An Afternoon at the Lake

Mumma was going out to the lake on Sunday to hafe lunch wif some friends. Because my hu-Dad is not home, she fought it would be nice if I comed too. I could not go to the cafe wif Mumma, because there are lots of stooped rules here about doggies at food places. So I just waited fur Mumma in the van. She comed outside a few times to make sure I was going ok. It was not too warm for me because it is that cold season here.

This is the view from where Mumma had the lunch wif her friends. She hafed steak, kidney, mushroom & bacon pie. I finked she could hafe ordered one for me too because it sounds fery tasty.

After Mumma had her lunch & sayed goodbye to her friends we drove right down to the lakeside to go for our walkies. The walk which we did is the Rakaitane Track which goes beside the river.

The track goes frough the forest – ofer here in Nuw Zealand we say ‘bush’ instead of ‘forest.’ Here be some informations about the river (you can read some of the words if you biggify the pickture) and a nofer pickture of some reflections on the river.

The lake be called Lake Brunner, after some old famous explorer hu-man. Mumma taked a pickture of the informations what tells about him too, but it didn’t turn out fery good. The little town be called ‘Moana.’ That is the Maori word what means ‘big water.’
It be a fery nice place & my hu-mans like to go there on some weekends to hafe lunch & go for walkies & look at the seenicks. It does look fery pretty. I likes to go there too, because it hafe lots of different sniffs for me to sniff. I don’t like the wriggling bridge too much though.

When I was a little doggie my humans practically had to carry me because I just crawled along on my belly. But now I can walk ofer it all by myself. But when Mumma tried to make me go ahead so she could take a pickture I sayed, ‘No way Jose, I will just stick beside you fanks fery much Mumma.’

Then that mean ole’ hu-Mum maked me walk on some ofer wriggly fing what I could see the waters frough as well. I did not like that one the first time either, but when we went back I was fery brave & stopped to look over the side.

The see-frough fing was on the jetty. Mumma sayed we hafe to go out there to take some picktures of the snows and of course of handsome me.

Mumma tried to take a pickture of us bof. I fought that if she was going to be in a pickture wif me, she needed a good wash first. She probably might hafe some lunch still on her face & that would look bad in the pickture wif handsome me. So I gifed her face a good wash.

After that hu-Mum finished taking her picktures then we went to the ice-cream shop. Mumma & I stopped on the way home to eat our ice-creams for Norwood’s barkday. It was a fery good fing for the Nordude to have a icecream pawtee for his special day. I fery enjoyed helping him celebrate and I loved having a nice afternoon wif my Mumma. I had a fery good sleep when we got home too. </


10 Comments to “An Afternoon at the Lake”

  1. Oh boy rugers.. what a beautiful place.. i mean even the signs are beautiful! yah, um.. the wriggling bridge. why is your mumma gonna send woo out to the middle fur a photo. geesh. that’s what Nordude’s momma does to him too. are woo sure you’re not related?:)


  2. I like that you are both smiling in the last picture!


  3. What a beautiful spot you live in, Ruger! We don’t think we’d like that wiggle bridge either!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and MItch

  4. Ruger, wot a brave doggie you is on the wriggling bridge – skeery! I think I would has dropped to my belleh if’n I stepped on it and it moved. Nice job you did cleaning up your Mumma’s face. If’n she woz not a sloppy nommer, you would not has gotted to share her lunch with her seeing as she did not rememmer to bring you any. Wot we dussn’t put up with but we lubs them anyways. So, on my next hike I will has to rememmer that I is in the bush, not the forest, so I can pretend I be there by you! Wowser, I is learning a whole noo vocabulary hangin with you.

  5. Ruger, you are a very lucky dog to live near such a beautiful place. Love your pictures! The wobbly bridge looks cool. I’d like to go on that!

  6. Oh, Ruger did your Mumma not even bring you a bite of that good sounding pie? Sorry they would not let you go in to eat…their loss. Your Mumma is so sweet to take you on nice hikes with such beautiful scenery. Hugs and nose kisses

  7. Sweet Ruger, tell your Mumma we said “Thank you” for the nice compliment on our blog look. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. Wugew
    That is a most bootiful spot
    I love the pictoowe of you wif youw happy and bootiful
    I think those wooles about places to eat awe should have been allowed to eat
    smoochie kisses

  9. Wow! You live in a really beautiful area! We don’t think we would like going on a wiggly bridge either. Even our mom wouldn’t like it! Thanks for stopping by our bloggy! We think Penny is improving a little…thanks to all the good wishes from everydoggie!

    Penny and Patches

  10. Those are gorgeous photos. especially of you of course. Misery loves to see your NZ photos and gets quite nostalgic.


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