da fings we wanted to send to owr sekrit pal. Da hoomans did haf success in da end, and along da way dey did buy ofur noms & toys & such likes just in case dey cudn’t find da exact ones we requested. So dat was most advantageous bekcause den we did haf sume extra noms & toys what needed homes.  I finks my tummy will be a fine home fur sume ob dem extra nommy noms.  I is pritty sure der will be room in der.

We sended owr parcel off in good time & we breafed a big sigh when we knowed it got der safe.  Den we crossed owr paws & waited fur owr parcel to come from anofur different pal. Dat parcel did cause a few wurries. I fink maybe Jessie chewed her claws down a little, but in da end it arrived to us before da Big Day.

IMG_9131 IMG_9132
Da Big Day fur opening owr Secret Santa pressies was da 23rd December. So dis year it was kinda like we had Christmas twice! Here woo can see we is opening da parcels wif a bit ob helps from da Mum.  Dat sticky stuffs on parcels does be not so easy fur dogs.

And I sure woo can see me getting my snooter straight in to dat bag ob chewy fings.

We also got owr fery own uooonique Christmas cards – ones dat woo can NOM!! We was pritty happy abowt dat & we hafs to try dem owt right away.  Izzy near nommed hers all up because her secretly took it away to da big bed & da hoomans didn’t see her!!

IMG_9145 IMG_9149

Efen dat stinky cat got sume fings in da parcel. He got treat noms. And sume nip. We haf nefur gifen him nip before so he was pritty excited abowt dat. We may haf to buy him one ob Penne da Parrot’s special fishies what his warden makes so we can put dat nip in it. (Seeing as I stoled his first fishie what warden made him.  )


I is glad to say da hoomans did torture dat cat wif da antlers too. He no more happy abowt da idea than us. Meybe he does haf sume sense afta all.


If da mum gets sume werk dis year & we hafs sume spare dollars we sure join in da Secret Santa next year. Dat if Jessie recovers from dis year!!

So a big truble triple fanks to Jessie fur her organising skills and to all da pals what participated & maked it such fun.


14 Comments to “Secret Santapaws”

  1. loooooooooooove the pics and think was purrfect having 2 christmas … we anipals deserve that

  2. Ruger, this post is unreal!!! thank you for describing & explaining it all so well. It was great fun & JJ is incredible for organising us all & keeping us to the deadline!!! mwah mwah xoxoxoxo

    • Fanks Jazz & CWS It sure was a lotta fun. I fink meybe Jessie was tearing her furrs owt ofur sume ob us, but we all got der in da end wif owr parcels. 😉 I sure hopes her furrs & her claws haf recovered by next Christmas.

  3. *waves paw* Hi Ruger, what a pawsome Santy Paws crispmouse you had *eggcited barking* In fact, we all had a grreat time – kudos to Jessie for organising it *appaws appaws*

  4. What fun! I love pressies and I REALLY love noms! What a nice idea to pick out special toys & noms & be a secret santa.

    your pal,

    • It was a grate fing to do Garf. Meybe wooo cud do it wif sume Ammerika pals dis year?? We just sticked wif Noo Zealand & Aussie because ofurwise da postage is REDICKULOUS.

  5. We missed out on Secret Santa this year, but we enjoyed seeing all the surprises everyone got.


  6. Wow, what a great idea by your pal Jessie! (I think all Jessie’s are amazing.) Thank you for sharing this wonderful time. The pics are great, as always. Mum is probably so thankful that you were able to take care of all the extra noms!! Love to you & Izzy too!

    • Fanks Sammy – der still sume bags ob extra noms in da treat draw, and we sended one bag to my cousin Angus too.
      We is glad dat wooo & mom is finking abowt a blog fur Penny. It’s a lot of fun & good fur making noo pals too.

  7. you sure did have a great Secret Santa Ruger…whoever picked your name did a great job…i loves the idea of a nommable card…Momz is gonna have t look into that fur me fur next year

    • Hi Gizmo! Da real funny fing is, hoomans had nefur seen dem nomable cards apart from just a day or two before we got owr ones, mum seen dem at da supermarket. Ofurwise she wud haf been all confused abowt if we really cud eat dem.

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