Well, we don’t really have that Halloweenie day here in New Zealand. Oh sure, a few kids buy a plastic mask or a wig at the local chain store and call it a ‘costume’.  (Mamma says that the only reason we have ANY Halloweenie fings here at all is ’cause the shops is trying to make more green papers.) Then them kids try and gets their neighbours to gifes them lollies & nom noms. But  nobody has punkins or proper costumes.

I persuaded the hu-mans to go fur a walk in the dark time though, and Mumma did see a place to take a spooooky pickture of me. So here is my Halloweenie pickture : 

Mumma & I says that we hope all our pals what do hafe Halloweenie celebrations be safe & healthy. Don’t eat any bad fings what you fink are nom noms, and don’t eat any monsters or witches or such like, beckause they probably really be a little kid and their humans might get real upset wif you. Plus, they probably taste bad.


10 Comments to “Spoooooky”

  1. Spooky…..but you are still way too cute!

    Gypsy 😉

  2. Happy Halloween, from Canada where it’s done up way too big! 🙂 Costumes, candy, kids, oh my!

    Ah well, lovely Spooky photo!

    Jen and the mostly Black Dog Crew

  3. We think your spooky picture is very nice sweet Ruger…you look great no matter where you are. You could never look spooky. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Oh, Ruger, that do be the most skeeriest Howloween pikshure efur! Good advice about not nomming the little goblins and witches and stuffs. I do think the moms and dad mite frown on that. We cannot nom their loot anyways since there be chocolates in there wot can make us deaded fur real so it would be a wasted effort. Happy Howloween!

  5. Happee Halloween
    Benny & Lily

  6. hey Ruger,

    Nice to meet you! Khyra sent me over. You have a pawsome blog, and you are a very handsome pup! And very funny! Love your comment about not eating witches and monsters! BOL!

    Super photo of you. You look spook-tacular!


  7. Hi Ruger,
    Thanks for your kind words about my Georgia. It’s nice to meet you!

    love & wags,

  8. You had a nice peeing tree. I’m sorry it had to go.

    -Fritzel and Midnight

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