My Snow Pickture

Here is my one and only pickture of me in the snow for the year. It is from one month ago.

Well, truf-ffully, this is my one & only snow pickture of me when I is a growed up dog.  The only other time I seen snow was when I was a teeeny weeeny pup on the trip from my Maree-Mum’s house to live at my forever house with my hu-Mum & hu-Dad. They tried to make me & my Angel Neve have our pee-mail stops on that funny white snow stuffs when we was little pups. But me & my Neve sayed, ‘No way Jose, our mom teached us that we are only allowed to do our pee-mails on the grass. Besides, this white stuffs is fery fery cold.’

So the hu-mans hafed to find some green grass for us. What was not that easy beckause it was fery fery snowy that year, and the snows was all piled up on the sides of the roads. The  hu-mans BOL about it now, but at the time they did not fink it was fery funny at all.  I fink they did not want pee-mails in the van, and we was fery little pups, but we still maked aloooot of pee-mail.

I was planning on hafing my secretary posting this pickture of me before that Fiona & Abby the hippobottomus started showing off their snowy picktures for the year. But we is already too late for that. Fi & Abby hafe had snows at their house already. 
I guess that is what wooo get when wooo don’t provide enuf chocolate or peamut butter for the hired help. Fanks  for that suggestion Miss Asta. I sure do need some help wif my secreterial training programme.

And as for my pawly paw, well that be a post fur anofer day.


4 Comments to “My Snow Pickture”

  1. What a gorgeous picture! Love the pawprints in the snow,

    Gypsy 😉

  2. You are awfully cute in your snowy picture
    Benny & Lily

  3. We like your picture in the snow very much sweet Ruger. We will be looking forward to your pawly paw post. Good for you having them find green grass for you…bet that kept them busy awhile. 🙂 We doggies have to obey our training though, right? Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Lovely picture. Yes, you must tell us about your paw!

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