I hafe not been here for a few days because my secretary hafe been away wif hu-Dad for him to do some Red Cross trainings. I hafe been at …. the kennel…..

It’s pretty fun there. All us doggies get to go walkies on the beach a whole lot of times each day and there is all kinds of good fings  to smell.  Still, I was fery happy to see my hu-Mum when she picked me up last night.

But about free o’clock this morning I started feeling not so good. In fact,I feeled so bad that I puked all over the couch. Usually when I feel like puking I make such a pawformance about it, that the hu-mans hafe time to make me go in the kitchen. But not last night. I just puked.  Then I got the fery fery fery fery bad sneezes.

  About this time Mumma got to wondering if I was ok.  (‘Cause we all know that us pups puke some times and there’s nofing much to worry about. It’s just a fing what pups do. )  But the sneezing was something else. It was so bad that I efen scritched my own nose wif my claw.  So in the end Mumma ringed Dr Sonia even though it was o’sleep oclock time.  Dr Sonia talked to Mumma for a bit and they watched me & hu-Dad tried some fings like seeing if I still wanted to eat.  In the end I stopped sneezing and Dr Sonia & Mumma decided that I was not hafing an ‘allergic reaction.’  So we all went back to sleep.

Well, not Mumma because she was fery awake by this time.  Bu hu-Dad & me did.  And I don’t know about Dr Sonia – depends if her little hu-boy was sleeping or wanted some nom noms I guess.

But Mumma did go back to sleep later when hu-Dad got up & hafed his shower.  And I did some more puking while Mumma was sleeping. She says she does not know how one doggie can make so much puke and can get it on efery single blankie & cover on the bed.  So after 3 more times of puking Mumma decided enuf is enuf and she called Dr John, seeing as it was waking up time for hu-mans by now.  I hafe to say, I fink that was a fery fine idea – because I was a bit ofer the puking myself too.  I mean, I hafed not efen chewed any grass.

So after the plumber-mans left from fixing the broken hot water cylinder (somefing when wrong wif it while the hu-mans were away)  Mumma & I went to see Dr John.  Dr Sonia is my fery best vet in the whole wide world, but she does not work on the week day times any more because she hafe got her own little hu-boy now. So I hafe to see Dr John if it is day times. I don’t like man vets so much. But Dr John hafed some girl vet students observing him today, so I was on my bestest behaviour for being at the vet. I did not efen try to chomp Dr John when he put the thermometer —- well, efery pup knows where ……  I only put my ears back.   And I didn’t efen mind too much when Dr John stabbed me wif the needle for the medicine to stop me puking. Mumma says I really can’t be feeling too good if I did not hafe enuf energy to try to chomp Dr John. Dr John just finked I was trying to be good because there was some girl vets watching.  The girl vets finked I hafe fery nice fur, so I fink I might let them be my friends.

Dr John says maybe I have a ‘gastro’ bug and that likely the sneezing was I somehow got some of the puke back up my nose.  He telled Mumma that I can’t hafe any nom noms today. To be pawfectly honest, I don’t much mind because I don’t feel much like eating nom noms anyways.  And tomorrow I get to hafe chicken and tasty fings like that.  I fink I will feel better by tomorrow.  

Here is a pickture of me feeling bad.


6 Comments to “Gastro”

  1. Oh poor Ruger. Pippa and I hope you feel better tomorrow and that you get to eat the nice nom noms without puking. I must feed Pippa now, you have just reminded me. Take care handsome pup.

  2. Ah Ruger, what a terrible time you have had and such a sad picture 😦 Get better soon!! I will write some posts today to cheer you up 🙂

  3. Tell Dr. John to get an ear thermometer. How humiliating to have the anal probe in front of those nice girl baby vets. I think you just got some cooties and your body is trying to get rid of them. Bet you’ll be feeling better in no time.


  4. We don’t like to hear that you’ve been feeling poorly, Ruger. We hope you’re feeling much better today!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Aw Ruger, you dussn’t look like you be feeling furry well at all! As a puppeh I used to get rilly sick in the car and mom woz always amazed by how much puke I had inside of me. It do be a fine art to make more come out than wot goes in. I hope the alien probe up the you-knows-wot and the needle makes you all better. You can always settle up with Dr. John the next time you see him when you be feeling up to chomping.

  6. We are so sorry you are feeling bad and we hope by now that tummy is all settled and you are doing great. You look so sad in the picture. Hope you feel great and get to enjoy some good ole chicken. We are leaving you lots of hugs and nose kisses

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