Birthday Ice-Cream

It’s not my birthday. But it is my friend Norwood’s birthday. Norwood said we could all eat ice-cream fur his birthday.   I fink this is a fery good idea. So I maked sure that my hu-Mumma buyed me some ice-cream on our way back from the lake today.  I let Mumma buy herself an ice-cream too. 

Here is some picktures of me eating my ice-cream.  I knew straight away it was going to be somefing yummy for me, because it was in a little container like my yoghurt.  I nom nom nomed it all up and I did not efen freeze my brain. But Mumma sayed my nose feeled fery cold!!

"Get the lid off please Mumma."


"This cold stuff tastes delicious!!!"



"Hold that stuff still Mumma!"


"Nom nom nom nom!"


8 Responses to “Birthday Ice-Cream”

  1. We got ice cream too! Today is National Ice Cream day so lots of people are helping Norwood celebrate! whoooooohooooo

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. The boys will get their ice cream a little later! Happy Birthday, Norwood!


  3. Oh, wot a fun way to celebrate the Norwood’s birfday! But we dussn’t has any ice cream and I dussn’t think mom be going out to get any today so we singed him a song instead.

  4. Oh, yummy! We do love ice cream…glad you got to enjoy some when it is not even your birthday. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. NorDude may have started an ice cream revolution in the canine world./\

  6. woo sure can pawtee like a heeler! and Nordude had supah funballs on his birfday too!

  7. I love ice cream Ruger. It’s very hot in Georgia so ice cream is mandatory! I also like crunching ice cubes – sooooooo cool!!!


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