I feel fery proud of my hu-mans today. They actually finally remembered how to go for walkies!!!

First we went to visit Grandma Liz & Cousin Diva for lunch. I like going to visit Grandma fery much – she is more generous to us pups than MY stingey hu-mans are. She is fery easily swayed by a pair of shiney brown eyes. But she did try to feed me lettuce. I do like my vegies, but that green leafy stuff doesn’t really count as a proper vegie.  I ate it, just to be polite of course.  I hafe fery good manners you know. Then I spat it out later when she wasn’t looking. 

 Here is a pickture of Cousin Diva protecting her couch from me.


After we hung out for a bit, we went for a short stroll around the lagoon & along the beach.  Here are some ducks on the pond. There were swans too.



I was quite surprised that my hu-mans remembered the way. They did pretty well, apart from when Mumma asked hu-Dad to stop letting me eat fings what I found on the beach. I really fought she was a bit of a spoil-sport. Eat smelly stuffs is one of the fings what us pups do when we go to the beach. Oh well. I guess I didn’t really want the puking bug again.

Here are some picktures of handsome me posing.



5 Comments to “Hooray!”

  1. And handsome you are sweet Ruger. We are so happy for you that you finally got to go walkies. Oh, and you got some spoiling from Grandma…that is always. We see you took care of the lettuce issue though. 🙂 We hope you get to go for another walkie real soon. Have fun! Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Whew.. a walkies.. AHHHH! hu-mans can be so furgetful.. but come on!! Good thing woo went to visit Grammy- someone who understands..except maybe fur that lettuce stuff. must say woo handled it furry well. don’t want to upset her.. love your handsome shots!


  3. Oh, Ruger, you make me BOL. Your lettuce story reminds me of a story my mom once tolded me. When she woz a yungling teenager she had a lab/shepherd mix named Rex. The grampa used to gib Rex the last bite of hims sammich effury time (lucky dog) but it had lettuce on it. So Rex would take the last bite of the sammich in his mouf, chew, swallow, then spit the lettuce out, in that order. Just goes to show you it do be impawssibull fur dogs to nom lettuce.

  4. Wugew
    I’m so glad youw hoomans wemembewed how to walk and you got a chance to go to that nice place
    I agwee wif you, while I do love veggies, I don’t think lettuce should be counted as one. you cewtainly awe vewy polite..Youw cousin Diva looks vewy pwetty, but I wouldn’t mess wif hew, heheh
    Of couwse , I LOVE the pictoowe of handsome you
    smoochie kisses

  5. Woo – walkies and handsome you!

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