Izzy Goes to the Spa

Or, the Spa comes to Izzy!! 😉

Well, sume pals haf been asking fur more picktures of Izzy.  I dunno why, because I am obviously superior in looks and brains.

But nefer-the-less, I want to make my pals happy, so here is a blog abowt Izzy.

As you mostly know, our Izzy is a bitzer dog. Mostly terrier, but maybe something else too.  Woo knows what, but her did turn owt cute I guess.

Howefur, she can get pritty scruffy looking too wif that furs. The mum foofs her furs, and five minutes later it is back to scruffy looking again.  Her gets her paws washed ALL THE TIME because her gets so much mud stuck to them.

The  mum has got Izzy groomed a couple ob times to try and help wif  the scruffys and dat lasts a BIT better. We haf tried owt two different groomers. They bof came to our house  wif a mobile spa.

Here is sume picktures from Izzy Spa Day #1  This lady was kind ob OK in some ways.  She was friendly and explained what she was doing all along. She was happy to let mum watch.  Her set-up was good & well organised. And her didn’t let Izzy escape!! But not so good in others. She had her own dawgs wif her which mum wasn’t too happy abowt because it cud have been distracting from focusing on owr Izzy. Her didn’t follow mum’s instructions too well, so poor Izzy got trimmed a bit shorter than was really needed – which da dad wasn’t so happy wif how Izzy looked. And her didn’t do a grate job with paws or ears – they got no special attentions.  And her water was too hot!  Mum fought her was about to cook poor Izzy at one point!!

‘Get me outta here Mum!!!’

‘Do I REALLY haf to do this Mum?’

Before & After Shots

Snuggles wif Mum

Dis is Spa Day #2. The second lady was really friendly & chatty too.  Her was just in a little trailer so wasn’t so well set up, but is getting her van soon. She was OK with letting mum watch though her wasn’t sure how Izzy was going to behave wif Mum there.  She used the Furminator on Izzy which did a grate job & trimed off just the right amount of furs.  She knew alot about her shampoos and had put a lot of thought in to which products she used. This lady did a grate job of trimming owt Izzy’s paw furs, pucked her ears, and even offered to trim her butt fluffs which meant Izzy had a good tidy up all around.  She did haf water trubles too, and trubles wif Izzy escaping!!!!  But ofur all da mum finks her will get the second lady again, especially once her gets her full set-up in a van. And now that her knows owr Izzy is a Houdini!!!

Getting Furminated

Smelly shampoo – but look who is on the sticker! 🙂

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8 Comments to “Izzy Goes to the Spa”

  1. IZZY!!! The second lady does sound better. I bet she won’t let her excape again. Momma goes to a groomer for some of my foster pals and mr puppyman made it half way outta the tub one time while he had the tie around his neck! I think she thought momma was holding him and momma wasn’t paying attention. She lets momma watch/help but if momma had not been there the lady wouldn’t have stepped away. Anywho, I bet she won’t let izzy get away again. She sounds very thorough and knowledgeable which is good! Izzy looked beautiful both times but if mum and dad liked the 2nd haircut then that’s the keeper!
    Thanks for sharing your blog with izzy for a day!

  2. Ruger! Did I miss sumpin? Do Izzy be your new sisfur? How did my snooter miss that? (Note to self – sign up fur remedial online snootering classes.) OK, so anyways, in my opinion, both laydees be TORTURE CHAMBER laydees. A baf is bad, bad, bad no matter who be doing it. BLECH. Butt, if’n you HAD to choose, I would say the lesser of the evils be the second one. Gah. Going to my hidey spot to has baf puppymares now.

  3. Izzy is gorgeous! I think the first spa lady did cut her hair a bit too short. Izzy looked funny trying to escape. BOL. Thanks for sharing. xx

  4. It can be a trial to find a groomer that has all the right tricks and a happy spa as well. Izzy is just making a statement. At least it is over for a bit, right?


  5. Sometimes it is not easy to find good groomers, that is the case around here anyway. The second lady does sound like she will work out for you. sweet Izzy you are adorable! Sweet Ruger is that you we see on that sticker? If so how did you get on there? Hugs and nose kisses

  6. So sorry about all the dog grooming torture. We do not like baths or being groomed. Well Niamh doesn’t. Thanks for stopping by our blog.

  7. hey Ruger,

    Poor Izzy! Two spa visits and all that bath time. Not fun. And sorry about the water issues, Izzy. As if baths are not bad enough. Glad you did not get cooked. “Izzy stew” does not sound very appetizing. No offense, of course.

    I must paw, though, that you are a beauty Izzy! Your “snuggles with mom” photo is adorable! Ruger, you are a very cool brofur for letting Izzy have a blog post. :->


  8. Dat izzy be Bootifull

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