Fish & Chips

Last night the hu-mans fought they would get some fish & chips and go to the beach to eat them.

I don’t fink my pals what live in the YoooNighted States will know what that kind of nom noms is, so I sayed to the hu-Mum she better put a pickture for wooo to see. But that hu-Mum did not fink about taking a pickture last night – so here be a pickture & some informations. Click here!  My pals what live in the YoooNighted Kingdom will know what fish & chips is – but we haf them with tomato sauce on, not vinegar.

They be a good kind of noms for sharing, well, that be if wooo haf the kind of two-leggers what share fings with their pups. Mine be a bit stingy in that department sometimes – even fough I be sitting right there in front of them being the fery goodest pup what I know how to be.

But at least they taked me to the beach wif them and they remembered to pack my beach Frisbee. So I hafed a little game on the beach wif the hu-Dad  – afta the hu-mans eated all the nom noms all by their selfes.  It was a bit windy so my Frisbee turned into a boomerang Frisbee, what maked it fery tricky fur catching. That meany ole’ hu-Mum sayed that I should be good at boomerang Frisbee, being as I is an Australian dog & all. So she mostly just lafed at me.

Then Mumma & I stayed in the van for a bit & watched the sky turn pretty colours while hu-Dad taked some picktures

"What we be looking at Mumma?"

Here be sum of the picktures what the hu-Dad taked. I finks they looks fery pretty myselfs.


8 Comments to “Fish & Chips”

  1. My PUs can be stingy with foodables too Ruger. Them fish and chips they sell here at what is called a Long John Silvers but my PUs think yours look much better than Mr. Long Johns. The frisbee game makes Mom have memories of playin’ frisbee with Grits, my previous cattle dawg brother. I’m not much into frisbee – other than eatin’ one. Sumtimes I catch it just to humor her.

    The sky pics are bee-u-tee-full but I think I need some sunglasses ‘cuz the colors are so brilliant! Nice job hu-dad. Mom is laugin’ at you sittin’ on your Mom’s lap in the van. Silly Ruger!

    Thanks for sharin’ your day at the beach – with all this snow fallin’, it gave me the warm fuzzies inside.

    Woofs and warm, fuzzy slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  2. Gaw geous!
    Benny & Lily

  3. OH MY!!!!

    Those pikhs are absolWOOOOtely PAWESOME!

    Thanks so much fur sharing them!

    PeeEssWoo: Woo have my MUM drooling fur fish and chips!

  4. I knowed wot fish and chips woz ofur here in the YooooNightedStates coz the boy sneaks me stuff when the mom is not looking. I think you need to get yourself a boy, Ruger. The is furry good for distribooshuns of the forbidden noms.

  5. Fantastic pictures. Love the sunset – absolutely stunning!

  6. Khyra told us to drop on by! Fish and Chips make us droooooolllllyyyyy – Paddy can only have fish – but I can have it all!!!!!

    Lots of licks

    Sally and Paddy

    Love the photos – we love the beach too!

  7. Fritzel and I agree that those is pretty picktures.

    -Fritzel and Midnight

  8. Hey Ruger. I am an ACD too but I live in South Africa, far from my homeland. The first time my human took me to the beach I knocked some sand into her chips. Hahaha. She ate them anyway. You must live on the West Coast and I live on the East Coast so if we look hard enough we might see each other across the water ^_~

    Love Dexy

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