It’s Official

Hiya everypup. Fanks to the pups wooo already came by & had a look at my bloggie, and even some leafed comments. We much appreciate it. 🙂

This next bit is what Mumma and I did start writing just befores my laptop got brokened. So we fought that we would just leafe it as it was fur wooo all to read. Then after that I can tell you some more about that craaazzy new sister of mine.  We writed it around about the middle of that Santa Paws month, so that be a while ago now. Mumma says I have to be sure to tell you that you be getting current news and ones from last year all mixed up for a bit until we gets caught up on all the news and picktures.

So here be my first impawsons of my new sister:

It’s official

Well, the hu-mans have been talking about getting me a new sister, but you know, I never thought they were SERIOUS about it. I mean, I’m so handsome how could they need another dawg in the house (well, excepting if we could get my Neve back. 😦 )

But whadda wooo know, last Fursday the Mumma camed home wif  anofur pup!!!! That pupper was not a stranger to me ‘ cause I did meet her the ofur weekend at doggie prison camp. I did like her ok at prison camp, but I did nefur guess that she would be coming to live at MY house.

Mumma says that the reason what we hafe her is ’cause it looked as if I liked her when I was visiting wif my friend Leonie what looks after the SPCA puppers and dawg prison camp. Then the hu-dad seen that I was being nice wif her. And he kind of was taken wif her too.

So finally the hu-mum got to see her when they came to get me from prison camp.  Hu-mum fought that she was kind of cute too. Sooooo, Leonie & the humans arranged that she could come and visit MY house.

But did anyone ask me???? No, they did not! As I said – I liked her well enuf. When I was at prison camp.

Do I like her at my house. No I do not. So I is mostly just ignawing her. If I make like she is not here meybe she will just GO AWAY.

Though she did go a little bit nutties last night after Mumma brushed her furs – I hafe to say    she did look better after Mumma tidied her furs, but she does still smell bad, even more stinky than the stinky cat. Efen tho that be pretty unbelievable.

I did try to hafe a little game of zoomies wif her when she was going nutties …….. so she might turn out ok, meybe……. I’ll hafe to see about that…….

Anyways, her be sum picktures of her. And I guess I better tell you what name the humans gives her. She be called Miss Isabella Ruby Goodall for when she be nawty and Izzy for when she bes good.

She be called Ruby when we first getted her.

"This was NOT in my contract ! "

" They does have pretty comfy places to sleep at this house!!"

So fanks for reading, and I be hafing some more news tomorrow. Plus probably some picktures of handsome me. I fink we done enuf on cute picktures for now.


8 Comments to “It’s Official”

  1. Mee n Ronnii felts likes dat wen our Izzy furst came butts wee wood nots bee wivs out her nows, her is most useful at gettin us extra treets n funs fings . Givs her some times n yor Izzy may turn outs to bee usefuls too

    Uji & Ronnii ( Izzy is norin her heads off rite now….BOL )
    xxx xxx

  2. Sheba-the-wonderdog thinks you’re both gorgeous and handsome and why-haven’t-you-visited-yet cos you would bring noms to share and everything. Ruby’s collar is the most stunning thing EVER but Sheba is quite pleased not to have one thankyouverymuch. She doesn’t want the reindeer antlers either in case you were going to share them.

  3. Hurrah you are back!! A huge big welcome to Izzy even though she has been with you for months now, well it must feel like months.

    Make sure your mum keeps up to your blog now that your lappy is fixed. Look forward to hearing your mix of past and present tails 😉


  4. Your new pup is Di cute. Thanks for all your updates
    Benny & Lily

  5. She is soooooo cutes! Ruger, we nose how ju feel, cuz when Winston came to stay at OUR house we were not happy. In fact, me (Cecil) twied my bestest to bat his nose and chase him wound da house to makes him GO WAY!!
    Butt, he stayed and now we lub him!

  6. Hello to Miss Isabella Ruby Goodall aka Izzy 🙂

  7. It was real nice hearing about your family furiends. I’m glad you came over to my blog. The nasties have left us alone today and all we have felt is kindness. You were really kind in leaving a nice comment. Thank You!
    Sweet William The Scot

  8. Thank yous furry much Ruger fur sending me the linkie about your new sisfur Izzy. Ignawing her duss not mean you duss not has to tell all your furrends about her so I is glad you catched up on your bloggie and tolded me about it. A belated welcoming paw thwock fur you, Izzy!

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