Hunting for Geocaches

The Hu-Mans took me to hunt fur some of their geocache fingies on the weekend.

The hu-Mum & I fought that we would get to go fur a walk to find one. We could not git close enough to the one that we wanted to walk to.  Mumma was not up fur a fery long walk. The hu-Dad is pretty good at driving the van ofer bumpy stuffs but efen hu-dad can not drive it if bits of the road is missing.  So we drived on some more bumpy roads to sum ofer geocache fingies and I helped the hu-mans find them. I always says that they doesn’t need that GPS machine, because I have got a fery good snooter.

Here is a couple of picktures of me.

" Hey Dad, we finded the cache!!"

"That was a fun ride Mumma!!"


And there is some more picktures on hu-Mum’s own bloggie where she writed about the trip.  Mumma’s Bloggie is here

If you want to know some more about this geocaching fing – here is the website!! It is lots of fun for two-leggers & doggies what like to do fings in the outdoors. And there are lots of them hiding in most towns & cities too. 🙂  Go and look on the website and see if there is some where wooo live!!!


3 Comments to “Hunting for Geocaches”

  1. Hope you found those thingies. We know some buddy that looks high and low for those thingies too
    Benny & Lily

  2. Oh noes, you has bits of road missing ,too? Woz that Hurry-Cane Irene ofur by you? She nommed up the roads on my hike wot I did yesterday.

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