My Peeing Tree

These days I am mostly an inside dawg. But when it was me & my Angel Neve we were inside and outside dogs. The hu-mans hafe decided that they are gonna tidy up my outside pen and maybe I can be an inside/outside dog again. I’m not entirely sure what I fink of that idea so far. I hafe some fery comfy beds inside nowdays and inside is much closer to the noms.

The first fing what they hafe done is chopped my best peeing tree.  When practically efurry other pup what I know hafes their trees nomed by that mean ole Hurrycane Irene, or broken by the OctoSnow, and I hafes a pawfectly fine tree, the hu-mans chop it for no good reason. Hu-mans is just beyond understanding some times.

Well, they didn’t pawsonally chop it. They paid pawfectly good green papers (what could have been better used to buy dog noms) for sumbody to chop the tree. It WAS a pawfectly  good tree too – well, apart from it looked a bit lopsided from the bits what the hu-Dad chopped off his-self. But the hu-mans finked that its leafes was blocking up their gutters and the roots was getting in their pipes. So they chopped it down.

I did a bit of supervising.

Today was the day fur tidying up the tree stuffin’.  Mumma fought I could supervise, but true-fully I did not like it out there much. Fur some reason I got to whining & squeaking.  Mumma didn’t know if it was because it looked all strange out there with bits of tree stuffin’ lying all around, or if it reminded me of Angel Neve, or if I was still a bit unhappy from the fireworks next door what we heard last night. And I wasn’t telling.  I had a quick look inside my little dog house. But it was all lonely & cold in there without my Neve, so I didn’t stay long at all.  And then I got to trying to steal the bits of tree sticks out of the hu-Dad’s hands when he was trying to get them chopped up.  Seeing as I is not a stick chasing dog at all, Mumma was fery puzzled by that. Maybe I was safing them to build a fort for my new friend Khrya.

So the Dad banished me back to the house.  I was good wif that idea myself, acktually. I scooted right back inside the house as soon as hu-Dad let me out of the dog pen.

Anyways, here are some picktures. I does not look like my normal happy self ‘cause I wasn’t feeling like my normal happy self one bit.

My dog pen wif the hu-Dad werking...

..... the other side of my pen, wif my little house.

I looked in my little dog house.

Mumma maked me pose by some sticks. Meybe this could be a fort fur Miss Khyra.

All that remains of my best peeing tree.


13 Comments to “My Peeing Tree”

  1. We can’t believe they tore down your tree! What were they thinking? Of course we don’t have a yard, we are inside dogs too and we like it!!!! We think you should stay an inside dog!!!


    Velcro, Ceilidh and Jack Sparrow

  2. Oh man! The took down the pee pee tree? What an abomination.


  3. I don’t hab a yard like you do, so evfuree twee is me peeing twee! We don’t hab Townado’s, Huwweecanes ow eawthquakies, da onlies ting dat wooined me twees Iz da Ocotsnow!

  4. Well at least there are lots of new sticks now!
    – Charlie

  5. Oh, nos sweet Ruger….they chopped down your favorite peeing tree….NOT fair. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. Pretend it is still there Ruger and continue to pee on it. Perhaps you have magic pee and it will grow again and become like the tall plant in Jack and the Beanstalk and you can climb up it and get the treasure and exchange it for green papers and buy lots of treats 🙂

  7. maybe if you keep peeing it will grow again
    Benny & Lily

  8. hey Ruger,

    What a sad post! How can they chop down your bestest peeing tree?! I just don’t understand humans sometimes. I am sorry you are so sad and missing your Angel Neve. I am sure she misses you too.

    You have a pawsome backyard! It is so big! But it is missing a favorite peeing tree. ;->

    I hope you can learn to enjoy your outdoor time again. Being outside can be lots of fun, and napping under a blue sky and sleeping under a stary night is the best!


  9. Well, Ruger, it do be furry obvious to me why you be so sad. Eggzaktly where is you supposed to pee now? Us gurls dussn’t has that prawblem but I know you boys need your peeing trees. I think you has no choice but to pee like a gurl now. Yup, you be sad alrite. And I dussn’t think the inside/outside ideer be good at all. I would not like that at all. Sometimes I lay in the sunbeams on the deck but I know when I knock on the door, mom be rite there letting me in (lest I tear the door down if’n she takes her sweet old time).

  10. Master and Misery chopped down some trees a while ago. But they were too high up to be peepee trees for me so I can’t help. I like to be outside during the day and inside at night.


    hey – who is that person on that icon thingy – it should be ME!!

  11. We love your blog and we have awarded you the the Liebster Blog Award This is a link to my post announcing the award: Hugs

  12. So sorry that they cut your “peeing” tree down Ruger … that’s like when huMum planted a rose bush right near my favourite where I used garden bed for my litter box … our staff just don’t get us!

  13. Oh, Ruger, that post is not very lively like all of your other ones. Lots of things are gonna remind you of your Angel Neve. Believe me, I know. I try not to be sad & I realized that you can remember all the good times too. She’ll be watching you & smiling as you enjoy the outside yard where you used to run together. Take Izzy out there & try to run & play. That will make Neve happy to see you enjoying the area that you once shared. Mum isn’t gonna take away your inside, she just wants you to enjoy the outside again. Just try it out a little at a time & you might enjoy it again. Fresh air & lots of sun puddles are great! We’re mostly inside dogs too, but enjoy our time out in the sun as well.

    As far as your pee tree, there’s no excuse for that. You can be unhappy about that one. I see the issue with the plumbing, that can be bad. Your hu-mum & hu-dad should at least let you keep some sticks. You found the fun in sticks on vacation so you should be able to enjoy some at home too. It’s something from your favorite tree so you should be able to hold onto some. Just don’t pee on them if you plan to play with them later! BOL!

    I enjoy reading your blog Ruger. Can’t wait for the next one!


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