A Noo Year Walkies Challenge

Well hey der my pals. Welcome to 2013.

I hope woo haf all had a fun and safe holiday season wif lots ob noms involved.  The noms at my house were a bit scanty fur my liking, but I was saved by kind pals wooo send me sume presents. But more abowt dat in anofur post.

Today I wants to talk abowt my New Years Challenge. Da mum & I cud bof do wif getting a bit fitter. So her has started on a healfy eating plan and we haf bof started on da 30/30 walkies challenge.

We found owt abowt this fanks to our Twitter pals Garth and Gizmo.  Chester and Gretel da weenie dogs at YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner came up wif da idea & we fink its a good one.

We started it on da 3rd of January here in Noo Zealand.  We is not fishes. Which is what we wud haf to be to start on da first day of da year because owr region was busy hafing torrential rains and funders & lightnings  and flooding.  We not dat crazy abowt getting healfy to go owt when it not really safe. 😉

Da 2nd ob February will be owr finishing day. We is gonna miss one day because ob a wedding. And der sume days of vackashion dat I’m gonna haf to trust da mum do do her walkies by herself because i will be at dawg prison camp. L  I fink her can do it.

Hopefully afta dat we be in such da habit ob it dat we just carries on. Well, dat be da idea anyways. And da Iditarod walkies challenge be coming up too. We nefur had much lucks wif dat one before because efurytime we tried it sume bad fings happened & we had to stop. Meybe dis is da year! Paws crossed.

Anyways da ofur impawtant noooos is dat it is safe fur me & da Izzy to go walkies in owr forest again. In Noo Zealand we doesns’t really say forest – well unless we just talking abowt pine tree forests fur timber. Owr native forests does be known as ‘bush.’ Dat is what owr Australia pals say too.



I fought abowt playing in dat mud. ;)

I fought abowt playing in dat mud. 😉

Der did be poisonous stuffs in it fur da killing ob pesky possums. But  da stuffs wud deaded us doggies too. Efen qwicker than a possum. 😦 So we didn’t want to go der. But da poison sign is all gone now.

So here is sume picktures. Some is from owr bush and sume from anofur part ob da bush near owr house too. I does luv hafing  zooomies in da bush so if wooo blinks wooo might miss me in a picktures. 😉

I is a tree climbing dog.

I is a tree climbing dog.

Dat is my Izzy, my hudad and most handsume me.

Dat is my Izzy, my hudad and most handsume me.

Dis is anofur different walkies in anofur place where der is only a bit ob da bush left. I likes da boardwalks. I like to walk right beside da hoomans so der near falls off. 😉


We goes across da railway line …..

....  and by da lagoon

…. and by da lagoon

No walking string fur me. Unlike dat Izzy.

No walking string fur me. Unlike dat Izzy.

Yes, we is posers. ;)

Yes, we is posers. 😉


8 Responses to “A Noo Year Walkies Challenge”

  1. Pawsome Ruger! so happy to read about yur adventures and I love yur bush pictures…i would have great time zoooooming there … Iz gud you iz helping da mom get fit … My mom has looked at the Iditawalk Challenge and thought that if she (it’s all on her cuz you know Iz be walkin efurry day no problem) finishes the 30/30 then we might just go for that Iditawalk…i be pushin hard fur dat…yur mom needs to keep putting up pickshures to teach me all about where you lives

  2. Wow Ruger and Izzy I am so impressed that you are helping you Mum and Dad get fit and love the pictures of you all, especially the last one where you are “posing” … wish I had a forest close to me so I could hunt for mices, xxx’s with love

  3. Oh Ruger, I love your life! You & Izzy are amazing pals. Loved reading about your adventures & the pictures are Pawsome! Zoomies & poser pics are my favorites. Can’t wait to read future blogs. Happy to see that you’re doing this as a family. That is so special. Keep up the good work.

  4. Ruger!!! So excited you’re joining us for the 30/30 Challenge! We will have to investigate that Iditarod thing — hope it means we have to move to Alaska and pull a sled! Good luck w/ the challenge.

    I think I’m gonna’ start calling the woods “the bush”. I like the sound of that. Glad you’re able to do zoomies in the bush again!

    Your pal,

  5. Hey Ruger! I did not knows you hikes in a bush. Learn sumpin new effury day. You should has your mom make you and Izzy reservashuns at my B&B instead of going to doggie prison camp :(. Can you swim ofur here? Looks like you and the Izzy is getting on rilly well togedder.

  6. More walkies is good. Long, short, string, no string. I always tell momma to just get moving.


  7. Wonderful pictures. I especially like the last one. Be careful of poisonous stuufs!


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