Sleeping Practise

Well, that Mumma of mine has been super busy this week. She hafes to go to that work place every day this week. (Usually she only goes there two or three days.) I is not fery impressed at all – especially today because there was the thunders and the bad heavy rains and I was at home all by myself.   

But she was at her works helping look after the little hu-mans so I guess she needed to stay there. She finks that the little humans is about as troublesome as a big ole’ bunch of naughty pups, especially when the weather is bad and they all hafes to stay inside AAALLL day. But luckily sometimes they is just as cute. Myself, I’m not so sure about that – I fink a bunch of pups would be better.

Plus we haven’t been walkies at all. Mumma says it’s because she has somefing called UTI and hafes to leave lots of peemails. So I sayed she could just leave them on the poles & trees like me.  But she says it doesn’t work like that for hu-mans – well, except some boy  and mans hu-mans FINK they can leave peemails  any place, but not girl hu-mans.  So once she explained, well, I fought it was best we didn’t go walkies  far away from the house.

AND we have the real rain now, wif the thunders & lightning – not fery good for doggies going outside. Especially doggies like me that don’t like bad noises.  Mumma likes the real stormy rains better than the practising at being rain kind which we hafe been hafing. But I don’t like it much at all.

So I am practising my sleeping. I am pretty good at it already, but I fink it is always good to practise some more in case I forget how to do it.  The other fing I have been practising is jumping through my Angel sister Neve’s hoop.  She was starting to learn be a therapy doggie, so Mumma buyed the hoop to teach her some new tricks to do to show the little hu-mans. (When hu-Dad is home, we will take some picktures. ) So now it is my hoop – it is really a bit little for me to jump frough, but Mumma finks I will get the idea soon.

So here are some sleeping picktures wif captions:


Watching 'Animal Rescue' with Mumma.



The stinky cat is practically sleeping on me - and Mumma DIDN"T even warn me.



Working on perfecting my sleeping skills.


3 Comments to “Sleeping Practise”

  1. I’m not sure who sleeps the most here, me or Mistress. She claims it’s the hot weather. Pffff. That last pic of you is very nice indeed.


  2. You can nefur has enuff sleeping skills, that be fur sure!

  3. Sorry about those loud boomers. You are doing real well practicing your sleeping skills though. Hope your mum is all better very soon and you can go on nice long walkies. Hugs and nose kisses

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