My Fery Big Vacation: Part One

Well, it’s been a long time since I went on my big vacation with the hu-mans.  It was away back in September.  The hu-mans had been planning wif my Marie-Mum for ages for us to go visit  – in fact efer since my Angel sister Neve got to go visit when she was fery fery sick. But eferytime they planned if out, sumfing messed up the plans.

Finally when we got to go stay at Marie-Mum’s house it was not efen when we planned again and it was still for a sad time. But we still did have some good times wif Marie-Mum &  Kim and all the gabzillion billion pups & ofer animals at Marie-Mum & Kim’s house. So this is gonna be a fery long post, because there be lots of fings to tell about.  Mumma & I mite just put the pups & kittehs in this post & make anofer post fur the other picktures, oferwise you all be drinking your house right out of kaffee once you sit down to read this!!!

We went to Marie-Mum’s town because my Mumma’s lovely auntie was fery fery sick just like Angel Neve. One time them two did meet up & hafe a discussion about their cemo-ferapy medicines, because my Angel Neve & Mumma’s Auntie be having the same medicines!!!!!  Hu-Dad is curious about this kind of fing, so he finked it was fery interesting.

Mumma & I knows that her lovely auntie be hafing a fery happy time now wif all her pups & kittehs what were waiting for her at Rainbow Bridge. And she maybe met Miss Claudette what my Mumma nefer really got a chance to know, but she been a fery good friend for all our DWB pals & their people, and her woofies what were waiting fur her at the Bridge too. This be a pickture of my Angel Neve, so that Miss Claudette knows who she’s gonna say hiya to for me at Rainbow Bridge when she be passing though.

So for now I is going to show you some happy pictures of all us critters, bekcause Mumma’s auntie & Miss Claudette bof luvs their critters alot.

First of all we did hafe a fery fery fery long drive in the van to get to Marie-Mum & Kim’s house.  Mumma says she did not take any picktures of that bekcause she was too busy gitting deafed by somedog barking. I don’t know what she be meaning about that though, bekcause I was in the van too and I don’t remember there being any dog in there wif us what could hafe been barking. I fink that hu-Mum be hearing fings sometimes.  And anyway if there did be somedog in there woo was barking it would only be at fings like cattles & sheeps what needs barking at to git them in the right place. Or any evil fing with two wheels like a bike or a motor bike, because everydog has to bark at them  just bekcause they is evil.  Or any humans what be walking down the street, bekcause you nefer know if they might be wanting to meet that dog and he hafes to let them know that he is passing by. So I can be understanding if there WAS a dog in there what was barking. I would have barked too if I did see those kind of fings – it’s only reasonable.

So then it got to being darktimes & Mumma says that it got mysteriously quiet in the van. I have to say I can’t confirm or deny what she says bekcause I was too busy sleeping, so I did not hear.  But Mumma swears that it was all quiet & peaceful like, so I’m guessing we just hafe to belief her.  It was fery dark times when we arrived and eferyone was sleeping  at Marie-Mum’s house so we just sneeked in real quiet.

After  that, well, it be morning times before I knew it. And I got to meeting all my new pals. Excepting I wasn’t too pally wif them,  bekcause I’m kinda used to there just being me & one stinky cat & two humans. I wasn’t quite sure about all these eleventy gabzillion other animals.  Mumma says  I did not make the most of the opportunities to play with all the other pups, but I did hafe to tell her I aint got no times fur this ‘socialising’ thing when there be  eleventy gabzillion other critters tryin’ to steal my pats & scritches from her & the hu-Dad.  I tried my best, but those darn hu-mans gifed away lots of pats & scritches what rightfully should hafe been coming to me.
Mumma  especially gifed away lots of scritches and belly rubs to this pup what be called Maddi. I fink that Mumma did luv that Maddi dog alot. But I sure be hoping that Mumma still luvs me the mostest.  That Maddi hafed a fery hard life before she comed to live wif Marie- Mum & Kim forever & ever, so Mumma says she be needing lots of extra scritches to make up for all the bad fings.  I guess I can let my Mumma give away some of my scritches to that Maddi dog.

