MyFery Big Vacation: Part Two

Well, this be a long time to git written but it be the second part of my story about my vacation to Maree-Mum & Kim’s house way back in the springtime in September.

"I'm a travelling dawg!"

While we were there I did lots of fery impawtant fings. I had to snoopervise  the hu-Mum & Maree-Mum feeding the lambs. I fought it would be a good idea for me to taste their food too. You know, just in case it was bad for them or sumfing.

"I fink that one had enuf Mumma - I could finish that bottle off for you."

"That lamb noms does taste good Mumma."

We went for a trip to the beach wif sum of my rellies. There was my big sister Maumau, my aunt Teddy, and of course my nephew Dude. We did lots of running and chasing fings.  My big sis reminded me & the hu-Dad of our Neve so I fought she was all right.

"I fink that be Dude gitting his paws all wet."

"This be my big sister Maumau. She does hafes a tail, but it just tucked in."

After that the hu-Mum & Dad & Kim went geocache hunting and Maree-Mum looked out for all us dogs ‘cause sum ofer dogs was coming along the beach. Hu-Dad finded the cache in the end. But he had some help of course.


"Dude & me is helping."

"We is good helpers."

Anofer day we went to the river. I wasn’t so keen on that cold water at first, but after a bit I got the idea. We splashed around a bit and that mean ole hu-Dad tried to frow stones in the water for me to get. But I ain’t that silly. Afta the swims eferdog had to git dried of course. That be a pretty big job wif so many of us.  Then  Mumma I did sum more snoopervising while the offers looked for a geocache. But that one wasn’t there. It’s all fixed now, so maybe we will hafe to look for it anofer time.

"Us heelers be pretty good at swimming."

"This me Maree-Mum wif eferyfurry wanting dried at the same time."

"I is watching the humans looking for the geo-fingy."

While we was at the river I must hafe got a prickle in my paw. I was not fery happy about that at all, but Maree-Mum had some special stuffs to put on my paw to git the prickle out.

It worked pretty well. Once all the humans got the stuffs and the bandage on my paw.

"Here I is feeling pawly."

Mumma says I made a fery big fuss about letting Maree-Mum look at my paw and put the bandage on it. All the humans fought I was behaving like a baby, but I was really just trying to look afta my sore paw myself. You nefer does know what  the humans is going to do if you hafe a sore part. Sumtimes they take you to the V E T and bad fings happen, so you have to watch out. ( Ed. Honestly – you would have thought we were going to chop his paw off given the pawformance getting that bandage on was!!!  It took all four of us humans to achieve.)

Anyways, that be some more about my adventures at Maree-Mum & Kim’s house. In the end I hafed a good time, and I sure got some good noms. Maree-Mum makes the best ever noms for dogs!!

"This is the hu-Mum's favourite pickture what the hu-Dad did take."


9 Comments to “MyFery Big Vacation: Part Two”

  1. Woogew
    That looked like amost splendid vacation..such a bootiful place and fwiends to play wif and yummie new food and so much mowe
    I’m sowwy about youw poowly paw..I hope it has healed by now, but I’m sending healing smoochie kisses anyway

  2. Ruger,

    The hu-dad’s pikshure is most furry bootiful and look like a furry famuss painting, way better than one of those PeeCahSo things. It do look like you had the bestest time. At furst I thought “Wot duss Ruger be drinking that he say back in the spring in September when that do be the fall time?” Then I rememmered efurrything be backwards down unner by you and your spring be my fall, BOL. And you is hasing summertime now when it be winter time by us. Well, I think it is supposed to be winter time but today did feel like summertime here. You put up a good fight there, Ruger, not letting them tutch you owie paw. Like you sayed, nobuddy can be trusted coz you just dussn’t know wot they is going to do. Shudder.


  3. Dat was a mighty fine vacashon you had wiff you pawrents!
    You had a pwetty red bandage just like I had after my fwightening stay at the V E T and, yes, dey do awful fings to you there so me glwad you didn’t haf to go der!

  4. What a fun time, snoopervising parents are nutty
    Benny & Lily

  5. Sorry you hurt your footie but it looks like you had a terrific vacation.

    love & wags,

  6. So furry happy to see you back! What a great adventure! Your vacation looks like it was so much fun, and the Dude is such a handsome doggy! You two must have had a blast together! Glad you had such a fantastic time. The pictures are wonderful, especially the last one, and the close-up of you in the car. You are a beauty!


  7. Misery says your hu-dad’s photo looks like a calendar shot with that beautiful lighting.

    How come you get to go geocatzing? They don’t usually take me 😦 I’m sure I would be good at it.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your hols though 🙂

  8. Aside from the sore paw incident it sounds like you had a wonderful time! Great photos!

  9. I tagged you, come by my house to play wiff me!

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