Ducks, but no Dad.

My hu-Dad is fery fery busy at his work today. Lots of the two-leggers in his department have the sicks this week.  And the boss is away. So this morning when another one ringed up to say she is not well, the poor hu-Dad hafes to send Mumma a text to say he will not hafe time to come home to see us fur lunch.

So we finked that we would go for a  walk to see him instead. We don’t usually go for walkies that way fery much because we hafes to cross the big road.  I finks the traffics might come & get Mumma ifs we go that way so I hafes to bark at them. So Mumma finks  it’s not a great idea to go that way mostly.  But wif it being the vacashions and all, we could go frough the high school and across the road at the proper place wifout me nomming on any teenagers. So that was a bit safer for us. (And for the teenagers – though Momma said that teenagers are pretty wierd & some of them smell bad, so I might not want to nom one anyway.)

We went across the little bridge to get to the hu-dad’s work. There be a big bridge for cars & ambulances & those kind of fings, and a little bridge mostly for the two-leggers who work there. I like going over bridges. I like to stop and look at whatever be underneaf. Mostly I sees water & ducks, but this bridge was a bit different.


"What happened to the water Mumma?"

Then we went across the carpark – which was not fery exciting, and down the old driveway – which was better because we seen a weka bird. Mumma fought about taking a pickture, but I fink it seen me and hidded in the bushes before she could get her camera out.

It was just as well we seen some fings what was interesting because we did not efen see my dad. By the time we went for our walkies he was the only single person in at his department so he could not come outside to say hi to us for efen one second.

So we went to look fur some ducks instead. At least the ducks came to say hi to us.

Only the boy ducks today.


Mumma seen some swans too, but they was fery far far away ofer on the other side of the pond so we hafe no picktures of them. Mumma fought there might be some little baby ducks, but we only seen the daddys. Maybe the mommies & the babies were hidding some place.

Then we went back frough the high school again on the way home and Mumma taked some more picktures. I am a fery multi-cultural dog after all.



PS – My secretary needs to be fired. She has about a gabzillion picktures of me what need to go on my blog. And even my barkday pictures. My barkday was a fery fery long time ago. And lots of picktures from visiting Marie-Mum’s house. I fink I hafe to make her work harder. Does anydog hafe some good ideas for making secretaries work harder???  What do you fink are the best kind of treats to get them for when they do good?


6 Comments to “Ducks, but no Dad.”

  1. Thanks for taking us better have a talk with your secretary
    Benny & Lily

  2. Ruger,
    I think you should file a complaint with PETA. Your dad be neglecting you with his werks even when you wear your paws out doing walkies to go see him and your secretary duss not be pawforming her dooties. I do think this constitutes abuse.

  3. The ducks let us know know that they appreciated your stopping by… and they apologized for the women duckies not coming out to say “hello.”

  4. those duckys sure looked nommier than the two leggers for sures
    tee hee hee

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  5. Wugew
    How woode fow those wowk hoomans to all stay home at once and depwive you of even a glimpse of youw HuDad aftew you walked miles and miles ovew dangewoos woads and bwidges and ovew steams and lakes to get to him..
    and despite that, you had the stwengf and genewosity to take us on that nice toow. Thank you!
    I hope youw HuDad gets to spend lots mowe time wif you and that youw secwetawy stawts wesponding to some twaining

    I suggest peamut buttew and chocolate
    smoochie kisses

  6. Thank you so much for sending good thoughts to my buddy Rusty. I am sure he is feeling the love.


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