The hu-Dad was making friends wif this real tall pup what is called Blaik. He be an Irish Wolfhound and Marie-Mum says he still hafes more growing  to do.  Marie-Mum finked that Blaik liked to be friends wif hu-Dad  because they bof be boys. Blaik still be a pup, so he doesn’t stand still fur two seconds fur Mumma to git a pickture of him. This be the best pickture what Mumma has. That Blaik & me be sleeping on the couch together. I did get a little bit use to him just before we hafed to come home, so maybe we would hafe got to be pals after a bit.

That pup in the next pickture be Mr Cane Toad. Obvious he ISN’T acktually a cane toad. That just be his nickname, and mostly he gets called Cane, bekcause his real name be too long for Marie-Mum & Kim to be hollarin’ out the door eferyday.  He really be a Bulldog. He does make pretty funny noises, so I wasn’t too sure about him at all. And he did steal my blankie – that blue blankie what he is lying on is MY blankie . So I stealed his bed. It was quite a comfy bed actually –  especially once Mumma tossed all the toys out & I could really snuggle in.

I also hafes to introduce you to a fery old friend of mine. He was around when me & my Angel Neve was teeny weeny tiny little pups just borned. His name be Muskit. I was not sure if he remembered me, bekcause Marie-Mum sayed that he is an old fella now & he furgets fings sometimes. Once in awhile he even furgets that he can come back inside afta he has been outside to leave his pee-mails, and Marie-Mum or Kim hafes to look fur him & call him.

There be kittehs at Marie-Mum & Kim’s house too. There are three kittehs, but Mumma only got picktures of two of them. That tabbyish one be called Smudgie and Mumma did want to steal him away & bring him to our house. I bet Marie-Mum & Kim would not be fery happy wif that. Pawsonally I would not be fery happy wif that eifer. One stinky cat at our house is quite enough, fanks all the same Mumma. That ginger kitty be called Mr Squirtles.  He be a pretty handsome kitteh – even for a kitteh, but he’s not so friendly as Smudgie.


And finally her e is a fery nice pickture of Blaikie & that Smudgie kitteh.  This be one of the hu-Mum’s favourite picktures that she taked at Marie-Mum’s house. I hafe to say, I would not be putting my snooter that close to any kitties my self, but that Blaik seems to like his kittehs.



So that be some of the eleventy gabzillion critters what live at Marie-Mum & Kim’s house. There also is a whole bunch more of Wolfies, and a spanielly dog who be called Cassie.  And besides that, there be goats & cattles & sheeps & chickens and sum horses ….. hmmmm ….I fink that be eferyfurry & feathery what I should mention

BUT most impawtantly there is lots more of pups like me!!! And they mostly all be my relatives. We did have some little adventures, but I fink we will save them for anofer day. I fink if wooo hafe already readed this far woo will have used up all the kaffee in the house.! J


5 Comments to “My Fery Big Vacation: Part One”

  1. OMD, Ruger, such advenshures you had and meeting noo furrends and all. You know, must be the cattle dog wot be a little slow to warm up to new furrends. My sis Sydney be that way. When she furst meets anudder dog she is all like, “GRRRRR – I put the bitey on YOU!” to show she is tuff and all wot she is not coz she rilly be skeered of new dogs. Then in like 10 minits she be like the bestest of furrends with them. So silly she is. I like new furrends rite away. I say the more the merrier. As far as the kittehs go, yes, Ruger, I so agree with you. HIDE YOUR SNOOTER. That Blaikie just be a yungun wot not knows any better. You wate and see, when he gets a new nostril, he will has learned his lesson the hard way. Like you and me did, rite?

  2. Oh, and Pee Ess, when your hoomans be skritching udder dogs and not you, that be furry easy to fix. Just head butt the skritch recipient out of the way and squeeze yourself unner the hand wot be gibbing skritches. I do that all the time and it werks bootifully, BOL. You can still be furrends but not let them get any skritches. You has the bestest of both werlds that way.

  3. What a great trip. There are so many furry kids just like the doggie park except inside BOL
    Benny & Lily

  4. Sweet Ruger we enjoyed reading this so much. You met lots of new friends at Marie-Mum & Kim’s house didn’t you? We could tell that you were so sweet the whole time even if some of the the other doggies got some scritches that should have been yours. All the pictures are great! Thank you for sharing your trip with us and we are looking forward to the next part. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. Oh my Rugew,
    Me Mommie dwank two Biggie Kaffes whilst hew be weading ju delitefur postie! Cuz me justs come to lib at dis house last spwing, me habant bean on da vacashion. Wooks wike alotta fun!

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