Happy Barkday to Meeeee

Well, finally Mumma sorted out my barkday picktures. Of course there were lots of them because I am such a handsome & charming dog.

First of all – I had to supervise the hu-Mum making & decorating my cake. It is peanut butter & carrot – two of my favourite things. With cottage cheese on top. And little cookies from my Auntie R. And more carrots. The hu-Mum says I have to tell you I don’t usually put my paws on the bench. But I could not complete my supervisory tasks properly, or have my pickture taken,  with my paws on the ground.

And  most impawtantly – a fery big fank wooo to my Maree –Mum, who gibed us the recipe fur the cake.

Of course a fery impawtant part of baking is that wooo hafe to clean up after.  I maked sure the bowl was as clean as Cold Water could get it.

When we was waiting fur the cake to cook befure we decorated it, I hafed presents of course.  I got a new bed and some nom noms & a toy. Mumma says that was by accident fough that I got the new bed. It just happened that when she buyed my biscuits that week, they hafed a gift wif them. Actually I did not like my new bed when I got it because it maked a kind of crinkly noise and it was not fery squishy. But I do like it now that I have snoozed on it alot and maked it all comfy & smelling like me. It is fery good fur daytime snoozing in the sunshine.

"Are those really all for me?"

But I did like my ofer presents fery much. Here are some picktures of me & Mumma unwrapping them.  I did need a little bit of helps from Mumma because I is not so good at that sellotape stuffs.

"I fink I can get this off myself."

"Git that sellotape off there please Mumma."

"I doesn't need any help wif my pig's ear, fanks all the same."

"This fing has nom noms falling out of it Mumma."


Then after everyfink else, the best bit was eating my cake.  I did not gobble it alllll at once. I am a dog not a piggy. I safed some to share wif my friends Tylar & Buddy too. They could not come to my house on my actual Barkday day, but they comed on the weekend wif their mum and we hafed some fun & some cake.


"Can I just nom it now for dog's sake!! Enough wif this pickture taking."


So that was my barkday, what was a fery long time ago.  The only fing what could have maked my barkday better was if my Angel Neve was still here to have our Barkday together. But I fink she would have a good Barkday at Rainbow Bridge.  I hear they have lots of cheeseburgers there.

I hope it will be my barkday again soon.


10 Comments to “Happy Barkday to Meeeee”

  1. We feel like horrible friends! We didn’t know it was your barkday!!! We would have sent you a pressie! We’ll have to get mom to send you a pressie! And we won’t take her stupid job as an excuse!!!

    Happy Barkday!!


    Velcro, Ceilidh and Jack Sparrow

  2. Hope woo had the most happiest burpday rugers!! I mean that cake is total droolies!!
    and woo got some furry nice gifts!!

    Scratchies tula!

  3. And you got a humungous bone and everyfink…..go Unca

    Luv ya Dudexxx

  4. Oh my goodness is some buddy spoiled, BOL. It sure looks like you had a special day
    Benny & Lily

  5. Happy belated barkday, Ruger! And seeing that your barkday woz a furry long time ago, it mite be coming up again sooner than you think. That cake looks furry nommilishus. Drool.

  6. Happy Barkday Ruger! Any celebration is good, even a few days late.


  7. Happy Barkday sweet Ruger! We feel bad that we are late but it is okay to keep celebrating your Barkday as long as you want. You got nice presents and that cake looks yummy. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. Great pictures Ruger! Amazing cake. You are lucky. I like your new bed. You are right – they do take some time to smell right 🙂

  9. Happy Belated birthday Ruger!!! Got any of that nomalicious cake left??

    You sure is a handsome fella and you make Mom miss Grits, my cattle dawg brother who useta live here. My birthday is comin’ up and I’m gonna be a hole 5 years old!!! I’m gonna ask for one of the piggeh ears ‘cuz I never had one before and it looks nomalicious too. I hope I get as many pressies as you did, but then I’m not always a good boy like you musta been this year. Just sayin’ I’ll be lucky to get any at all.

    Woofs and cottage cheesy slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  10. I missed your barkday – but I am pleased you had such a lovely day


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